A Perfect Match
Through an alliance with industry-leading Andersen, ACRE Windows & Doors helps homeowners enjoy greater comfort, energy efficiency, and curb appeal.
by Matt Cosentino

Certain iconic brands become synonymous with a particular product because of their proven track record of success and high customer satisfaction levels over a long period of time. When it comes to windows and doors, Andersen certainly fits that mold. Recently named the nation’s best overall company for windows by U.S. News & World Report, Andersen remains the go-to choice for homeowners who seek better energy efficiency, comfort, and curb appeal in their homes.
Of course, even a manufacturer like Andersen needs the right partners to ensure that customers are getting the best options with the proper installation. Since 2008, ACRE Windows & Doors has been filling that role for clients in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. Not only is ACRE the longest-tenured contractor with Andersen certification in the entire country, but it is also the biggest; ACRE boasts a team with more than 100 years of combined experience in the industry.
“We’re in our 15th year of operations and we’re very lucky to have the relationship that we have with Andersen, which is the largest and most well-respected window and door manufacturer in the United States,” says Valerie Manfred, who co-owns ACRE with her husband, Matt. “We’ve been proud to offer their products for so long, and homeowners love them. There’s such a wide variety between wood and composite.”
Local residents may be in need of new windows or doors because they live in older homes with dated products, or because the builder of their new house used an inferior option to save on costs. Whatever the case, ACRE can provide a replacement that will allow them to save dramatically on their monthly energy bills while creating a much more pleasant living experience.
“One of the largest benefits is savings on energy bills,” Manfred says. “Compared to single-pane glass, there’s probably a 25 to 30 percent energy savings for our customers. A lot of homes here in our area still have single-pane glass, believe it or not, and those homeowners are literally throwing money out the window.
“But the No. 1 thing we hear from our customers is about comfort,” she continues. “Sometimes you’ll have those rooms in your house that are freezing, and we hear from customers all the time, ‘My family room was so cold, and since we replaced the windows and patio door, it’s so much more comfortable.’ If a homeowner has an overly cold room in their house right now, it probably means that the windows and doors in that room need to be switched out.”
ACRE offers a wide range of Andersen windows varying in color and style, including casement, bow, bay, and double-hung. Materials include traditional wood or vinyl along with the most popular option these days, which is a composite called Fibrex. Manfred notes that it is more than twice as strong as vinyl and more economical than wood, does not warp, and does not lose its energy efficiency.
While some clients choose to replace every window in their house at once, others may not be able to fit that into their budget. ACRE will help clients in this category develop a plan to do the project in phases. Because the selection process can also be overwhelming, the ACRE team will also walk homeowners through the process so they can make the most appropriate choice.
“Typically, our product specialists are able to identify our customers’ needs and recommend a product that is going to be just right for them,” Manfred says. “The great thing about Andersen products is that every window and door is custom designed, so the homeowner is able to get everything that they want and need and nothing that they don’t.
“The standard in our industry is one size fits all,” she continues. “Whether you’re in a $3 million property on the Main Line or a normal house in Levittown, the industry standard is to sell the same window to both people. Those two disparate properties may have different needs; you shouldn’t over-improve your home and you shouldn’t under-improve your home, and that’s one of the reasons we offer the whole line of Andersen windows.”
ACRE’s expertise does not stop there. Because all of its installers are full-time employees who have been trained in the proper Andersen installation methods, ACRE has control over the whole process. Andersen even gives the customer a warranty on the installation because of the confidence it has in ACRE’s craftsmanship.
“If a customer needs service, we’re able to provide it comprehensively,” Manfred says. “We’re not pointing the finger at a subcontractor, who’s then pointing it at a manufacturer, and creating a huge hassle for the homeowner. With us, we’re the sole point of responsibility and we’re going to take care of that product for as long as it’s owned by the homeowner.
“You can have the greatest window in the world, but if it’s put in wrong, it’s not going to act like the greatest window in the world. The installation of replacement windows and doors is critical to how long they’re going to last, how energy efficient they’re going to be, and whether they’re going to operate properly.”
Another way ACRE stands out is with a new initiative focused on repair services. Because new windows and doors may be an expense that homeowners are not quite prepared for, ACRE’s team can help them get more use out of their current products, and will even give them a credit toward their new windows and doors when they are ready to make that commitment.
“Homeowners who have a problem with one of their existing windows or doors and they might not be ready to replace it often have a hard time finding a company to come out and help them,” Manfred says. “If they do, they might be dealing with a handyman who really doesn’t understand windows and doors and doesn’t have access to all of the replacement parts and accessories that are needed for the repair. 
“So we’ve started to offer very affordable repair services for those folks who may just have a broken lock or may just need some glass replaced and don’t need to replace the whole window right now,” she continues. “Finances can be tight from time to time, and this service allows us to give a good experience for a customer and fix their current problem. Down the line, when they are ready for new windows and doors, we’re there for them as well.”
Clearly, ACRE and Andersen share a customer-first philosophy. It’s no wonder why the marriage between both companies has endured. Manfred adds, “It’s been a really good fit.”
For more information about ACRE Windows & Doors, call (888) 737-5223 or visit ACREWindows.com.
Photo by Jody Robinson
Published (and copyrighted) in Suburban Life magazine, March 2024.