A Perfect Pairing
Already a highly successful Realtor on her own, Erica Deuschle saw her career soar to new heights when she and her husband Dave joined forces to lead a flourishing team.
by Matt Cosentino

Real estate has become known as an ideal career for busy parents because it offers the flexibility that other jobs don’t have. When Erica Deuschle entered the field in 2009, just a few months after becoming a mother, choosing when to work was a luxury she simply could not afford.  

“I learned how to work and be a mom at the same time,” she says. “There really was no flexibility, because we were essentially just starting out so we needed the money. Looking back, it was very difficult. I didn’t have the financial option to say no, or that’s too far, or that’s too low of a listing. I did anything and everything I could to get myself on the map.”
Her take-all-comers approach reaped quick dividends, both personally and professionally. Not only has her family continued to thrive over the years—she and her husband Dave now have three children—but her career has kept soaring to new heights.
Today Erica is known as the No. 2 individual listing agent in Delaware County, with $150 million sold in 2022. Her team, Erica Deuschle & Co. Real Estate Team at Keller Williams Main Line, is considered the No. 2 large team in the state.
The main reason behind her success is no secret, according to her husband.
“She genuinely cares about all of the clients that she works with, and it shows,” Dave says. “It’s real and people can feel it. That’s a big part of why she’s so successful. People refer her without any hesitation.”
Erica’s ability to connect with people helped her real estate career flourish almost as soon as it began. Approximately eight years ago, she reached a point where she needed to ask for Dave’s help. To alleviate some of the stress she was facing due to heightened demand, he left his job as a contractor, obtained his real estate license, and came on board.
The harmonious partnership they enjoy at home has carried over. “We’re blessed because we’re best friends,” Erica says.
Their skill sets also complement one another. While she is able to build meaningful relationships and determine clients’ needs with precision, he has a particular knack for organization.
“Her car was her office, and there were folders and papers everywhere,” he says with a laugh. “She was really starting to take off at that point, and I felt like some of the systems I was able to put in place allowed for the growth that followed the next couple of years.”
The team’s growth attracted the interest of renowned Realtor Mike McCann. As McCann was assembling the Keller Williams Main Line ownership team and seeking to build it with the best and brightest in the area, adding Erica was a no-brainer. She was able to assume an ownership stake that has allowed her to recruit and take other agents under her wing.
“I saw the industry changes coming,” she says, “and I wanted to be with a company that was more forward-thinking and open to change, not as corporate.”
As for their own team, each of the Deuschles has further honed their skills to give clients the best assistance possible. The couple has also entered into the market themselves, having acquired several fixer-uppers that they have turned into investment properties. Erica is excited about partnerships she has developed with home builders as well, with multiple projects on the horizon in Tredyffrin Township.
Outside of work, the Deuschles remain busy with their own family, but that doesn’t stop them from dedicating time to worthwhile causes in their hometown of Haverford and in Ocean City, New Jersey, where they spend their summers.
As for their future in real estate, the Deuschles have goals for more growth in mind. It’s difficult to make predictions in real estate, but they are counting on one certainty: They will continue to support each other through whatever comes next.
“I’m the driver, so I’m always striving for more and more,” Erica says. “That’s why Dave and I make a good team, because he keeps me grounded. I’d like to grow our numbers, I’d like to buy more investment properties. These are things I think we will do over time, but we are definitely taking a slow-and-steady approach. We always say we are blessed to have good instincts, and we’ve made good decisions, whether it’s for an investment property, a team member, or a business decision. We work well together.”
Erica Deuschle & Co. Real Estate Team at Keller Williams Main Line
Keller Williams Main Line
6 Coulter Ave., 2nd Floor
Ardmore, PA 19003
(610) 608-2570
Photo by Dave Apple
Published (and copyrighted) in Suburban Life, November 2023.