Cultivating a Five-Star Experience
Led by Dr. Michael and Inna Luciano, Healthy Solutions Medspa has built “an incredible team” of aesthetic professionals who treat patients in a culture of care, comfort, and respect.
by Erica Young

Patients from Bucks County and surrounding areas come to Healthy Solutions Medspa for a comprehensive menu of nonsurgical aesthetic procedures and anti-aging services. Some seek out the practice for cosmetic injectables or laser treatments, while others come for microneedling or body contouring through CoolSculpting. Yet others want to benefit from the practice’s specialized expertise in medical weight-loss services. 
No matter why patients come to Healthy Solutions Medspa, they receive treatment from a team of skilled care providers who have been cultivated and trained to help each individual achieve his or her goals. The practice’s creators, the husband-and-wife team of Michael Luciano, D.O., and Inna Luciano, lead the way. 
The Lucianos’ business partnership began 14 years ago, when Dr. Luciano was working for another physician as a board-certified physician specializing in preventive care. Their personal history goes back a bit farther. A couple for 20 years, Inna and Dr. Luciano are now celebrating 18 years of marriage. When they are not co-managing Healthy Solutions Medspa, they spend time at home with their two children—a 14-year-old daughter and a 12-year-old son—and a dog named Toby. 
“Before we decided to start Healthy Solutions Medspa, I would constantly hear stories about how much Michael’s patients loved working with him, so I kept urging him to open his own business to celebrate that care,” Inna recalls. “One day, I started looking for spaces and found the perfect location for us to open, and we’ve been growing ever since.”
Inna refers to Dr. Luciano as her best friend, and describes herself as his biggest cheerleader. 
“We’re there for each other, and we always have been since the day we met,” she adds. “He’s mellower and laidback, which is great for a physician, while I am more business focused. It allows him to be a great doctor and allows me to remain focused on the things I take pride in, like growing and nurturing our team and our business.”
Meanwhile, Dr. Luciano admires Inna’s tenacity and spirit. He credits her for launching Healthy Solutions Medspa, for keeping its daily operations running with precision, and for the transformation the practice has undergone since its founding. 
“She’s our risk taker,” says Dr. Luciano, the practice’s medical director. “She’s the one who came to me and said, ‘You can do this. Give yourself some credit.’ I married my wife for her beauty and friendship, but our relationship has evolved into a partnership of support. She’s a strong, motivated woman who continues to surprise me. She has a constant thirst for knowledge to get better. She’s the epitome of self-made and self-educated.
“I don’t know what her limit is because she continues to thrive and be better and better,” he continues. “I thought no one could outwork me—studying nonstop and shutting down libraries in college and med school—but I was wrong.”
The Lucianos’ propensity for teamwork and mutual respect has helped Healthy Solutions Medspa expand its mission and footprint. The practice has grown to two full-service medical spas—one in Ivyland and another in Furlong that opened two years ago—each offering the full range of nonsurgical aesthetic services delivered by a staff that is dedicated to compassionate care. 
“We’re not a hamster wheel, and we don’t churn out results,” says Dr. Luciano, who is dual board certified in family medicine and obesity medicine, with additional expert training in aesthetic medicine. “We interpret each patient visit to understand how we can optimize their results. Our team of skilled injectors and aestheticians are compassionate, personable, and highly trained to achieve the most desirable and natural outcomes in our patients.” 
Healthy Solutions Medspa has grown into “an incredible team” of 17, which includes four registered nurses, a physician assistant, and four medical aestheticians, as well as management and patient coordinators. Inna suggests the practice goes out of its way to “hire for the smile and the personality.” From there, the practice develops each individual through a high standard for training established by Dr. Luciano. 
“It’s rewarding to be part of the journey to help people feel more confident,” Inna adds. “As we continue to expand, it brings me joy to train and motivate our team members to become better every day. We provide a lot of training to make sure that everyone in our office is an expert in what they do until we are all confident that they can provide the best outcome for our patients.”
The Healthy Solutions Medspa staff takes pride in the hundreds of five-star reviews it has earned on Google, Facebook, and other high-profile websites. Each review tells a different iteration of the same story: a patient who came to Healthy Solutions Medspa seeking a pathway to self-improvement, and came away from the experience feeling better about how they look and feel, as well as cared for every step of the way. 
“When I look at the Google reviews, what I take most pride in is how the responses show our dedication to patient care,” says Inna. “Our patients share [details about] the people who they love to work with, whether it’s Dr. Luciano, a specific injector, one of our amazing aestheticians, or a patient coordinator. We love that when you read our reviews you get to know the team behind our office.”
With the Lucianos at the helm, Healthy Solutions Medspa continues to build on its reputation as a patient-centered practice. Each patient may be unique, but the staff strives to provide everyone who comes through the doors of either medspa location with the same exceptional experience—one that is rooted in trust, transparency, and results. 
“We’ve hand-selected a team that we are so happy and so proud of,” says Inna. “We treat everyone like family, and because of the way we’ve come together to fit our culture, we all care about the same thing: our patients, our outcomes, and delivering on the experience that we aim to provide. Our team is the best out there, and I think the relationships we have with our customers and patients reflect that.”
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Healthy Solutions Medspa is offering $50 off to first-time clients (products excluded). The offer, which applies to new clients only, will expire on Dec. 31, 2023.
Photo by Jody Robinson
Published (and copyrighted) in Suburban Life magazine, July 2023.