Mastering the Art of Patient Care
When new patients come to CG Orthodontics for treatment, they discover a dynamic experience rooted in comfort, convenience, and attention to detail
by Bill Donahue

Few people can say they genuinely look forward to receiving clinical care of any sort. Add in longer-than-anticipated wait times, staff turnover, and uninspired office settings, and the task becomes an exercise in existential dread. 
Cathleen George, D.M.D., aimed to upend that paradigm when she founded CG Orthodontics, which has two Bucks County offices. Led by Dr. George and fellow orthodontist Jordan Cogan, D.M.D., CG Orthodontics has cultivated a seasoned clinical team devoted to perfecting the art of the patient experience.
“Our primary goal is to improve our patients’ smiles, but how we go about doing that involves a lot more than straightening someone’s teeth,” says Dr. George. “Whether someone is coming to one of our offices for treatment or they are communicating with us remotely, we’ve worked very hard to create the best possible patient experience so they always feel valued, appreciated, and taken care of.” 
While orthodontics is most commonly associated with children and teenagers, adults account for as much as one-third of CG Orthodontics’ patient base. Treatment options include traditional wire-and-bracket braces and clear braces, as well as Invisalign clear plastic aligners, which create the perfect smile by gently and gradually shifting a patient’s teeth into alignment.
Regardless of the mode of treatment, CG Orthodontics employs state-of-the-art equipment and technology intended to facilitate positive patient outcomes—namely, digital scanners and super-high-quality imaging to guide clinicians’ decisions in treatment planning. The practice also utilizes a smartphone app called Grin, which enables Drs. George and Cogan to monitor a patient’s progress remotely. Patients who use the app receive notifications based on their prescribed treatment plan, and will then use the scope attachment to film short, high-resolution videos of their teeth and orthodontia on a biweekly or monthly basis. The app delivers those videos directly to Drs. George and Cogan for prompt review to make sure the patient’s treatment is going according to plan. It’s a huge convenience for patients, whether they’re coming from somewhere in the tri-state area, or from New York City and beyond.
“Spending time with patients is the thing we like best about this job, but the ways in which we spend time with them has changed a bit,” says Dr. Cogan. “We understand that life can get busy and people have a lot of obligations, so we want our patients to be able to interact with us beyond coming directly into one of our offices. We’re happy to help them however, wherever, and whenever they need us. No matter how they’re interacting with us, we’re always going to go out of our way to be efficient and to treat them the way we would want to be treated.”
Grin is emblematic of CG Orthodontics’ commitment to patient convenience. For other evidence of this commitment, consider the ways in which the practice has streamlined patient communication; texting capabilities with front-office staff enable patients to ask questions or share concerns, schedule appointments, and receive detailed instructions for home care. In addition, CG Orthodontics accepts most major insurance plans and works with patients to maximize their benefits. The practice also offers flexible financing that can be tailored to a patient’s needs.  
When evaluating the patient experience, one can’t overlook the importance of place. Both of CG Orthodontics’ offices—the original in Richboro and its sister in Yardley, the latter of which opened in 2020—are a study in elegant design. When patients visit either office, they enter a soothing space in which they feel welcome and valued. Comforting touches including spacious operatories, an abundance of natural light, and complementary video games in the waiting area for kids—or possibly young-at-heart adults—to play before and after appointments. 
“Everything we’ve done with this practice is designed to make life a little better for our patients and their families,” Dr. George adds. “No matter their age, background, or how long they’ll be coming to see us for treatment, we want to make sure they feel appreciated and prioritized. We do that both formally, through appreciation events, and informally, because it’s who we are as a team.” 
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Photo by Violetta B Photography
Published (and copyrighted) in Suburban Life magazine, January 2024.