A Perfect Symphony
With Colonial Marble & Granite as the conductor of any kitchen or bathroom remodel, homeowners are likely to enjoy a harmonious, well-orchestrated experience.
by Lindsey Getz

Whether or not you have been through the process before, designing a kitchen or bathroom can be overwhelming. You want to make all the right selections so everything comes together according to plan—but there’s quite a lot to decide. 
That’s why many homeowners choose to enlist the design professionals from Colonial Marble & Granite. The family-owned King of Prussia flagship showroom has raised the bar even further by offering more products and services than ever before—and also bringing those products and services much closer to home.
Traditionally, people have come into the showroom and met with a designer to begin the design process. Now, Colonial Marble & Granite also offers the option of bringing that entire process right into a client’s home. This is beneficial not only for the convenience factor but also because it can help to formulate a design in the actual space. 
“Bringing paint colors, stone samples, and ideas right into the room where we’ll be working can really bring the design to life for you,” says Sandra Phillips, Colonial Marble & Granite’s senior vice president of sales, marketing, and design. “When you are actually in the space, it can be easier to envision it all while also completing measurements and laying everything out.”  
Naturally, some homeowners will prefer to tackle the process in the showroom, and that remains a perfectly enjoyable option. The Colonial Marble & Granite showroom is an experience in itself. Walking through aisle after aisle in the expansive slab yard makes visitors feel almost as if they have been transported to the quarries of a distant land, such as Italy or Spain. There’s nothing quite like seeing it all in person—particularly for those who are  just starting out the process of looking to narrow their options.
Regardless of the location, Colonial Marble & Granite strives to meet people where they are and streamline the process in a way that works best for them.
Continuing to Grow
Colonial Marble & Granite’s customer-first sentiment carries into the company’s continued expansion into new products and services. While the company got its start (and established itself as a force) in countertops, customer demand has led the company to expand into tile, sinks, flooring, and even cabinetry. It’s all part of their mission to be a one-stop-shop for the busy homeowner.

For years, clients asked Colonial Marble & Granite’s designers who they would recommend for cabinetry. So, it was a natural opportunity for the team of trusted kitchen and bath experts to expand into these offerings themselves.
“We rose to the occasion of something that our clients were already asking us for,” Phillips says. “We are now able to bring the entire kitchen together, from countertops to cabinetry to flooring, backsplashes, lighting, and more. Being able to handle this all under one roof is a benefit to the client in many ways.”
It’s certainly a design benefit—ensuring that the aesthetic coalesces in a way that maximizes appeal rather than piecemealing something together from different vendors. Phillips points out that from a pragmatic standpoint, the all-under-one-roof approach also benefits the project timeline and keeps everything moving forward. 
“You aren’t waiting on cabinetry to get the countertops in because it’s all happening in perfect timing, like a symphony,” Phillips says. “The stress sits on our shoulders to keep it organized and moving. We take the lead on the process for you.”  
Convenience and Quality
Now that Colonial Marble & Granite offers cabinetry, the company can simplify the process for homeowners looking for high-quality options. The addition of their Preferred Vanity Collection offers a curated palette of luxurious granite and quartz vanities all made from high-quality materials, but with the convenience for which Colonial Marble & Granite has become known.

“We have a variety of different storage and color options, each of which will pair well with our vanity stone countertops,” Phillips explains. “Now with everything under one roof, you aren’t trying to piece together the perfect look. It’s all really easy. The color palette is amazing, and you’ll have many granites and quartz options to choose to add to your vanity—but all within a certain price point. There are no surprises, just like people are already used to with Colonial.” 
Colonial Marble & Granite’s continued expansion into new offerings is based on the company’s desire to fully meet clients’ needs. That also includes access to a sister company, Colonial Smart Home Services, which allows homeowners to add smart-home functionality to their plans.
“We continue to grow in order to be of better service to our clients,” Phillips adds. “We are on the forefront of what’s trending, as well as what will best meet the demand of what our clients want and need. As we continue to grow, it’s always with the customer in mind.” 
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Photo by Nina Lea Photography
Published (and copyrighted) in Suburban Life, September 2022.