The Total Package
With dozens of five-star reviews to its credit, UNITS of Bucks County provides homeowners with prompt, secure, and flexible mobile storage options designed to protect valuables, remove stress, and preserve peace of mind.
by Bill Donahue

For any resident of Bucks or Mercer counties who is preparing to move across town, contending with an ongoing home renovation, or in need of high-quality mobile storage for any other reason, consider UNITS of Bucks County an essential resource.

UNITS of Bucks County offers a convenient, stress-free, and affordable alternative to traditional moving and storage options. The Bristol-based operation is locally owned and operated, serving clients throughout Bucks and Mercer counties, as well as surrounding areas. UNITS of Bucks County has earned 80 reviews online, all of which are five stars—a seemingly unprecedented feat.
When a homeowner chooses UNITS of Bucks County, the company will deliver a 12- or 16-foot mobile storage container to the client’s home upon request. The company’s advanced ROBO-UNIT Delivery System will place the container exactly where the client wishes, always being respectful of the client’s property. Each solid-steel container is sturdy, weather-resistant, and breathable, yet also impregnable to pests. Capable of holding up to 8,000 pounds, each UNITS container has French-style doors for easy loading and comes equipped with an ETRACK Securing System to prevent valuables from shifting during transport.  
“We’re locally owned and operated, and we treat our clients like humans who have individual needs,” says Zach Gross, CFO and co-owner of UNITS of Bucks County. “The people who call us are not always in the best place; usually they’re in some sort of transition. Maybe they’re moving and have mismatched closing dates, maybe they’re getting a divorce, or maybe they’re in the middle of a home renovation. Whatever they’re dealing with, there’s going to be some level of stress involved. I always keep that in mind when I’m on the phone with someone. We always listen to our clients’ needs, and we try to personalize every transaction.”
For someone in need of storage involving the sale of a home, UNITS of Bucks County aims to de-stress the moving experience. Once a container is loaded and ready to go, UNITS of Bucks County will transport the container to the client’s new home, where it can be unpacked at the client’s leisure. If the closing dates do not quite line up, UNITS of Bucks County can store the client’s belongings in a secure and climate-controlled facility until move-in day.
“We do a lot of long-term storage,” Gross adds. “We have at least two containers that have been with us for more than a year now. A few movie producers come here because they’re going away for however long and want to keep their things safe. Other people who are in the process of moving keep their furniture here while they’re staging a house they’re looking to sell.
“We’re also seeing more people hire us when they’re having some remodeling done,” he continues. “Maybe they’re doing a construction-heavy remodel or are installing new flooring and need safe storage for a few weeks while the work is being completed. It doesn’t matter why people hire us; we’re flexible to their needs.”
Besides its containers’ durable design, Gross suggests UNITS of Bucks County is known for its prompt response and above-and-beyond customer service. The company also partners with local movers to provide moving and packing services.
“Flexibility and customer service are what we’re known for,” Gross adds. “Many times I’ll be texting with clients at 10 o’clock at night. I’m happy to do it, but I also think that kind of responsive service is what sets us apart.”
As for affordability, UNITS of Bucks County welcomes prospective clients to find out for themselves. The UNITS of Bucks County website,, provides a cost-comparison tool, by which anyone can compare the cost of its services with those of some of the biggest names in the moving-and-storage space.
“With us, people don’t have to worry about paying per day, so they’re not rushed on time,” Gross says. “Our containers are bigger and easier to access [than those of the competition], and the cleanliness and quality of the container is remarkable; people can be confident that their stuff is going to be safe and secure. If you have a question, just give us a call. We’re here to help.”
UNITS of Bucks County
219 Rittenhouse Circle
Bristol, PA 19007
(267) 362-4838
Photo courtesy of UNITS of Bucks County
Published (and copyrighted) in Suburban Life magazine, April 2023.