Drive to Thrive
Newly rebranded as Thrive 365 Wellness, a local resource in self-care expands its offerings.
by Leigh Stuart

Thrive 365 Wellness continues to grow its reputation in Horsham and beyond for being a one-stop shop for those pursuing better bodily form and function. Founded by Doylestown native Kyle Zorzi in 2018 as Total Cryo Cryotherapy, the business has built upon its solo offering to include a suite of wellness solutions including compression, Celluma LED light therapy, and dry salt therapies, as well as infrared sauna, body contouring, and muscle-relaxing T-shock massage, among others.

“This is the evolution of the business,” Zorzi says. “We’ve expanded to offer new services, which is why we are now Thrive 365 Wellness. When we opened, we featured cryotherapy as our one and only service. Now, we have so much more.”
Having expanded the facility to include an additional 800 square feet previously occupied by a neighboring business, Thrive 365 has room for enhanced offerings as well as space for guests to enjoy Thai bodywork and stretching.
Cryotherapy, which involves exposing the body to extreme cold (200 degrees below zero Fahrenheit), remains a popular choice for those looking to boost the mood and vitality, facilitate weight loss, and decrease pain. The other technologies and modalities Zorzi has embraced are designed to help clients live as their best selves.
“A lot of this comes from seeing where the industry has been going over the years,” he says. “I’ve listened to clients, other business owners, and followed the self-care industry to see how I can give the community what they really needed and wanted. Now, we are a multiservice center that focuses on the convenience of having more services so people don’t have to travel to multiple locations to achieve their goals.”
Clients visit Thrive 365 with myriad goals in mind, according to Zorzi, from recovery to improved athletic performance to enhancement of mood via the reduction of stress and anxiety. For those looking for aesthetic enhancement, Thrive 365 offers a variety of noninvasive options. One popular choice has been cold slimming and toning utilizing STAR T-Shock technology. This equipment harnesses the power of thermal shock to safely destroy fat cells without harming delicate skin tissue. Local and facial cryotherapy boast anti-aging potential by stimulating the production of collagen.
The body-sculpting tech doesn’t stop there. Thrive 365 also offers EMSCULPT, which employs electromagnetic pulses to stimulate muscle-fiber contraction at an intensity not feasible during ordinary workouts, with the goal of increasing muscle volume by up to 25 percent.
“The EMSCULPT machine is a pretty high-end device that contracts muscles in the areas we put the paddles on,” he explains. “We get a lot of fitness and gym people in who are attracted to that treatment. You’ll feel a little sore after, but it’s as if you’re doing hundreds of thousands of crunches or squats. It’s not a slimming device—it’s more a muscle-building device—but it really does work.”
The Zerobody Dry Flotation System offers guests a sensory-deprivation relaxation experience without the fuss of sodden skin and clothes that might disrupt the flow of one’s day. Dry salt therapy, also known as “halotherapy,” offers benefits to people with respiratory issues or allergies, according to Zorzi, and can also boost immunity. Using pharmaceutical-grade salt, the therapy can even improve skin issues such as eczema and psoriasis in just a short 10-minute session.
“This is a more concentrated form of people sitting in a salt room for an hour,” he shares. “People get benefits in a much shorter time. In our room, you really can taste and breathe the salt air during the session.”
Another choice comes in the form of red-light therapy, also known as photobiomodulation, typically performed in 10-minute sessions.
“This treatment is like getting all the benefits of time in the sun without the harmful rays,” he says. “It can boost testosterone and vitamin D. Because the light penetrates deeper into the skin, it can also rejuvenate cells and promote growth.”
In an effort to suit the demands of its multiservice guests, Thrive 365 offers membership packages.
“We want to be the ‘gym’ of self-care,” Zorzi says. “We feel that with our bodies going 100 miles per hour, we need to take that time for self-care and recovery, and we want to make it so that people are able to make that part of their routine.”
Thrive 365’s “Thrive Five” power pack invites guests to try five of the facility’s most popular services at a deep discount. For those ready to commit to membership, Thrive 365 offers two tiers of service. Membership requires no commitment, there are no cancellation fees, and the facility is open seven days a week. All memberships have access to Thrive 365’s “recovery lounge” and its cryo-facial and compression ion therapy tools.
“We like the membership style because then we get to see people on a regular basis and build relationships,” Zorzi says. “It builds trust with us and our treatments.”
With membership, clients have the ability to truly reap the benefits of regular self-care.
“A lot of these self-care things are new to most people,” Zorzi says. “That’s why we work to educate people on a daily basis to make sure they understand what the treatments entail and what their different options are. We want to make it easy for people to try something new at a place where they can be themselves and have fun with our friendly staff while experiencing cutting-edge self-care services. I would even call it ‘social wellness.’
“Our goal is to listen and connect with everyone who walks through our door and guide them on their own individual wellness journeys,” he continues. “We want them to leave feeling better about themselves and the rest of their day. People don’t want to just survive—they want to Thrive.”
Thrive 365 Wellness
303 Horsham Road, Suite B
Horsham, PA 19044
(215) 259-6973
Photo by Jody Robinson
Published (and copyrighted) in Suburban Life magazine, March 2023.