The Natural Choice
Through timeless stone, cabinetry, and other key renovation elements, Colonial Marble & Granite transforms homes into inspired living spaces that leave a lasting impression.
by Bill Donahue

Before hiring someone to renovate a kitchen, a master bathroom, or some other key aspect of the home, Sandra Phillips has just one recommendation for homeowners throughout the Delaware Valley: “Come to one place where you can get everything done under one roof.”

The “one place” she has in mind: the King of Prussia showroom of Colonial Marble & Granite, which she serves as executive vice president of sales, marketing, and design. She may be biased, of course, but she knows her company has earned its place as one of the region’s leading destinations—if not the destination—for high-quality stone and just about every aspect of a home renovation.
“There are a thousand different directions you can take with a renovation, and stone should be at the heart of it,” says Phillips, who came to Colonial Marble & Granite with an extensive background in high-end residential and commercial design in Manhattan. “When you’re looking to renovate a kitchen, having a vision matters. If you don’t have a vision, that’s OK; we’ll walk you through what the possibilities look like. We can take you through the journey of stone, because stone can take a unique space and transform it into something that is truly amazing.”
Journey is an appropriate word for anyone who visits the sprawling stone yard at Colonial Marble & Granite’s flagship location. The stone yard features thousands of natural stone slabs that have been honed over the millennia, and carefully carved out of the earth in distant lands. It’s an opportunity to connect with something that is both ancient and timeless.
“If you’re walking through the stone yard with someone from our design team, you’re going to find something that inspires you,” Phillips says. “It’s almost like you’re going back in time and visiting all these other countries where the stone came from. You’ll never get the same stone twice. Each stone is unique in terms of its color and veining and other distinctive characteristics, and it’s like owning a piece of history no one else has ever seen before or will see again. It’s nature’s art.”
Phillips says Colonial Marble & Granite President Nikos Papadopoulos deserves full credit for the deftly curated selection. Papadopoulos selects each stone by hand for optimal color, veining, and overall impressiveness. In addition to natural stone, Colonial Marble & Granite offers a wide selection of American-made quartz slabs, known for their high quality and low-maintenance profile.
“We’re here to help you do much more than find the right stone,” Phillips adds. “If you’re doing a fireplace and want it bookmatched, we can do that. If you want to see what the edge profile will look like in that space, we can do that, too. If you want to apply leathering to the surface so it has a more textured feel, or if you prefer a polished or matte look, we can take you through the different options for fabricating the stone and bring it to life. For jobs large and small, so there’s no renovation we would not approach.”
Phillips cites a recent job in Berwyn, in which the homeowners hired Colonial Marble & Granite to completely transform their home. The job encompassed the kitchen, three bathrooms, and a living-room fireplace, as well as an outdoor kitchen and an in-house bar. The design team worked closely with the homeowners to curate all the stone for a truly stunning finished result.
Colonial Marble & Granite specializes in much more than awe-inspiring stone: cabinetry, tile selections, hardware, flooring, backsplashes, and the design services needed to tie all the disparate elements together. Because the company has evolved to handle virtually every aspect of a home renovation, it has effectively eliminated the need to coordinate different aspects of a renovation with multiple vendors.
In other words, Colonial Marble & Granite has become a single source capable of transforming a possibility into a reality. Phillips welcomes homeowners to tour Colonial Marble & Granite’s King of Prussia showroom, which is in a state of constant reinvention and expansion. The company recently expanded its tile showroom by another 4,000 square feet, for example, while its kitchen center added to its already comprehensive lineup of vendors, now able to offer everything from builder-grade options to luxuriant selections for custom homes.
“The options are endless with us, so if you can dream it we can make it,” Phillips adds. “We’re the best at what we do. We have the largest stone yard in the Northeast, where everything is handled under one roof. If you can’t find what you’re looking for here, you’re not going to find it anywhere.”
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Photo by Jody Robinson
Published (and copyrighted) in Suburban Life, September 2023.