Always an Ally
Individuals who are going through separation or divorce find a steadying influence in Main Line family law attorney Sheryl R. Rentz.
by Leigh Stuart

Divorce and separation are rarely easy to navigate. Not only are there the complexities of untying a relationship but also those involving finances and housing—plus, when children are involved, negotiating custody issues. That’s why every client who steps through the doors of The Law Offices of Sheryl R. Rentz P.C. receives nothing but kindness, patience, and the expertise of someone who has helped countless other individuals who have stood in their shoes.

“People come to me because I give personalized attention,” Rentz says. “The people we work with are going through a very trying time. The process can be tedious, but we try to make it as easy for clients as possible, making sure they know they have support. We—meaning me and my paralegal, who has been with me for over 26 years—are always there for our clients. We work very well together and often hand in hand. We make sure our clients know what to expect, when to expect it, and how to move forward.”

Rentz underscores the importance of communication and establishing goals early on so clients can envision a clear path forward as they approach formal divorce proceedings. Financial independence, for example, is often a central aim. A client’s openness and honesty about their current status, as well as future hopes, are vital to success.  
“I ask where a client is with cash flow,” Rentz shares. “It’s nice to have $8 million in the bank, but if someone doesn’t have money to pay for gas in a car, that’s not a fit.”
Rentz often spends hours with a client going through financials to see how a situation can work for a client post-separation. She is quick to emphasize that family law attorneys do not work in a silo. Professionals including accountants, financial advisors, and even mental health professionals also play vital roles, and she works directly with each of them. In fact, she will step in to connect a client with a qualified professional, when needed. She has an innate knack for matching clients with the “right” professionals, meaning individuals who will not only meet the client’s needs, but who will also match up in terms of personality.
“No one knows everything,” Rentz says. “The example I give people is, if you’re having a heart attack, you don’t go to the dermatologist, because you want the best person to handle the issue. Simple taxes are far different than qualified versus nonqualified dividends, etcetera, so when these issues arise, I can tap into a network of professionals.
“Alternatively,” she continues, “if a client has an accountant, financial planner, or investment banker, for example, that they prefer to work with, I say bring them in. I don’t need to start from scratch. I just need to know the client has a team that is going to work for them.”
Clients need to look at “present money” and “future money” (retirement funds, for example) when looking to establish long-term financial security. Someone who has a child or no source of income, or both for that matter, may face unique challenges. For this reason, Rentz’s brand of personalized service is of apex importance.  
“To say in a certain situation you always do A, B, or C puts everyone into a cookie-cutter mold, and that just doesn’t work,” Rentz says. “You have to look at each client uniquely, assessing where that person’s strengths and weaknesses are, and what their needs are.”
This is why it is so important for a client to establish trust with an attorney.
“A client has to get comfortable with you, and that doesn’t just happen overnight,” Rentz says. “One, you have to put in the time; and two, you have to be able to explain to the client why they need to be honest about their budget needs. I always joke that my shoe budget would be extraordinary, but everyone has their thing. I need to know what your ‘thing’ is in order to be able to set you up for success moving forward.”
When a client does not follow sound advice or has unrealistic expectations about a post-divorce future, it can lead to a severely modified lifestyle. That’s why Rentz says it’s essential to carefully consider the advice of a panel of qualified financial and legal advisors such as herself before making decisions. Likewise, she cautions clients never to make decisions based on anger or hurt emotions.
“If someone is surrounded by professionals, getting a lot of support, they don’t feel like they’re hanging out in the wind by themselves,” she says. “Having a room full of people all trying to help a client along makes that person feel empowered.”
Rentz may describe herself primarily as a divorce attorney who will work hard to help her clients achieve their goals. Really, she sees herself as someone who can find solutions designed to help clients lead happier and more stable lives, now and down the road.
“Our role is enhancing a client’s life during the process, and making sure they feel safe and secure after,” she says. “That’s why it’s important to have the right professionals in place, and professionals the client is comfortable with. That’s why people come to us.
“Any attorney can get a client through the divorce process,” she continues. “Not every attorney can provide the services and support to ensure that someone will have a nice life moving forward.”
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Photo by Jeff Anderson
Published (and copyrighted) in Suburban Life magazine, July 2022.