Back in Balance
A revolutionary therapy provided by Dr. Paul Kosmorsky of Balance Found Medical Solutions helps men and women who struggle with hormone imbalance rediscover their youthful vigor.
by Phil Gianficaro

Although no one has discovered the mythical Fountain of Youth from which to drink, Paul M. Kosmorsky, D.O., offers the next best thing. By treating patients with an innovative type of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) from bioTE, Dr. Kosmorsky and his team essentially help patients turn back the clock to a time when they felt more vibrant.

Between the ages of 30 and 40, the human body begins to experience a significant decrease in testosterone production. As a result, both men and women complain of lack of energy, trouble concentrating, low libido, mood changes, weight gain, and other life-changing symptoms. They yearn for the bygone days when they possessed a seemingly inexhaustible amount of youthful vitality.
Dr. Kosmorsky, the founder of Balance Found Medical Solutions in Yardley, makes those yearnings a reality with BHRT. The quick, painless procedure consists of him inserting a few all-natural testosterone pellets just beneath the skin, between the lower back and upper buttocks. The pellets deliver a slow and consistent physiologic dose of hormones that restore the patient’s testosterone to youthful levels, with virtually no adverse effects.
“My patients are amazed at just how terrific they feel after only 10 days to two weeks,” says Dr. Kosmorsky, who has been administering this type of therapy since 2013. “These hormones are molecularly equal to the body’s natural hormones. They’re just like the testosterone created naturally in the body, and they interact with the body in a clearly symbiotic way. The body recognizes it as a natural hormone.
“With synthetic hormones, the body decides it doesn’t recognize it,” he continues. “So, it breaks it down into products that could be harmful to the body. That’s not the case here.”
Dr. Kosmorsky suggests BHRT offers significant benefits beyond its revitalization properties. These benefits include reinforcing the body’s immune response to help ward off diseases such as prostate and breast cancers, as well as autoimmune ailments such as Alzheimer’s disease.
“There’s also anecdotal evidence that suggests people who take these hormones have a lower percentage of heart disease than those who don’t,” he adds. “The benefits are incredible.”
To begin the process with Balance Found, the patient would be scheduled for a one-on-one consultation with our provider. This is a 45-minute appointment to review the patient’s health history and symptoms, and discuss the clinical aspects of the program. A practitioner would then draw the necessary bloodwork to determine the patient’s starting hormone levels. The consultation and bloodwork draw would be submitted through medical insurance for payment. Once that claim is processed, the patient would be billed for any balances due based on required copays, deductible, or co-insurance.
“We replace and optimize hormones using bioidentical hormone replacement pellets,” Dr. Kosmorsky says. “These pellets are all natural and are derived from soy and yam. Once we receive your lab results, we place them into an algorithm to determine the exact amount of hormones that you need to be at your best levels. Everything is individualized at Balance Found.”
Balance Found’s male patients range in age from 25 to 90 years old, and the typical female patient is between 35 and 90 years old. Not all female patients are post-menopausal; pre-menopausal patients see Balance Found for testosterone therapy only.
“The men usually tell me, ‘I’m tired, I don’t get enough sleep, I have low energy, and, frankly, I’m not as virile as I once was,’” he says. ““Before we do the therapy, we run a full lab panel, including testosterone, estrogen, liver, thyroid, and vitamin levels to get the full picture of the patient. Patients may need more than hormone therapy, and we certainly can refer them to specialists if needed.
“With women, they’re often experiencing hot flashes, low libido, and low energy,” he continues. “And yes, women also need testosterone; it’s the energy hormone. The difference with women is that we put in 10 times less than for men.”
Dr. Kosmorsky is not only a practitioner of BHRT, but he’s also a patient. About 13 years ago, a bioTE marketing representative visited Dr. Kosmorsky in his Bucks County office and introduced him to the procedure.
“I was trained as an osteopathic doctor, so I tend to be drawn toward more natural forms of therapy,” he says. “So, I explored it. I took a trip to Irving, Texas, for a two-day seminar. I was wowed by the data. That convinced me.”
In fact, Dr. Kosmorsky, then age 53, decided to undergo the procedure. In only 10 days, he felt as though a light switch went on inside him.
“I felt incredible,” he says. “I had been feeling pangs of depression from the stress of work. The therapy completely eliminated it. I still take the therapy. So, I know firsthand how great it makes you feel.”
He often hears similar results from satisfied patients. One patient, Joseph, was in his 50s when he came to Balance Found, complaining of difficulty sleeping, inconsistent sexual performance, and a decrease in overall energy. After receiving BHRT, Joseph rediscovered his libido, his energy, and his overall enthusiasm for life.
Another patient, Samantha, came to the practice suffering from diminished energy and bouts of joint pain that made it hard to remain active, both of which were brought on by menopause. Once she came to Balance Found and started receiving treatment from Dr. Kosmorsky and his team, she began to feel as dynamic as she did in her 30s.
“We get so much word-of-mouth advertising from patients who tell their friends how much better they feel after the therapy,” Dr. Kosmorsky adds. “It’s growing by leaps and bounds within our practice. I love hearing how great my patients feel. That’s the most enjoyable part of my job.”
About Dr. Kosmorsky
Paul M. Kosmorsky, D.O., has been providing quality medical care to patients in Bucks County for more than 30 years. After obtaining his doctoral degree from the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine (PCOM), he completed a year-long rotating internship at Delaware Valley Medical Center (presently Aria Hospital), followed by a two-year residency in family medicine at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey at Atlantic City Medical Center.

Board certified in family medicine, Dr. Kosmorsky is a licensed electrophysiological diagnostic physician and a clinical instructor in the Department of Family Medicine at PCOM. He is also an active member of professional organizations such as the American Osteopathic Association and the Pennsylvania Osteopathic Medical Association.
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Photo by Jody Robinson
Published (and copyrighted) in Suburban Life, November 2022.