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Built on the pillars of convenience and transparency, Modern Family Medicine Main Line takes a personal approach to helping each patient achieve optimal wellness.
by Bill Donahue

When describing the U.S. health care system, few people would use words such as simple or straightforward. The intricacies of insurance alone can make it easy for patients to feel overwhelmed. Even people who have spent years working in health care have to continuously adapt in order to stay abreast of changes to the ever-shifting landscape.

“I can only imagine how patients feel,” says David Ho, M.D., the founding physician of Modern Family Medicine Main Line in Bryn Mawr.
Yet Dr. Ho doesn’t have to imagine. He and his team built their Main Line-based private practice on the foundational pillars of convenience and transparency, with the goal of helping patients navigate what must sometimes feel like unnavigable terrain. Example: Rather than use an answering service, Dr. Ho is on call after hours to respond to patients in need of immediate care. Also, Modern Family Medicine Main Line handles all insurance billing and authorizations in house, so patients can have all their questions answered by someone they know and trust.
“Our staff members refer to themselves as the patient’s health care team,” Dr. Ho says. “We are here because of them and for them so they can live an abundant life filled with energy, balance, and optimal wellness.”
Dr. Ho spent nearly 15 years practicing primary care exclusively before deciding to found his own independent practice. He wanted to serve as many members of the community as possible, which is why the practice accepts Medicare and Medicaid as well as traditional insurance. His commitment to the community extends far beyond the walls of his practice.
As the medical director of a senior living community in Devon, for example, he feels privileged to play a part in ensuring the overall health of the community and its residents. He also mentors pre-med students as they embark on their studies, giving them opportunities to witness hands-on clinical care in the Bryn Mawr office, in local skilled-nursing facilities, and elsewhere. In addition, he devotes time to helping nursing students in the office by creating opportunities for them to expand their knowledge and hone their skills.
We spoke with Dr. Ho about the distinctiveness of Modern Family Medicine Main Line, the evolution of the patient experience, and where the practice goes from here.
Modern Family Medicine Main Line is unique in a lot of ways. How does the patient care you provide differ from what someone might find elsewhere?

Modern Family Medicine is privately owned and family operated, and that’s hard to come by in 2024. Our practice has developed closer relationships with patients as a result of our independence. We have more freedom as practitioners, which ultimately means we can serve our patients’ health care needs however necessary.

Because we are family operated, it is only right for my team to extend that same rapport to our patients. When you become a patient of ours, you will be cared for, respected, and heard throughout your time with us. We’re interested in providing a more personal experience, not just a transactional relationship. I am only one person, one physician, and I truly believe my team is the selling point for patients. They genuinely care about the patients during and after their visit. I wouldn’t be able to do what I love to do if I didn’t have a group of amazing people behind me.
The practice has exceeded my expectations, and I think the many patients I have come to know would say the same. If it wasn’t for the patients or my team, who would say where I would be today? It is because of them I am able to do what I enjoy every day.
How has the practice grown and evolved since its founding in 2018?
We have become a full-service family specialty, and that basically means we can take care of all of your health care needs. Our goal was to reinvent preventive medicine and promote the importance of screening and early detection.

From the very beginning, one of our main goals has been tied to patient education and counseling. We want our patients to be proactive, not reactive. Whether we are explaining to the patient how their insurance plan works or helping someone use a glucometer for the first time, both are essential. In order for patients to be their own health advocates, they need to ask questions and receive answers. We strive for patients to finish each visit feeling informed and motivated to lead a healthier lifestyle.
I believe my office excels at this challenge because we are transparent, human, and patient-centered. You are greeted personally when you come into the office, which we’ve worked hard to make warm and welcoming. Everyone deserves a relaxing and peaceful patient experience, and that’s what we deliver day in and day out. 
What aspects do you enjoy most about the practice, specifically as they relate to patient care?
I would say I enjoy the aspects of patient education the most, because education serves as the foundation of a patient’s future health. The more a patient understands about their own disease process, or about the effects of a certain diet, a certain medication, or a certain lifestyle, the more easily they can make changes that will impact their health. By involving them in the education process, I can help them take ownership of their medical problems so they can get better.
What are your short- and long-term plans for the practice?
We’re constantly refining our processes to improve the patient experience, so continual self-improvement is an everyday goal. Our team does a tremendous job, but there’s always room to get better at what we do. As for long-term goals, as we expand the office to accommodate more patients, we want to ensure that we build a team with people, partners, and providers who are committed to exceptional patient care, clinical and otherwise. We’re always looking for people who can help us grow, and who share the same work ethic and commitment to care that our patients deserve and require.
About Dr. Ho
Dr. David Ho earned his undergraduate degree from the University of California, Davis. He attended St. Matthew’s University School of Medicine, and finished his training at New York Medical College. He also completed a two-year surgical residency at Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital in Darby, Pennsylvania. Dr. Ho did his residency training Drexel University, where he now serves as a professor devoted to educating the next generation of physicians.
Modern Family Medicine Main Line is always looking to grow its health care team: medical assistants, patient care coordinators, physician assistants, administrative support, etc. The practice hires each person based on their personality and work ethic, not mandatory years of experience, and all new employees will participate in an in-house training program led by COO/CFO Amanda Dougherty. Contact the practice for more information.
Modern Family Medicine Main Line
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Published (and copyrighted) in Suburban Life magazine, February 2024.