Striving for Perfection
At Waibel Dental, Dr. Lana Waibel and her team deliver a “phenomenal patient experience” in an environment built on comfort, connection, and exceptional cosmetic results. 
by Debra Wallace

Every enterprise begins with an inspired idea. Dr. Lana Waibel had one of her own when she envisioned the framework of a cosmetic dentistry practice unlike any other—modern, inviting, and designed to create lasting connections with its patients. 
When she opened Waibel Dental in June 2020, Dr. Waibel wanted her patients to experience something truly unique. From concierge service to a “comfort menu”—lavender-scented towels, pillows, blankets, noise-canceling headphones with a choice of music, and complimentary beverages—to an emphasis on reducing pain, Dr. Waibel and her team have sought to show how much they care about their patients. 
Dr. Waibel, who earned her dental doctorate from the Temple University Kornberg School of Dentistry, believes everyone deserves a stunning smile “that reflects who you truly are.” She specializes in personalized cosmetic and restorative dentistry that help each patient feel confident and proud of their smile.   
In the nearly three years since Dr. Waibel started building her practice, word-of-mouth has resulted in solid growth. The practice continues to attract patients of all ages, from one-year-olds to the elderly. Among the many pleased patients is Katina Natale, a local actress, and model, who says the cosmetic dentistry provided by Dr. Waibel “changed my life.” 
“I used to smile with my mouth closed,” Natale recalls. “Now, I am so confident, and I’m told all the time that I have such a great smile. It’s all due to Dr. Waibel. She is the best!”
We spoke with Dr. Waibel about the “red-carpet experience” she and her team provide, how Waibel Dental is helping to redefine dentistry, and the future of her flourishing practice.
What is your philosophy for Waibel Dental? 

I have always wanted to focus on delivering a phenomenal patient experience. The majority of the patients I have treated are afraid of dentists, and that’s why they neglect their care. It is important to me to have a practice where they want to go that offers gentle hands and a comfortable environment.
From the first call to when they leave the practice, it must always be a five-star experience. We are looking for a consistent “wow factor.” Our patients say it feels more like a spa than a dental office. 
The main goal is to make sure we deliver a personal red-carpet experience for every single one of our patients by providing high-end, high-quality dental work that lasts for decades. We treat everyone who walks in our doors like a VIP. Our patients know that we use high-end materials and cutting-edge equipment. They always deserve the best.  
Why did you decide to become a dentist?
I am the first doctor in my family. I was attracted to dentistry for several reasons. I am very hands-on, artistic, and studious, and I truly love helping people, so dentistry was the perfect combination. I love independently treating and directly helping patients. Also, I have personally experienced the effects of cosmetic dentistry. I didn’t have perfect teeth growing up and I saw firsthand how much confidence I gained from porcelain veneers after it perfected my teeth. I share my personal story when I talk to my patients about the various cosmetic options, and they easily relate to my story.
How is Waibel Dental redefining the way the community views dentistry?
From the moment you walk through our doors, you will be greeted with a modern, luxurious office filled with a friendly, knowledgeable team committed to giving you a dental experience you will be raving about. My four other staff members and I started here two and a half years ago. We built the processes and systems together from the first day. We have morning huddles to discuss the best way to make this exemplary experience even better. The entire point of having a small practice is that our patients see the same dentist and hygienist every time they come, we know their history, and everyone is extremely personable.
Talk about your emphasis on cosmetic dentistry.
Many dentists call themselves cosmetic dentists, but it takes special skill and character. You have to be extremely patient and meticulous, and I am able to do this at the top of my game because of the hundreds of hours of continuing education in cosmetic procedures and photography. I have created a perfect team and seamless process of creating handmade custom veneers that match the personality of each patient. I am all about communicating their desires and working with master ceramicists. 
What are some of the extra services that you offer?
In addition to dental services, I offer Botox and [dermal] fillers, which a lot of other dentists do not provide. I have more than eight years of education in the areas of head and neck anatomy, which makes me extremely proficient. It is a great complement to cosmetic density. I treat their smile comprehensively. I don’t just focus on the teeth, but I am well aware that their lips and face are the frameworks of their smile. Botox and Juvéderm can be used to treat TMJ (temporomandibular joint) pain, headaches, and migraines.  
What are your insurance and financial options? 
We have many financial options. We are “in network” for insurance plans and for those who don’t have insurance we have our own wellness plan for as low as $1 a day. We also have a $150 new patient special that can be used for comprehensive exams, cleaning, oral cancer screening, and all necessary X-rays. We are doing everything we can to make dental care approachable and affordable. 
Please talk about your community outreach and philanthropy.
We are dedicated to community involvement, such as sponsoring school events, softball teams, and local fundraising. For every new patient that comes to us, we donate to Minding Your Mind, a local nonprofit that focuses on providing education for mental illness and suicide prevention in schools and workplaces. We are also involved in Welcoming the Stranger, which provides free ESL classes to local residents. This project truly warms my heart because I moved to America in 2009 and had to start my life from scratch. Now I can give back to help those to succeed in this country, and it is an amazing feeling!
What does the future look like for your practice?
My plan is to always stay focused on high-level care in a boutique concierge type of practice, so our patients know we are always here for them. One major aspect that sets us apart from other practices is that our patients can reach us practically 24/7 by text. We value our patients’ time, and we want to cater to them and their families to ensure a long-time, highly valued relationship.

Our main goal is to continue treating everyone like an individual. We are here for long-lasting relationships and dedicated patient care, and we will always remain a private practice; you will always see the same dentist and the same team that cares for you.
Waibel Dental
545 N. Bethlehem Pike, Suite 202
Ambler, PA 19002
(267) 405-2727 | (267) 581-8088 (text only)
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Published (and copyrighted) in Suburban Life, October 2022.