A Light to Guide You Home
Realtor Lynise Caruso uses decades of market knowledge and an intimate understanding of each client’s wants and needs to help buyers and sellers achieve their goals.
by Matt Cosentino

Whether it’s her Midwestern roots, her upbringing, or simply a byproduct of working in a service-based industry for the past two decades, Lynise Caruso is a people person. While she excels in areas such as marketing, negotiating, and other “hard skills” prized among Realtors, Lynise loves nothing more than connecting with clients and being a guiding light on their journey to buying a home.  



“A home is the largest gift you’re ever going to buy yourself,” says the affable Lynise, a hands-on Realtor with Keller Williams Main Line in Ardmore. “You really get to find out what their wants and needs are, and you help walk them through the realistic part versus the dream, such as things they can fix, things they can’t, why location is so important. To do well in this field, you need to know people’s quirks, what their hobbies are, how old their kids are. You don’t get that unless you’re spending time with them.”
That personal philosophy may explain why Lynise boasts a 90 percent referral rate, with clients who are quick to recommend her to friends and family members in the market for a home. With 20 years of experience, she focuses much of her business on the Main Line, but also works in Delaware, Montgomery, and Chester counties; she has sold the occasional home in Philadelphia and Bucks County, too.
Lynise assists buyers and sellers alike, but in the current chaotic market, it is the former category that is particularly in need of her expertise. She is happy to share her breadth of knowledge with all clients.
“I believe everyone deserves to have a house—it doesn’t matter what the price range is,” she says. “My lender is always shocked that I’m just as excited to work with the $250,000 client as the $2 million client. That’s important to me.”
Those buyers need plenty of direction in today’s market, given the challenging headwinds—namely, low inventory and high interest rates. Lynise leads each client through the intricacies of writing an offer and otherwise improving the likelihood of obtaining a home that “checks all the boxes” in terms of lifestyle, location, and intangibles.
“The market changes so fast, so getting everybody educated on what the market is right now is valuable,” she says. “Buyers want everything to be updated; they don’t want to have to fix anything, they don’t want to paint walls, and they want the right price. But that just doesn’t exist in any house. That’s why I have to walk them through how it works and be firm but gentle.”
Lynise understands that she has to work harder than ever before to get results for her clients. She has even asked them to identify streets or neighborhoods they like and knocked on doors in those areas to see if the owners were interested in selling. Several listings have resulted from such out-of-the-box tactics.
The ultimate goal is a satisfied client, which is why she always rises to the occasion.
“It’s a very hard job, but it’s a very rewarding job,” she says. “When you find that house for that buyer and you see their ‘wow face’—that’s what I call it—it melts my heart. That’s what I’m looking for, and we will find it, it just might take a little longer in this market.”
Lynise will always have a deep affinity for her hometown of Chicago, but she considers herself fortunate to have lived so long in the Philadelphia area, where lush, hilly landscapes are common and the beautiful stonework on homes is a sight to behold. “You don’t have that anywhere else in the country,” she says.
Working for a progressive office like Keller Williams Main Line, operated by renowned Realtor Mike McCann, also aligns perfectly with her approach to real estate.
“I love being independent and having a group of brokers who build my business so it builds their business, not the other way around,” she says. “It’s the best environment ever. Mike is the most motivating, grateful, happy, and supportive person. He’s so inspirational, and there’s nobody like him.”
Lynise Caruso
Keller Williams Main Line
(610) 564-2102

Photo by Nina Lea Photography
Published (and copyrighted) in Suburban Life, September 2023.