A Family Tradition
Dr. Irina Frolov of Miracle Dental Center is proud to have her son and niece follow her example of delivering advanced dental procedures in a compassionate manner.
by Matt Cosentino

Irina Frolov, D.D.S., the founder of Miracle Dental Center in Feasterville-Trevose, has made it a priority to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to offering advanced dental procedures and adopting the latest technology to enhance patient care. In that regard, she could not be more pleased with the strides her practice has made in the past year. There is another aspect of the business that delights her even more: having her family by her side as they strive together to give their loyal patients the compassionate care they deserve.
Not only does Dr. Frolov have the expertise of her husband, Igor, in running the day-to-day operations, but their son, Alex Tyurin, D.D.S., has emerged as a skilled surgeon who can handle even the most complex procedures. Yet another family member, Iryna Tomaieva, is a former dental assistant who has since become a first-year dental student at Temple University Kornberg School of Dentistry in Philadelphia. Tomaieva intends to rejoin the practice as a doctor when she completes her education.
“I’m so, so proud, you can’t even imagine,” Dr. Frolov says. “Alex was raised to be a dentist, and Iryna was, too. I’m very proud of their careers. We are already a family practice, and we’re going to expand on that by adding Iryna in the future. We are growing not only technologically, but as a [practitioner of] family dentistry.”
Dr. Frolov was inspired by her grandmother, also a dentist, to enter the field. Now that the next generation has followed in her footsteps, she is passing along her own credo of providing “modern dentistry in gentle hands.”
“So many people are afraid of the dentist, but they need oral hygiene care, so we do our best to accommodate everyone, decrease patient anxiety, and increase patient comfort,” adds Dr. Tyurin. “That’s where the motto of ‘gentle hands’ comes into play. Patients really appreciate it when you’re not manhandling them or being overly aggressive.”
Patient care has always been the core principle for Miracle Dental Center. The entire team—from the front desk to the hygienists and doctors—demonstrates compassion with their commitment to continuous improvement. Recent upgrades include the newest CT scans available, an advanced intra-oral scanner, the option for sedation, and the ability to perform root canals much less invasively than in the past.
“We’re enhancing the patient experience in more ways than one,” Dr. Tyurin says. “We’re offering everything from basic fillings, cleanings, and checkups, to full-mouth restorations. It’s an amazing time for our practice and an amazing time for our patients as well. They really appreciate everything that we’re doing for them.
“We try to keep everything in house,” he continues, “because one of the biggest complaints a dentist can hear from a patient is that they had to shuttle from our office to a specialist’s office and back here again. We try to minimize that in any way we can, because patients get comfortable with a certain doctor and a specific location.”
Dental implants have become a common procedure as well. Miracle Dental Center’s “Smile in a Day, Teeth in a Day” program enables patients who have teeth beyond repair or no teeth at all can have their smile restored in short order.
“In the past, it could take several months or as long as a few years to have a restored smile,” Dr. Tyurin says. “Now we have the advancements, the technology, and the skill sets to be able to offer this type of major surgical procedure. It transforms the patient’s life in one day.”
Tomaieva is a frequent visitor to the office, and having access to her family’s practice is invaluable as she delves further into her training. When Drs. Frolov and Tyurin are performing different surgical procedures, it’s quite common for Tomaieva to be looking over their shoulders and absorbing as much knowledge as she can.  
“Not many dental practices in the area can offer this range of procedures,” Tomaieva says. “It’s good for me as a future professional to see all of the advanced technologies they have implemented already. It leads to faster and better patient outcomes.”
Ultimately, the transformation that occurs when a patient receives a healthier, better-functioning, and aesthetically pleasing smile is the reason Tomaieva wants to join the family business.
“Seeing dentistry from an assistant’s point of view allowed me to realize that this is the career path I want to pursue, and that I want to go to grad school and join the practice of my family and work alongside my aunt and my cousin,” she says. “They’re both very skilled dentists, and I’m sure I can learn a lot from them once I graduate from school.
“The biggest part that influenced my decision,” she continues, “was how you can improve someone’s health but also restore their confidence in themselves, and how you can develop meaningful relationships with the patients. That’s what the practice is all about, and why many patients come back and bring their families and friends. That’s the really rewarding side of this profession.”
Tomaieva’s imminent addition to the clinical team means that Miracle Dental Center will only continue to grow and influence more patients in Bucks County and beyond. Dr. Frolov, who also offers Invisalign as an alternative to braces, along with Botox and other fillers, says she is open to the idea of having multiple offices.
“In the future, we will definitely consider it, but we want to expand our existing location,” Dr. Frolov says. “We have a huge building and we can add five more chairs, an orthodontist’s room, and an endodontist’s room. So we would like to finish this location first, and then open some more in the future. It’s an exciting time for us.”
Miracle Dental Center
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Photo by Alison Dunlap
Published (and copyrighted) in Suburban Life, December 2023