Masters of Their Craft
As a maker of bespoke cabinets known for superior quality and flawless craftsmanship, Master Design Cabinetry offers invaluable guidance to homeowners who have renovations on their minds.
by Bill Donahue

Mark King grew up on a dairy farm, which included a small wood shop where his father taught him the timeless art of woodworking. King’s early experiences blossomed into a career in which he aspired to design and build custom cabinetry of unsurpassed quality and artistry.

Since May 2021, King has been a designer for Master Design Cabinetry in East Earl, Pennsylvania. Every day he gets to collaborate and create, using skills honed over the years to design artisan-made cabinets that are uniquely tailored to homeowners’ lifestyles and living spaces.  
“Homeowners who appreciate the value of quality and attention to detail consider custom cabinetry the best option in terms of craftsmanship and functionality,” says King, who has been in the custom cabinetry industry for the last 17 years. “Our cabinets are one of a kind, and homeowners appreciate the fact that they are so involved in customizing these cabinets to their space and design specifications.”
King likes to use his expertise to educate homeowners about all of their options, not just custom cabinetry. Stock and semi-custom options each offer distinct advantages—and disadvantages—in terms of style, budget, and overall quality.
“Stock is the most budget-friendly option because it is mass produced using low-cost materials, but it is very limited in terms of the designs, finishes, and accessories available,” King explains. “Semi-custom is a mid-range option, in that it gives homeowners more choices in regard to colors and door styles, and most of the time it’s an affordable option. On the other hand, semi-custom cabinets tend to have significant limitations in sizing, and there are also varying degrees of quality.”
In comparison, Master Design Cabinetry’s bespoke creations are made of North American plywood, with solid-wood sides, doors, and drawer fronts—in other words, materials of superior quality designed to produce elegant, long-lasting results.
Driven by the motto, “If you can dream it, we can create it,” Master Design Cabinetry gives homeowners “complete control” over the process of bringing their vision to life—from the size and design of the cabinets, to the materials used, to the finish and accessories. In-depth consultations provide opportunities for further customization with unique features and storage solutions that will enhance a homeowner’s lifestyle, such as charging drawers, appliance garages, and pull-out trashcans.
King offers a few words of advice to homeowners who deem custom cabinetry a worthwhile investment: When vetting prospective cabinetmakers, consider their design team’s years of experience and willingness to involve the homeowner, from the initial consultation to the final day of installation.
“Our experience level is one of the things that set us apart,” he says. “All of the designers bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to their designs with various backgrounds as shop owners, installers, and so much more. Our specific focus is to make sure the job is handled well from start to finish, and to do whatever we can to give customers a first-class experience.”
Founded by Amos Stoltzfus, Master Design Cabinetry, a fully custom cabinetry company, primarily serves the Mid-Atlantic area, including New York, D.C., eastern Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, and Delaware. The company’s installers travel a two- to three-hour radius from its headquarters near Lancaster, and is increasingly building cabinets nationwide.
King welcomes homeowners to learn more by visiting Master Design Cabinetry’s showroom in East Earl, west of Morgantown, in the heart of Lancaster County. Home to some of the world’s most talented artists, builders, and makers of artisanal goods, the region has earned its reputation as a cradle of exceptional craftsmanship. King says Master Design Cabinetry is proud to carry on that tradition.
“Having clients come to the showroom tends to shorten the design process,” he adds. “It’s a lot easier for homeowners to make selections when they can see in person all the different options available. If that’s not feasible, we can always jump on a video call to have those conversations. If there’s anything we can do to personalize the experience and engage [homeowners] in the process, we’re committed to doing it.”
Master Design Cabinetry
1564 Main Street, Suite 507
East Earl, PA 17519
(610) 273-2212
Master Design Cabinetry recommends visiting the company’s website, which compares and explains the benefits of custom options to help homeowners determine if custom cabinetry is right for them.
Photo courtesy of Master Design Cabinetry
Published (and copyrighted) in Suburban Life, December 2023.