A Change for the Better
Robin F. Bond, Esq., the founder of Transition Strategies LLC, empowers and uplifts clients who face bullying, intimidation, and other challenges in the workplace.
by Bill Donahue

Robin F. Bond, Esq., wants to believe the best about everyone. She also acknowledges the potential for darkness, cruelty, and deception, the aftereffects of which she witnesses every day through her work as an employment attorney.  



“The bullying in the world today we see as adults is an extension of the typical high school bully,” says Bond, the founder of Transition Strategies LLC, a law firm based in Chesterbrook. “You have cyber bullying on social media and bullying in the workplace, where an employer is trying to intimidate or hurt an employee with bogus performance issues or targeting their personality as a way to force their hand. It’s wrong and it’s unnecessary, and it needs to be addressed head on.”
Bond specializes in complex employment matters, including executive compensation, discrimination claims, and wrongful termination, as well as performance coaching and the negotiation of job offers and severance agreements. Her guidance has helped countless clients avoid painful mistakes that could weaken their financial position or even derail their future employment prospects.
Those who contend with workplace challenges bear a heavy burden. For some, the stress becomes so unbearable that it negatively affects their health, their relationships, and nearly every other aspect of their lives. Bond’s goal: to “change the world” by helping executives and other clients regain a sense of equilibrium after struggling with difficult workplace circumstances so they can make informed decisions and move forward in their careers.
“The people who are doing the bullying will say X when they really mean Y, and that can be very disorienting to the people who are being bullied,” she says. “People need guidance so they can understand what to believe and what not to believe. Instead of honestly saying, ‘We’re not a good fit’ and then giving a generous severance package, which is the right thing to do, these people will attack the essence of your being, hoping you’ll quit and leave.
“It’s a cruel game, and I want to change the world by helping people put an end to it,” she continues. “I always try to avoid litigation. My goal is to help clients, but also to convince human resources departments and others who are in positions of power that they need to be practitioners of a healing art. If I can help them make that change, I’ll know I will have made a difference.”
Her efforts to help extend to How to Negotiate a Killer Job Offer, the 2013 book she wrote to “level the playing field” for readers on uncertain footing in the workplace. Whether it’s through her book or through her practice, Bond strives to help each constituent take positive steps forward, either by procuring a new job or by creating a more palatable situation at their current job.
“I critically analyze the facts and look to see where the employer has jumped from Point A to Point C without considering Point B,” she says. “Is the employer acting in a disparate manner? Is my client being treated fairly? If not, the employer needs to justify why. I look at the ‘carrots’ and the ‘sticks.’ The employer has probably used plenty of sticks, but there had better be recognition of the carrots the employee has delivered, too.”
Bond has had a remarkable year so far. For example, she expanded her practice to become “of counsel” to Homans Peck LLC, a Wayne-based employment litigation law firm. She also earned “Power Women” and “Top Attorney” honors from Main Line Today and Suburban Life, respectively. While she appreciates the acknowledgment, she just wants to apply her time and talents to helping people who are mired in employment-related situations that often leave them confused and unmoored, if not powerless.
Bond may speak softly, but she carries a big stick herself.  
“I’m here to help people reclaim their power,” she adds. “I have seen people make just about every mistake you can make, and I’ve helped them into a better, more comfortable situation. I can help people avoid those mistakes in the first place and get to the other side of whatever challenge they face and be in a better position than when they first contacted me.”
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Photo by Jody Robinson
Published (and copyrighted) in Suburban Life, September 2023.