The Stars Align
Led by Drs. Cathleen George and Jordan Cogan, CG Orthodontics strives to perfect each patient’s smile in an atmosphere of comfort, convenience, and continual improvement.
by Bill Donahue

Some people who have received orthodontic treatment recall the experience as inconvenient, intrusive, and occasionally painful—a rite of passage they would rather erase from memory. At CG Orthodontics, however, people of all ages seem genuinely excited about orthodontics, because the team led by Cathleen George, D.M.D., and Jordan Cogan, D.M.D., has worked hard to make the process of enhancing the aesthetics, function, and overall health of the smile more enjoyable than ever.

“We’re straightening teeth, but we’re doing much more than that,” says Dr. George, the founder of CG Orthodontics, which has offices in Richboro and Yardley. “We’ve worked very hard to make our experience more accessible, and people have really responded to that. Because of that we have people who are able to work with us from all over. No matter where they are, we have options to help them.”
The clinicians of CG Orthodontics provide orthodontic care for children, teens, and adults; in fact, adults now account for as much as 30 percent of the practice’s patient base. Treatment options include Invisalign clear plastic aligners, which gently and gradually shift teeth into place to create the perfect smile, as well as traditional wire-and-bracket braces and clear braces.
Regardless of the mode of treatment, CG Orthodontics strives to deliver the best possible experience for each patient. State-of-the-art equipment and technology intended to facilitate positive patient outcomes, such as digital scanners and super-high-quality imaging, help the clinical team make precise decisions in treatment planning.
“Education is a big part of what Dr. Cogan and I do,” Dr. George says. “Whether it’s one of us or a member of our highly trained staff, we like to educate patients about what’s needed to help them realize their goals, and we’re always available to answer questions. Everything we do is designed to make them feel like part of the family.”
She cites the practice’s prioritization of patient convenience. In addition to in-office visits, CG Orthodontics offers virtual orthodontic consultations to facilitate treatment for patients throughout the tri-state area, as well as from New York City and even farther afield. The practice has streamlined patient communication through texting capabilities with front-office staff.
Drs. George and Cogan can also monitor a patient’s progress through a smartphone app called Grin. Patients who use the app receive notifications based on their prescribed treatment plan, and will then use the scope to film short, high-resolution videos of their teeth and orthodontia. The app delivers those videos directly to Drs. George and Cogan for prompt review.
“Being there for the patients is the best part of the job, and how we define that has changed over the years; patients can interact with us in ways that 10 years ago would have been impossible,” Dr. Cogan adds. “It may sound simple, but we’re a practice that follows the Golden Rule: We treat people the way we would want to be treated. We keep that mindset at the forefront of everything we do.”
Drs. Cogan and George split their time between the original office in Richboro and its sister location in Yardley, which opened in 2020. While they have no definitive expansion plans in mind, Dr. George says the practice will strive to reach patients “wherever they need us.”
CG Orthodontics has undergone quite a transformation since 2020. As they reflect on the past few years, Drs. Cogan and George feel privileged to play a part in improving their patients’ lives, grateful for the trust patients have given them, and pleased with how the practice has grown and adapted to meet patients’ needs.
“Our goal is to treat all our patients like family; we enjoy getting to know them, and we want them to get to know us,” Dr. George adds. “From the technology we use, to the people we have on staff, to the many conveniences we offer, we have always tried to make the patient experience as comfortable and enjoyable as possible—and that’s never going to change.”
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Published (and copyrighted) in Suburban Life, October 2023.