The Power of Immersion
Plumstead Christian School prepares students for college and life as they grow in their faith, virtue, and knowledge.
by Patrick Fitzpatrick

Every one of us is immersed in and shaped by various cultures, for better or for worse. We cannot escape this inevitability. We can, however, make wise choices about the kinds of influences we allow to shape us and our children.

Your child will invest over 15,000 hours in his or her kindergarten through 12th grade years. Plumstead Christian School makes every hour count so that our students are prepared for college and life as they grow in their faith, virtue, and knowledge.

Students enrolled at Plumstead Christian School have the blessing of being immersed in a Christian culture, surrounded by highly qualified faculty who inspire them to learn, integrate biblical truth into everything they teach, and model lives and moral values worth imitating. This Plumstead difference creates a lasting and positive impact on our students as they live out their calling in the world and as they impact their neighbors, their co-workers, their communities, their churches, and eventually even their own children for Christ and His Kingdom.
How do we prepare our children for college and life? Our school is aware of and responsive to our ever-changing world from a pedagogical and social perspective, but we are also steadfastly committed to teaching our students virtues and life skills that are vital to their lifelong successes regardless of the inevitable and unknown cultural and job-related changes that they will face. These virtues and life skills are constants that will help our students navigate their world successfully regardless of how the landscape changes.
Plumstead Christian School’s “Portrait of a Graduate” lists the core competencies that we believe will contribute to each student’s current and future success. Our hope is that Plumstead Christian School graduates will be wise; surrendered to Jesus as Lord; displaying the fruit of the Spirit; others focused; lifelong, independent learners; teachable; honest; self-disciplined; confident; culturally sensitive and compassionate for the world; and more. Plumstead Christian School graduates will also be able to recognize and articulate truth, think creatively and critically, lead others well, communicate clearly, take risks and learn from failure, and show grace to people with different views. For a complete list of virtues and skills found in our “Portrait of a Graduate,” visit our website at
We work intentionally to train our faculty, design curriculum, and develop programs that allow our students to grow in virtue and in these critical life skills within our grace-filled community—edified, encouraged, and equipped through relationships with supportive peers and capable adults who love them and love Jesus. When students face challenges and opportunities within such an environment, they mature in their faith, virtue, and knowledge. People who possess these core competencies stand out from their peers, are highly sought after by employers, and are able to lead and serve effectively. In this way, no matter the students’ vocational interests, these virtues and life skills will contribute to their quality of life and success in whatever God calls them to do.
We are committed to solid biblical truth and academic excellence. We nurture a true partnership between Christian educators and Christian parents that creates a safe and caring community, anchored in grace, where every student finds his or her place within the community and is known, loved, encouraged, prayed for and discipled to think biblically, serve effectively, and lead Christ-centered lives.
Plumstead Christian School is an independent, nondenominational preschool through 12th grade Christian school located in Plumsteadville (grades 6 through 12) and Chalfont (preschool through 5th grade). Contact Plumstead Christian School’s Director of Admissions at or call (215) 766-8073 for a tour of either campus. Learn more by visiting
Patrick Fitzpatrick is head of school at Plumstead Christian School.
Photo courtesy of Plumstead Christian School
Published (and copyrighted) in Suburban Life magazine, July 2022.