‘Wake Up with Makeup’
Known as a leader in education and a destination for everything pertaining to permanent cosmetics, Dawn Marie Studio in Richboro delivers natural-looking solutions to save time and enhance beauty.
by Leigh Stuart

Dawn Marie Scappaticci has the same goal with every client who comes to Dawn Marie Studio in Richboro: enhancing self-confidence. Each item on her studio’s menu of services—permanent makeup, as well as noninvasive procedures to lighten or remove existing permanent makeup that is less than perfect—is designed to do just that.

Scappaticci’s career in aesthetic enhancement began with her retail operation Colors by Dawn, which offered private-label makeup to clients at various top salons throughout the region. Then, in 2018, things “changed completely,” Scappaticci recalls.
“The God’s honest truth is, I was always seeing beauty ads on Facebook, and one day I saw a sponsored ad for microblading,” she adds. “At the time I wasn’t even aware of what that was. My reputation was always more on the natural side, and to me, permanent makeup looked too unnatural. But, when I started researching, I learned microblading wasn’t just tattooing but used individual hair strokes to achieve a really pretty, natural look.”
Inspired to learn more, Scappaticci dove into researching the best training programs. Doing so led to her first certification in the procedure.
“I did a two-day live training session followed by six months of online work,” she says. “I locked myself in the house and practiced until I mastered the technique.”
Scappaticci worked with just a few models at first, with hopes no greater than making ends meet financially. Considering the growing demand for someone with her skill set, however, her bookings skyrocketed quickly. She opened her first location in Newtown in 2018, which grew for a year until she moved to a new location in Southampton, where she stayed for three years, before moving to a larger facility in Richboro in 2022, where she intends to stay.
Today, Scappaticci and her team offer the cream of the crop in a range of procedures, such as lip blush, microblading, scalp micropigmentation, tattoo removal, and more.
“Our work is very natural-looking here,” she says. “That’s my reputation. If we’re doing a powder brow, we don’t want the ‘Sharpie marker’ brow look. It’s about applying it in baby steps; we can always add to it and make it bigger or darker at their second appointment. Maybe we start out light and natural with powder brows. As some women get older, they have a harder time seeing in order to apply their eyeliner. We help them wake up with makeup.”
Live to Learn
Education has remained a common theme throughout Scappaticci’s career. She has received more than 10 certifications to date, including:
• PhiBrows Microblading Artist Certification
• Advanced Perfection Microblading and Manual Microshading Certifications by Kler Rosenberg
• Scalp Micropigmentation Certification by Scalp Micro USA
• Tattoo and Permanent Makeup Removal and Lightening Certification with A+ Ocean
• Li-FT® Saline Pigment Lightening Certification by Teryn Darling
• Certification in Techniques of Lip Micropigmentation from Lip Design PRO
• Powder Brows and Ombre Brows Certification from artist Kim Zen from Zen Derma Solutions
• UNDO Non-Laser Tattoo Removal
With her roster of credentials and glowing portfolio, it is no wonder Dawn Marie Studio has earned a reputation as a destination for skillful artistry. It has also become known as a leader in educational opportunities for other aestheticians and artists of permanent cosmetics.
One popular course offered by Dawn Marie Studio is Brow Boot Camp, wherein Scappaticci offers training in microblading and powder brow application. The multiday course covers best practices for achieving a natural look as well as techniques to help artists match the right style and modality for each client. Items covered include details many outside of the industry might not think of, including mapping, outlining, and needle selection for each application.
Other courses include lip blush training, wherein students learn techniques to provide clients with the illusion of naturally blushed, full lips; lash extension training; and customized one-on-one classes that allow students to helm their own aesthetic learning journeys in one-, two-, or three-day sessions with Scappaticci herself. In all educational courses, Scappaticci emphasizes proper setup, disinfection, and overall cleanliness and safety for both the artist and the client.
“Just because you’re a great artist doesn’t mean you’re a great teacher,” she notes. “I’m a wonderful teacher because I just want to see everyone succeed. I offer lifetime support. If a student wants to call me every single day, that’s what I love more than anything.”
The Big Picture
Scappaticci’s passion for education doesn’t stop with those who take her classes. She seeks to empower clients with the knowledge to choose the right practitioner for their service of choice.

“Research,” she insists. “Look for pictures of the work and the studio, look for certifications, and cleanliness. Don’t go somewhere with fabric or rugs under workspaces.”
Scappaticci’s advice aligns with what she describes as the thing she loves most about her business: making clients happy.
“The biggest thing here is seeing everyone’s reaction afterwards,” she says. “Some clients just want fuller brows or more hair, but when someone is born with no brow hair or who has lost their hair to aging or overplucking or over-waxing, that’s why I got into this.
“Words can’t describe when someone who might have alopecia, who has never seen hair on their head or brows, sees that,” she continues. “They hug you. They cry. It is so satisfying, and the gratitude is unbelievable. Nothing tells you more than when someone says, ‘I love it. You changed my life.’”
Dawn Marie Studio
890 N. Second Street Pike, Suite 898
Richboro, PA 18954
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Photo by Nina Lea Photography
Published (and copyrighted) in Suburban Life magazine, March 2023.