A Solution for Every Face and Body
La Maison House of Aesthetics helps clients fight Father Time with skincare and anti-aging regimens that can be tailored to any lifestyle.
by Erica Young

Skincare routines tend to change as the face and body age. But what should someone do when, no matter what avenue they seem to try, the results simply do not come?

Ask Victoria Rappaport, the owner of La Maison House of Aesthetics in Newtown. La Maison is a full-service luxury skincare spa that provides services suited to every face and body. Rappaport opened La Maison with the goal of helping people who seek approachable, manageable, and affordable skin care in a relaxing, rejuvenating setting.
Rappaport calls her journey to La Maison “a dream that took a rocky road to get to.” With 22 years of experience in skin care and anti-aging, Rappaport had long planned to operate a luxury spa with a full range of services. She worked her way up gradually until the perfect spot in the center of Newtown became available.
La Maison opened in October 2020 with a team of professionals ready to serve the community. Since then, Rappaport and her team have gradually expanded services to reach clients of all ages and interests, each looking achieve their own individual experience in the world of luxury care.
“The goal of La Maison is for our clientele to have options and choices,” says Rappaport. “I wanted to be a one-stop shop for our clients. If you need your brows done but want to also figure out what’s going on with redness on your skin, I wanted to create a space for that. We want to be something for everyone at every stage of life.”
A consultation at La Maison includes a conversation about daily routines, lifestyle, diet, and prior skincare experiences. Some clients have sought Rappaport out after exhausting other options.
“Many people come to us after jumping from dermatologist to dermatologist, looking for answers,” she adds. “Anti-aging encompasses so many elements of a person, and trying to find the right solution can feel overwhelming. We take all of those things into consideration when beginning our consultation.
“Women especially, with the changing levels of their hormones, experience a lot of unexplainable things on their face, like redness and rashes, sudden sensitivity to skincare products,” she continues. “We get as much information as possible, then we curate a routine that fits their lifestyle and what they have the capacity to do.”
Rappaport has made it her mission to curate an array of brands, treatments, and products that she has tested herself. In addition to luxury skincare products for take-home regimens, options include waxing, dermaplaning, laser therapies, microneedling, and cosmetic injectables, among others.
“It’s my job to constantly study the services and the products that have recently come available,” she says. “We like to stay current with the products and technology that are on the market.”
She cites a new option called exosome therapy, which is a microneedling procedure that incorporates stem cells to freshen up the skin.
“You’re getting completely fresh cells put into your skin during a series of four microneedling treatments,” says Rappaport. “The final result can look like you got a full face-lift. And best of all, when your treatment is done you go home, resume your normal routine, and wash your face. It’s that relaxing.”
Another popular new technology is the Forever Young BBL laser treatment, which is designed to address everything from sun exposure and redness to broken capillaries and spider veins. Likewise, a powerful new hydrogen-therapy tool called Skinwave takes a multidimensional approach to revitalizing the skin.
“The Skinwave cleans pores, adds a thin salicylic peel, infuses the skin with two healthy serums, then focuses on microcurrent and lymphatic drainage,” says Rappaport. “It’s so relaxing and feels so good during and after the treatment, and has become very popular because of that.”
Laser treatments remain popular, including those for hair removal. Rappaport says winter is the perfect time to schedule laser hair removal treatments so clients can be ready for swimsuit season. She tends to recommend five hair removal treatments for optimal results.
La Maison has partnered with Dawn Marie Studio in Richboro for permanent makeup options to round out facial options for clients. Of course, treatment options extend beyond the face to include the hands and neck.
“Your hands are so exposed to the elements and the sun,” Rappaport says. “We have a lot of people who want to keep their hands and their neck fresh, just like they do for their face. We consult with our clients on their options for treatment along with products to use at home.”
All of La Maison’s skincare products are offered at the spa, as well as at microsites throughout the area. Rappaport often recommends a particular three-product treatment she characterizes as “simple and effective.” She speaks from personal experience: “It’s what I do for myself, and I wouldn’t suggest anything that I wouldn’t do for myself.”
As Rappaport resumes her personal crusade to help each client build a skincare plan suited to their specific needs, La Maison continues to grow and evolve.
“Just as your skin changes over time, so do your goals, and we’re here to help with that,” she says. “We like to do everything in a way that makes it as enjoyable as possible for the client, with the focus on products that are cleansing, good for your skin, and also refreshing.”
La Maison House of Aesthetics
254 N. Sycamore Street
Newtown, PA 18940
(215) 860-4500
Photo by Alison Dunlap
Published (and copyrighted) in Suburban Life magazine, January 2023.