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With the addition of Dr. Andrew Blasek, Blasek Family Dentistry marks its third generation of trusted practitioners serving families in the community.
by Leigh Stuart

With corporate dental offices taking up more of the landscape, it’s exceedingly rare to have a hometown dental practice run by three generations of practitioners who have treated local families for more than 50 years. Rare as it is, that’s exactly what patients find at Blasek Family Dentistry in Maple Glen.
Founded by Lee Blasek, D.D.S., in 1971, this Montgomery County mainstay in general dentistry got its second generation of the Blasek family in 1984, when Lee’s son, Michael Blasek, D.M.D., joined the team. With the addition of Andrew Blasek, D.M.D., a recent graduate of Temple University’s Kornberg School of Dentistry, the father-and-son tradition continues with a new generation.
“Literally, three generations of families have been coming here, and now they’ll be treated by a third-generation Dr. Blasek,” Dr. Michael shares. “We have parents who were treated by my dad, their kids treated by me, and now the grandkids coming here will eventually be treated by Andrew. There’s continuity there. 
“We have people who come to the office who’ve been with us since my dad started practicing in Conshohocken,” he continues. “Ours is like a ‘country doctor’ kind of relationship, which is different now because a lot of dental practices are owned by corporations. Here, our patients see the same dentist and hygienist every time they come in.”
Dr. Andrew shares his father’s enthusiasm for the hometown feel the practice fosters with patients and staff. 
“We don’t have much turnover with hygienists, so patients get used to seeing the same people,” Dr. Andrew says. “I know from having assisted and observed my dad that he spends time with his patients. He’s there with a patient throughout their whole procedure, and patients get to know him because he takes that time.”
Trusting relationships with patients are a point of pride at Blasek Family Dentistry.
“Having a relationship with patients is important,” Dr. Michael says. “You’re treating people with needles and drills in their mouth, so people should be as comfortable as possible. The fact that we get to know people, and that they get to know us, too, is special.” 
“I think it’s exciting that we’ve been able to keep the same patient pool, and that within our family we’re able to provide more personal care,” Dr. Andrew adds. “I grew up around the office, so I’ve gotten to know a lot of people. I think of our patients as family.”
The practice has seen its share of evolution since 1971, including a 2020 move to its new permanent home in a freestanding building at 1000 East Welsh Road in Ambler/Maple Glen. This expanded version of the practice’s previous offices features nine spacious operatories as part of an open floorplan. 
“It was designed from the ground up to be a dental office,” Dr. Michael says. “It’s bright and airy, and everyone loves the soothing colors. The operatories are not cramped, and the setup feels open and modern.”
The new office also features the latest equipment to provide patients with efficient treatment options. This includes technology from CEREC, which allows the practice to provide highly accurate digital scans and also mill crowns and other restorations on site.
“Using this, we can scan a mouth and email results to a lab anywhere in the country in minutes,” Dr. Michael says. “We can make crowns in the office while a patient waits or, for full-mouth rehabilitations, we can send scans directly to labs.”
The Blaseks remain at the forefront of treatment not just by using the latest digital tools but also by participating in a national study club dedicated to collaborative thinking among the full range of dental-health clinicians, including endodontists and orthodontists. In addition, Drs. Michael and Andrew expand their knowledge base through ongoing continuing-education courses devoted to best practices in various areas of treatment. 
The Blasek Family Dentistry team includes a third doctor, Paul Laurito, D.M.D., who has been with the practice for nearly 25 years, as well as three longtime hygienists.
“That really speaks to the longevity of things,” Dr. Michael says. “You know who you’re going to see when you come in. Our practice philosophy is that even though we’re a big practice, patients always see the same doctor and hygienist. I want the office to feel like a country doctor, not one where you’re bounced around from doctor to doctor. It’s an office where everybody knows everybody, and it’s a comfortable feel.”
In other words, Blasek Family Dentistry is a family practice, in every sense of the word. 
“From cleanings and fillings to root canals and crowns, we take care of everyone in the family from grandchildren to grandparents,” Dr. Michael adds. “We take pride in our work because we know we’re going to see people for 30 years, and we want to make sure their treatment lasts.”
Dr. Andrew looks forward to carrying on the tradition his grandfather started began more than 50 years ago—and working alongside his own father—for years to come. 
“I think being able to work side by side with my dad, to be able to bounce ideas off of him and ask him questions, I couldn’t think of someone better to learn from,” he says. “He has 30-plus years of experience and has been very successful. With him, I’ll be able to learn and practice the best way to do things. Ultimately, patients benefit because I’ll be gaining that wealth of knowledge from someone who has been so successful for so long.”
Blasek Family Dentistry
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Photo by Jody Robinson
Published (and copyrighted) in Suburban Life magazine, August 2022.