The Healing Power of Mother Nature
At a beautiful new office with stunning views of the outdoors, Dr. Radwa Saad and the team at Dent Blanche Dental put patients at ease while they receive world-class treatment.
by Matt Cosentino

When Radwa Saad, D.M.D., decided to relocate her flourishing practice, Dent Blanche Dental, she was determined to find the perfect property. Her wish list included not only an office building with suitable space for her ever-growing patient base, but also the proper surroundings to fulfill her vision for “nature-infused dentistry.” Unfortunately, it was not easy to meet those expectations; as the search dragged on for more than a year, her frustration grew.
Then she came across a 3.2-acre lot for sale in Princeton, New Jersey, and she immediately knew it was the right place. She seized the opportunity and bought the land. Almost a year after the grand opening, she is exceptionally proud of the environment she has created for her patients.
“What really caught my attention when I first visited were the incredible mature trees all over the property,” she says. “In my old office, we had a window overlooking a parking lot. You couldn’t see anything, and when the patients came in it made them more anxious. But when you’re close to nature, you can connect with the outside world and relax. It’s also a nice distraction, because you’re watching birds in the sky or animals walking by, and it’s very pretty scenery. Imagine sitting in a chair and getting treatment done, and being able to see that. It makes a big difference.”
Dr. Saad worked hard with a team of architects, an interior designer, and landscape designers to realize her vision. When all was said and done, she had one of the most luxurious dental offices in the country, equipped with cutting-edge technology, 55-inch televisions in each room, massage chairs, and a pervasive Zen-like atmosphere that puts guests at ease.
She also followed through on a personal passion by adding a 40-by-40 foot koi pond outside with waterfalls and water lilies. During warmer months, patients have been known to feed the fish while waiting on a crown or an appliance to be crafted.
“I love my job, and now that we have this office, it’s even better,” Dr. Saad says. “When I go to work, it feels like I’m going to the park. The building is literally inside of a park, and the views are incredible. In the operatory, we put custom-made windows that are six feet wide, and it’s as if you’re really sitting outside. Patients love to come and sit there, and even when their treatment is over, they ask to stay. 
“Some patients in my old office used to require nitrous oxide because they were so scared and nervous,” she continues. “Now they don’t need anything—they’re just happy to be here. Nature really has a healing power, and I’m so glad that I can provide this for them.”
In addition to her groundbreaking concept of nature-infused dentistry, Dr. Saad embraces the latest technological advancements in the field. Her office is fully digital, from digital X-rays to 3D scanners; a 3D milling machine to make crowns and bridges; 3D printing technology utilized for aligners or other appliances; and cone beam computed tomography, which is instrumental in planning the placement of dental implants. With those tools at her disposal, she is able to offer the full gamut of cosmetic services, including same-day smiles and complete restorative work.
“I have been practicing for 20 years, and technology has totally changed things,” she says. “I love technology because of how it can help the dentist and because it provides a great service to the patients. I’ve had patients who are in a panic because they cracked a tooth and they have an important meeting. They ask me what they should do and I say, ‘Just stick around for an hour or two, and I’ll fix it.’
“Everybody is so busy and they can’t take time off from work, so this is a great service, and the aesthetics are beautiful,” she continues. “Especially with veneers, people can’t believe the results. I can do a whole smile makeover in one or two appointments, with just a week in between.”
Dr. Saad has even met a number of high-profile and celebrity patients through her husband, Ahmed Elgammal, Ph.D., a professor at Rutgers University and a world-renowned leader in the field of artificial intelligence. Many fly in from a great distance to take advantage of the exquisite outcomes she can offer in just one visit.
But she is just as happy treating local residents of Pennsylvania and New Jersey for whatever issues they may be facing.
“I am a general dentist focused on cosmetic and implant dentistry, but throughout the years I’ve taken a lot of continuing education, so I have a master’s degree in implant dentistry,” she adds. “I really enjoy every aspect of dentistry. I love to do cosmetic dentistry because it’s such a huge transformation, but if someone comes to me in pain, I will do a root canal. I think it’s important to help the patients in any way I can. Sometimes they can’t get an appointment with a periodontist for a month, so if I can help them on the spot, I will do it.”
Her inclination to help others does not stop there. Dr. Saad opens her office twice a year to provide complementary cleanings, fillings, and other services for seniors in need. She also sponsors a youth softball team and supports the Lawrenceville Township Education Foundation along with Lawrenceville Main Street, a civic-improvement nonprofit that hosts events throughout the year.
Having lost her father to cancer, Dr. Saad is committed to helping organizations such as Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation, to which she recently donated a $20,000 smile makeover as an auction item for The Angel Ball. She also supports the Foundation Fighting Blindness in honor of a close friend battling Usher syndrome, which causes the loss of one’s vision and hearing.
“Since I was a little girl, I’ve enjoyed giving back,” Dr. Saad says. “I used to volunteer for the Red Cross when I was in high school, and I tried to help out as much as I could. Then I got into dentistry and saw how some things were lacking, and I decided to support as many causes as possible. Having this new office just allows us to accommodate even more people in need of help.”
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Photo by Alison Dunlap

Published (and copyrighted) in Suburban Life magazine, January 2024.