Second to None
Dr. Benjamin K. Azizi, an iconic leader in orthodontics whose influence has been felt around the globe as a teacher of many excellent orthodontists and dentists, transforms patients’ lives one smile at a time.
by Bill Donahue

Orthodontic care, when provided with skill and forethought, has the potential to change a person’s life for the better. Benjamin K. Azizi, D.M.D., often referred to as “Dr. A” by his patients and students, would know. Dr. Azizi strives to deliver a life-changing experience for each patient, not only in terms of health, function, and aesthetics of their smile, but also in regard to their confidence, self-esteem, and the way they view the world around them. He often does so with the assistance of cutting-edge technology from the likes of Invisalign and iTero.

“My staff and I all have the same goal: to help people smile more and lead better, happier lives,” says Dr. Azizi, the founder of Azizi Orthodontics, which has offices in Ambler and Glenside. “We are very fortunate to be part of that experience, for kids and adults alike, and we want to make the process enjoyable in any way we can.”
Throughout his career, Dr. A has earned recognition as a leader in various regards—a “cool
orthodontist” who enjoys getting to know patients on a personal level, an award-winning clinician who has earned numerous accolades and acknowledgments, and an educator whose influence has been felt across the globe. His patient population includes celebrities, athletes, and other luminaries, and readers of publications such as Philadelphia magazine and Suburban Life have ranked him among the area’s elite orthodontists.
High-Level Orthodontic Care
Perhaps the most revealing indication of Dr. Azizi’s remarkable skill and expertise is the fact that most dentists in the area, as well as some fellow orthodontists, have chosen to have their own children to receive orthodontic care in Dr. Azizi’s office.

“We provide treatment that is second to none,” Dr. Azizi adds. “If you are in need of an orthodontic consult or a family dentist has referred you out for a consult and evaluation, why not go to a world-renowned leader in orthodontics who has gotten proven results with Invisalign or braces? I have taught most of the orthodontists in the area, and many dentists and other orthodontists refer their more complicated cases to our practice for treatment. I consider that a huge honor and the community’s recognition of the level of care we provide.”
Just as orthodontics has evolved since he first started practicing, Dr. Azizi has worked hard to remain at the forefront in terms of technology and technique. Invisalign is a fine example. Dr. Azizi estimates that as many as half of his patients opt for Invisalign, with ancillary treatment using Vivera durable retainers, with the other half preferring traditional wire-and-bracket braces.
“I have treated many patients with Invisalign technology for more than 20 years, because I could see the potential even then,” he says. “A lot of copycats have come up since, but Invisalign is the original, and to me it’s the best. We also use the latest digital technology, which not only leads to more accurate results for treatment planning, but also creates a better experience for patients.”
Rooted in Education
Azizi Orthodontics specializes in forms of treatment apart from straightening teeth. Notable examples include teeth whitening and treating patients who suffer from headaches and other pain associated with the temporomandibular joint (TMJ).

“Issues associated with misaligned teeth or the bite can tire the muscles in the jaw that can lead to tension headaches,” he says. “Some people wind up taking pain killers because of these headaches, but there are orthodontic measures we can take to relax the jaw. In most cases, we can accomplish this with specially designed Invisalign.”
Although he is modest about his accomplishments, Dr. Azizi has had a profound effect on the lives of others apart from the men, women, and children who have come through his practice’s doors. For the 20 years he served as a professor and director of orthodontics at Temple University’s Kornberg School of Dentistry, he trained dentists and orthodontists who would, in turn, transform the lives of patients throughout the Philadelphia area, as well as across the country and around the world.
Dr. Azizi has a master’s in education from the University of Pennsylvania, where he also went to orthodontic school. He estimates that he has helped thousands of clinicians perfect various aspects of orthodontics, not only in terms of how to effectively move teeth but also in terms of how to make lasting connections with patients.
“Teaching was a wonderful experience for me,” he says. “I am still educating orthodontists and dentists when asked for my expertise with their difficult cases. Education isn’t just about teaching facts and figures; it’s also about building people up, boosting their confidence, and putting them in a position to have a better future. That’s what I like most about what we do in our offices.”
Much More Than a Perfect Smile
Dr. Azizi enjoys educating patients about how to care for their smiles, though patient conversations typically extend far beyond the scope of orthodontic care. Conversations tend to involve everything from new music and binge-worthy Netflix series to local sports teams and, his favorite topic, movies.
A self-described “film buff,” Dr. Azizi has a long list of favorites from various genres, both classic and contemporary. Notables include Avatar, Saving Private Ryan, Schindler’s List, and Titanic, as well as Rio Bravo, a 1959 Western starring Dean Martin, Ricky Nelson, and the inimitable John Wayne. Dr. Azizi is always on the lookout for compelling new film releases, and he is particularly excited about returning to the cinema for the forthcoming Avatar: The Way of Water, a sequel to the groundbreaking 2009 original, slated for a December 2022 release.
It’s all part of the experience at Azizi Orthodontics, where patients of all ages come to perfect their smiles in an environment built around conviviality, education, and results.
“We have a fun saying here at Azizi Orthodontics: Straight teeth can be incredibly easy with Dr. Azizi,” he says. “If you come to one of our offices and see me for treatment, you’re going to love your smile. I guarantee it.”
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Photo by Jeff Anderson
Published (and copyrighted) in Suburban Life magazine, July 2022.