Turning to Stone
For homeowners eager to enhance the kitchen and other parts of the home, Colonial Marble & Granite offers an incomparable selection of natural stone, quartz, and so much more.
by Leigh Stuart

When beautifying a new kitchen with a new countertop, backsplash, or elegant cabinetry, homeowners prefer upgrades that will stand the test of time. With the many timeless options that are trending today, homeowners can customize a look that will ensure a space will remain stylish for years to come.

Where should a homeowner turn to evaluate their many options? Colonial Marble & Granite, which has locations in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware, provides an incomparable selection. Whether someone prefers a countertop made of durable, low-maintenance quartz or stunning natural stone, Colonial Marble & Granite’s professional designers and craftspeople specialize in transforming a dream into a reality.
“In terms of trends, there is so much to talk about,” shares Sandra Phillips, senior vice president of marketing and design with Colonial Marble & Granite. “For kitchens, there is stone to consider, color, styles, and more. One of the highlights we’ve been seeing lately involves people looking to expand kitchens to take a larger space within the home.”
In terms of color, white will always be a popular option, though Phillips suggests colors have begun trending toward warmer, natural tones. In cabinetry, for example, consumers are increasingly leaning towards lighter and darker wood options.  
“This allows for timeless, traditional style, but also leaves room for bold pops of color,” she adds. “One of the things with stone specifically is that we’re finding a lot of people are looking for statement pieces—that is, they want something on an island, for example, that makes a bold statement.”
Intelligently Designed
Many homeowners looking for an eye-catching option that requires little to no maintenance prefer quartz, an engineered stone as an option to natural stone. Colonial Marble & Granite recently launched its own bespoke line of quartz stone under the brand “Ammos,” which is the Greek word for sand.

“Colonial has worked closely with some of the top quartz manufacturers in the industry to curate its very own line of quartz that includes some of today’s top trending designs and colors,” Phillips says. “We’ve created an amazing collection and can’t wait to share it.”
Quartz offers many benefits, including its profound durability. It also has the capability to feature patterns and styles that closely resemble natural stone. Homeowners also appreciate its low maintenance profile.
“With natural stone, you have to seal it every six months or so,” Phillips adds. “While it isn’t severe, there is some maintenance to it. It’s really up to the preference of the homeowner.”
Colonial Marble & Granite’s 5,500-square-foot quartz showroom at its sprawling flagship location in King of Prussia features not only its Ammos brand, but also high-quality quartz from key partners such as Cambria, Cosentino, and MSI. There, customers can view full-sized slabs as opposed to the four-by-four-inch sample slabs offered by other purveyors. These full-sized slabs allow people to see the nuances and patterns throughout the entirety of each unique piece of quartz.
“In today’s world, it is amazing how far quartz has come,” she says. “There is even embossing available so the material not only looks but also feels like natural stone.”
Naturally Breathtaking
While quartz is beloved by homeowners across the country, natural stone is tough to top. The popularity of natural stones such as marble, granite, onyx, limestone, and soapstone is unrelenting.

“The kitchen is the heart of the home, and stone is at the center of that,” Phillips says. “There’s just nothing like natural stone. It is truly a one-of-a-kind product. One of the things Nikos [Papadopoulos, the company’s president] always says is it’s God’s art gallery.”
And if stone truly is art, then Colonial Marble & Granite’s stone yard—the largest in the entire Northeast, Phillips assures—is among the greatest museums one can find.
“Our amazing selection of imported stones from around the world sets us apart,” Phillips says. “Our design team and sales team want our customers to have a unique experience when they see it. It’s an unbelievable feast for the eyes when you go into the slab yard and look at all the different stones and everything we’ve brought together in one space. It’s an amazing experience. People leave feeling wowed, excited, and inspired.
“We see people who come in a little overwhelmed and who have a lot of ideas, maybe they’ve searched the internet and come up with lots of inspiration,” she continues. “Our staff is trained to look at every aspect of a project, so when a customer meets with one of our designers or professional staff, we can take that client through the process to find what they’re looking for and what fits their budget. Some people have one idea, but once they go through our yard, they’ve arrived at something completely different. We have thousands upon thousands of different stones, after all.”
Lighting is a key consideration, too.
“LED lighting can enhance the color and texture of any stone,” Phillips says. “With a stone like quartzite, you can actually put panels behind the stone that when illuminated change the look and feel of the stone while highlighting all the beautiful natural elements of that stone.”
Using quartz or stone as a backsplash has become quite popular, too. Even mixing quartz and natural stone is not unheard of.
Colonial Marble & Granite has built an unrivaled collection of options for kitchen counters and other home enhancements. Add in the company’s next-level design services and other supplemental offerings, and it is no wonder that homeowners throughout the region have turned to Colonial Marble & Granite to beautify their homes for 17 years and counting.
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Published (and copyrighted) in Suburban Life magazine, April 2023.