Beauty from Within
KP Aesthetics provides an array of innovative skincare and anti-aging treatments designed to help each client look and feel their best, both inside and out.
by Erica Young

They say beauty is more than skin deep. Kim Costalas, R.N., would have to agree.

Costalas owns KP Aesthetics, a full-service medical spa in Newtown Square that focuses on helping clients achieve realistic, attainable goals as they relate to skin care and anti-aging. Costalas and her fellow team members deliver a comprehensive menu of aesthetic services designed to help each client look and feel refreshed from the inside out.
“We want our customers to see results in a way that they are comfortable with and that lasts,” says Costalas, a registered nurse injector specializing in cosmetic medicine. “You don’t age overnight, so anti-aging doesn’t happen overnight. When you’re healthy on the inside, you see that on the outside, so creating a skincare and health plan is what builds the most dynamic results.”
KP Aesthetics has a full staff dedicated to building a care plan for each client. The process begins with a medically focused skin analysis. “You’ll meet with our aesthetician who will talk about your current skin care,” Costalas says, “and then consider your goals and build out a plan from there.”
Once a treatment plan is in place, KP Aesthetics’ team of medical aestheticians, laser specialists, and nurse injectors, as well as medical director Steve Costalas, D.O., delivers aesthetic treatments that are safe, effective, and designed to provide lasting results. Some treatments focus on the skin’s surface, while others target what lies beneath.
The range of treatments for the face and body includes intravenous nutrient therapy. Those familiar with IV therapy may have heard of options designed to boost the immune system. KP Aesthetics takes it to the next level by offering nutrient blends that replenish minerals in the body to refresh the skin and lift the spirit. KP Aesthetics’ options include immunity blends and inner beauty blends packed with biotin, glutathione, and vitamin C, as well as general health blends that fight fatigue, enhance energy, and even soften the effects of hangover.
“Our customers come in with goals; those goals can be specific, like boosting immunity when they have family members that are home sick, or more general, like helping with skin hydration,” explains Costalas. “We’re able to take those goals and customize nutrients and mineral blends that go into their IV. Each blend is designed to produce results that leave them feeling refreshed and ready to go.”
Each IV spa session takes about an hour, during which time clients can read, watch TV, or just relax in a tranquil, spa-like setting. Sessions can also be bundled into additional med spa treatments for an all-encompassing day of relaxation. Costalas says the average IV client comes in about once every four weeks, but they can easily add “pop-in appointments” if they need an immunity boost or if a hangover hits.
No matter the need, Costalas says clients tend to experience the effects of IV therapy right away. Additional vitamins and minerals can last well beyond the session to create glowing skin, high energy, and a fresh-from-the-spa feeling that people love.  
KP Aesthetics offers treatments to address almost every part of the face and body, from head to toe. Botox and dermal fillers remain highly popular options for reducing the subtle signs of aging in the face, the delivery of which is overseen by certified aestheticians. Other popular facial treatments include microneedling, chemical peels, and HydraFacials.
Costalas says one treatment that is particularly popular in winter is HALO. The treatment involves a sophisticated skin-resurfacing laser that provides optimal results with limited exposure to sunlight—perfect for the typically dreary weather associated with winter in the Philadelphia area. HALO is considered one of the most advanced noninvasive resurfacing treatments in the industry, able to effectively soften fine lines and reduce discoloration with less discomfort than its predecessors.
Additional laser therapies include those for vein reduction, hair removal, and tattoo removal. Costalas assures clients that all services are performed in an environment of safety and serenity, under the watchful eye of KP Aesthetics’ trained and certified staff.
As a certified CoolSculpting specialist, Costalas works with clients of all ages, genders, and backgrounds, though all CoolSculpting clients share a common goal: to shed unwanted fat in a quick, easy, and pain-free fashion.
“CoolSculpting remains a popular treatment because it is so effective,” she explains. “The CoolSculpting Elite treatment is the most effective and modern option for noninvasive fat-freezing therapy. It continues to be something that our clients seek out.”
Considered a gentler alternative to more invasive fat-reduction treatments, CoolSculpting targets stubborn pockets of fat to reduce “problem areas” over time. The treatment utilizes dual applicators that expand coverage, thereby significantly reducing the duration of each CoolSculpting session.
KP Aesthetics rounds out its lineup of services with a menu of take-home skincare products. At-home skin care is a core part of KP Aesthetics’ foundational skin consultation, as aestheticians can tailor a regimen to each client’s lifestyle and skincare goals.
Costalas and her team are hyper-focused on creating an experience that not only serves each client’s specific needs, but also evolves with clients through the various stages of life. Clients can expect a truly “boutique” experience; each care plan is thoughtfully prepared, built largely around direct feedback from the client.
“You should never feel pressured into doing something or rushed through treatments, which is why we are so committed to realistic goals,” Costalas adds. “We want our clients to have a place that they trust, and that understands how their anti-aging goals change overtime.”
KP Aesthetics
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Photo by Jody Robinson
Published (and copyrighted) in Suburban Life magazine, January 2023.