Extraordinary Expertise for Unprecedented Times
Even amid challenging market conditions, Keller Williams broker-owner Terese Brittingham specializes in helping buyers, sellers, and aspiring real estate agents live happily ever after in Montgomery County and beyond.
by Erica Young

With the beginning of new year comes the desire for change. For many homeowners—or, in the case of first-time buyers, would-be homeowners—the desire for change includes a new address. Some understandably have their sights set on Montgomery County, which abounds with desirable towns and neighborhoods. The challenge, given recent shifts in market dynamics, comes in finding the right home, at the right time, and the right price.
Getting the stars to align requires the expertise of a seasoned professional like Terese Brittingham, who has been a force in local real estate for 30 years. 
“This really is an unprecedented market,” says Brittingham, a broker-owner of Keller Williams Realty Group in Collegeville. “Even still, it’s a market that my team and I have the tools and expertise to tackle, and it’s led to us building relationships with our clients that last.”
Brittingham’s mother worked as a Realtor in the Philadelphia area, so in a way she grew up in the industry. Real estate is in her DNA, and her three decades of experience have made her adaptable and resilient, representing homes in the range of a few hundred thousand dollars to $5 million or more. Even so, she approaches each new client driven by the notion that past performance does not predict future success. In other words, she takes nothing for granted.
“There is so much pent-up buyer demand, combined with an extreme lack of inventory,” she adds. “Even if we get an influx of listings and builders start releasing more product, there’s so much demand that it can be hard to fill the need. It makes for a very emotional process for our customers. It’s a different kind of buyer’s remorse. People want to buy a house, they have the money, but they cannot find a place. And people come to us when they’re tired of living with a constant bidding war.”
Brittingham has seen many prospective buyers at their wit’s end, contemplating whether to keep moving forward or simply throw in the towel and wait for market conditions to calm. With her guidance, those individuals often see their fortunes reverse.
“Interest rates are a constant conversation, and we hear people say that they’ll wait for rates to come down to the level of 2019, but that’s not expected to ever happen again,” says Brittingham. “All the challenges aside, this is a good time to buy, because real estate increases in value, both traditionally and historically. You can always refinance later, when and if rates go down, but if you can increase your personal wealth through real estate, there’s no better time to start than now.”
So what do you do when you’re ready to invest but can’t seem to find the right home in which to invest? Brittingham and her team at Keller Williams have spent decades serving the needs of buyers and sellers in and around Montgomery County. In that time, they have earned a reputation for excellence and a growing population of satisfied clients. 
“We work every day at real estate,” Brittingham says. “We are learning and reading and studying, working with our customers and learning every day. We are very adaptable to any marketplace and any buyer or seller situation. The people we’re bringing onto the team have big goals and big dreams, and they want to build a big career and big life. We believe that sets us apart because we’re all working constantly together to find inventory and to promote our sales.”
The result: an abundance of industry expertise that serves as a “rising tide to lift all boats,” improving the experience on both sides of the bargaining table. 
“We have been through so many different transactions in our 30 years and have built a solid reputation among our peers and our neighbors,” she adds. “They trust that we’ll bring a good offer to the table, and that trust translates into good results for our clients.”
Of course, the level of trust and support extends to sellers, who face many of the same headwinds as buyers, because most sellers also need to find a new home after they put theirs on the market. In her 30 years of real estate, Brittingham has never had a seller “left out in the cold” after the sale. 
“When it’s time to list a property, I ask what they are looking for in a new home, and we start searching for that right away,” she says. “We give our seller time to identify and locate a property that they want to purchase, and give them the peace of mind that comes from knowing they won’t be rushed. Our clients deserve the confidence that comes from knowing they are getting the best deal for their sale.”
Brittingham and her team understand the impact that buying and selling a home has on a client’s life, in the short term and over the long haul. As a result, they take that responsibility seriously—always putting relationships first and using their considerable expertise to light the path forward.
“Real estate is a relationship business,” she says. “When I walk through the front door of a client’s home, we develop a connection, and it’s a lasting connection; I’ve become friends with some of my clients for life. It’s also about results. When you’re looking to sell your biggest asset, you want to work with the best—and we’re the best.”
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Published (and copyrighted) in Suburban Life magazine, January 2024.