Doc Bresler’s Cavity Busters
Nurturing Smiles, Building Community
by Staff

In 1982, Dr. David A. Bresler embarked on a journey to make children’s dental visits a positive experience. With his vision of exceptional patient care and a welcoming environment, he founded Doc Bresler’s Cavity Busters, a pediatric dental practice that would soon become a beloved institution. Fast forward to today, and the legacy of Cavity Busters lives on, now under the able stewardship of Dr. David’s children, Drs. Josh, Jason, and Rachel, all pediatric dentists.

While the Bresler family’s dedication to dental care is remarkable, their incredible team breathes life into their mission. The heart of Cavity Busters is its staff, a diverse group of professionals who share a passion for nurturing smiles and building a stronger, healthier community.
Patients First
“Our first responsibility is to our patients,” Dr. Josh emphasizes. This mantra reverberates through every aspect of Cavity Busters’ operations. The staff is committed to providing exceptional patient care and excellent customer service, ensuring that each patient’s visit is nothing short of exceptional.

Walk into a Cavity Busters office and you’ll find an environment designed to put patients at ease. From the cheerful waiting room to the friendly dental chairs, every detail is crafted to make children feel comfortable. “Every interaction with our patients will be marked by integrity and compassion,” adds Dr. Rachel. To the Cavity Busters team, each patient is like family, deserving of the utmost care.
Excellence in Action
For the Cavity Busters team, excellence is the standard. They strive for the highest quality in everything they do. “Our commitment to quality is non-negotiable,” says Dr. Jason, emphasizing their dedication to the craft. Their smiles, warm welcomes, and unwavering professionalism ensure that patients’ needs and expectations are not just met but exceeded.

Each team member understands that their role is vital in delivering top-notch patient care. From the dental assistants who work tirelessly to keep patients comfortable to the hygienists who educate families on preventive care, a team effort ensures that Cavity Busters’ mission thrives.
Valuing the Team
Recognizing the essential contributions of their staff, the Bresler family fosters an environment of fairness and mutual respect. “We value and respect the dignity and contributions of each team member,” Dr. Josh explains. This sense of respect and appreciation keeps the Cavity Busters team motivated and dedicated.

The commitment to their growth and development extends beyond words. “We provide appropriate opportunities for professional advancement,” Dr. Rachel notes. The Bresler family actively encourages team members to share ideas and suggestions for improvement, regardless of their position within the organization. They uphold equal opportunity for employment and pride themselves on offering competent, ethical, and developmentally oriented leadership.
Community Engagement
The Bresler family acknowledges their responsibility to the communities they serve. As good citizens, they actively support charitable causes and engage in philanthropy, embodying their commitment to social responsibility. Their involvement extends to initiatives that promote improved health practices and education in their community.

One of their most significant endeavors is creating educational initiatives that raise awareness of oral health, nurturing a whole generation of kids who look forward to going to the dentist. Through these efforts, they are not just building smiles but also building a stronger, healthier community.
As the Cavity Busters team and the Bresler family continue their journey, their unwavering commitment to their patients, staff, and community remains a guiding light. They prove that a dental practice can be more than just a place for check-ups—it can be a place where smiles are nurtured, where community matters, and where everyone feels like family.
Doc Bresler’s Cavity Busters is always growing and looking to add great people to its staff. Contact to inquire about joining the practice.
Doc Bresler’s Cavity Busters has office locations in Doylestown, Dresher, Jenkintown, Newtown Square, Northeast Philadelphia and Lower Northeast Philadelphia, Roxborough, and South Philadelphia, as well as four Brace Busters locations, and Red Lion Surgicenter and Special Touch Dentistry, both in Philadelphia. For more information, visit or call (215) 543-5555.
Photo by Jeff Anderson
Published (and copyrighted) in Suburban Life, September 2023.