Building for the Future
Buyers and sellers looking to make a move find a champion in Heidi Kulp-Heckler, a COMPASS Realtor with incomparable experience and a passion for helping clients achieve their goals.
by Erica Young

In a topsy-turvy real estate market, homebuyers and sellers must rely on the skill and knowledge of a Realtor who has “seen it all before”—in other words, someone like COMPASS Realtor Heidi Kulp-Heckler.

Kulp-Heckler considers herself a true partner who is devoted to guiding clients through every step of the process, thereby simplifying and streamlining what most people would consider one of the most complex and stressful experiences of their lives. Her 30-year career in real estate began with a small family practice, and has since evolved and expanded along with the ever-changing market.
“I thrive on building relationships with a broad range of homeowners,” explains Kulp-Heckler, a native of Montgomery County who focuses on helping clients in Bucks, Montgomery, and Delaware counties. “I work in various markets, so my client base continues to grow as I am knowledgeable about the different areas of the region.”
While every home purchase is unique, few situations arise that Kulp-Heckler has not seen before. Early into her career she gained expertise in new construction, including custom homes. The insights she gleaned from those early experiences have helped her better serve all clients, whether they are buying a newly built home or an existing one.
“While working in new construction, we would start with a raw piece of land, continue through the subdivision planning period, and deliver the final product,” she says of her custom-home clients. “It gave me knowledge about the construction process. The experience also helped me be able to walk into an older home and see how it was built, and see its strengths and potential weaknesses. All of this has made the process of buying and selling [a home] better for my clients.
“Without those initial opportunities,” she continues, “I wouldn’t have been able to plant my feet in the ground and find success like I have in this area. It’s all what led me to this moment with COMPASS.”
Kulp-Heckler joined the COMPASS team about a year ago, and the affiliation has strengthened her passion for real estate. Because of the many ways in which COMPASS supports its Realtors, she can now devote more time and attention to each client.
“I really wanted to be able to spend the time I needed to with my customers,” she says. “That personal touch is so important to me, and COMPASS has allowed me to regain that capability thanks to the tools and resources they have that customize the buying and selling process.”
COMPASS has earned a reputation for having a robust technology platform. This means Realtors and their clients have access to state-of-the-art tools that make the process of buying or selling a home more manageable. Kulp-Heckler cites the company’s “phenomenal” website, which includes details about COMPASS Concierge, a value-added program designed to help homeowners sell their homes more quickly and for a higher price.
“Combining tech with real estate provides a new level of transparency to our clients,” Kulp-Heckler adds. “Along with the website, COMPASS has a support staff that keeps everything in order with our clients. It’s a fabulous resource that adds such a peace of mind.”
Such resources are more valuable than ever. Although still highly competitive, the current real estate market has shifted to give prospective buyers some time and space to envision their dream home a bit more clearly.
“Buyers are no longer looking at every house on the market; they have the opportunity to breathe a little bit,” says Kulp-Heckler. “Multiple offers are still the norm, but people are able to look towards a broader area. They know what they want, they are taking interest rates into consideration, and making sure they are committing to a home that is forever.”
For Kulp-Heckler, the process of helping a buyer attain the home of their dreams begins with ensuring that the buyer’s “love letters” are in perfect order.
“Pre-qualifications are still important, so that when there is a perfect property you can strike fast,” she says. “So when a client contacts me on Day One, I work with them to have their ‘love letter’ in order; that means we have the pre-approval and financial elements in place and are ready to go. We have the tools through COMPASS that make this an easier process, so you can really focus on the real estate.”
In recent years, Kulp-Heckler has seen an influx of prospective buyers who are looking to “come home” to the Philadelphia area after years spent living elsewhere, be it across the country or even abroad. The phenomenon speaks to the allure of Philadelphia and surrounding suburbs.
“After COVID, so many people have the opportunity to work remotely, and because of that I work with so many people moving back to the East Coast,” she says. “For the first time, their career doesn’t get in the way of where they want to live. It also means people are looking at their homes differently, looking for offices and more useful spaces that add value to their living space.”
Kulp-Heckler believes the steady stream of interest suggests that current market conditions still favor the seller. She characterizes today’s market as “a fabulous time to list a property.”
“You’re getting a good dollar amount for the house,” she adds. “You’re also able to have some time to work with a buyer in a way that’s more comfortable and accommodating.”
As a COMPASS Realtor, Kulp-Heckler is proud of the way she’s able to serve clients. Innovative technology and other tools allow her to focus on the “human” aspects of the business.
“I treat my customers as if they are family, with the same respect I would show my family,” she says. “No matter if it’s a first house purchase or their 10th home purchase, buying a home is one of the biggest decisions of your life. You deserve to be treated with respect and dignity, and to be listened to throughout the entire process. With the resources I have through COMPASS, I’m able to make that my top priority with every client.”
Heidi Kulp-Heckler
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Photo by Jody Robinson
Published (and copyrighted) in Suburban Life, November 2022.