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Incenter Tax Solutions’ complimentary property tax reviews put thousands of dollars back into homeowners’ pockets.
by Leigh Stuart

“In this world, nothing is certain except death and taxes,” Benjamin Franklin wrote in 1789.

While much in the modern world has changed since then, that adage rings as true today as it did 235 years ago. Taxes do indeed keep the wheels of America turning, but people should not be expected to pay any more than their fair share.
This is where Incenter Tax Solutions comes in.
Led locally by intrepid real estate attorney Alison Tulio, Incenter Tax Solutions specializes in reducing property taxes for residential and commercial property owners both locally and across the country. The firm performs cost-free, risk-free property tax reviews so that each taxpayer can maximize their tax reductions. Tulio states, “We can review any residential or commercial property nationwide. It’s like an annual wellness check for your property to see if you’re paying too much in property taxes.”
The process is simple, and requires only the property address to get started. Should there be savings available, Incenter Tax Solutions takes care of the entire appeal process. Once finalized, the firm takes a one-time percentage-based fee and passes on the rest of the annual savings to the property owner. As a result, Tulio says property owners “can realize those savings every year for years to come.”
“People think it’s too good to be true, but I can guarantee it’s not,” adds Tulio, who has served as President of Incenter Tax Solutions for three years. “There’s no risk in submitting your property for review. You could be looking at unfound money. Our average savings is $4,600 a year for residential property owners—that’s significant over time.”
What’s more, once a property owner’s information is in the Incenter Tax Solutions system, the company performs a complimentary, automatic property tax reviews every year.
While any time is the right time to save money, Tulio suggests that 2024 presents a particularly ripe opportunity to review one’s property taxes.  
“Two years ago, the market values were very high, and now values have gone down, but in many cases assessments have not—this year is a really good year for appeals because of that,” Tulio says. “In the commercial market, it’s a really good time to appeal based on the vacancy rates post-COVID. The numbers change every year, so you never know when we might be able to help you.”
Each state’s rules vary, but in Pennsylvania, Tulio says the general deadline to see savings in 2025 will be around August 1. In Philadelphia, however, property owners have until October. For those who own properties in multiple states, Incenter Tax Solutions can manage all of these properties and streamline their tax-savings process.
Tulio offers the highest praise and thanks to Bruno Pasceri, President of Incenter Lender Services and a longtime mortgage industry professional who has led the Incenter family of businesses since 2017. She credits him with fostering a culture of well-being and community among employees that “really all trickles down from him.”
“Incenter’s motto is, ‘Attitude is everything,’” she says. “[Pasceri] will only hire good human beings; he believes in a good work-life balance; and he believes family always comes first. As a woman, it’s amazing to have a boss that thinks like that.
“I am extremely fortunate to have that support, a) from Bruno, but b) also from all the Incenter companies, such as Incenter Marketing,” she continues. “Having an in-house company that does all the marketing is such a tremendous resource because they’re also experts and what they do and are always there to support us. All the leaders of each Incenter company get together every other month, and we share ideas and help each other problem-solve.”
Having worked in a sole proprietorship for seven years starting in 2008, Tulio appreciates the camaraderie and support of her in-house team.  
“Incenter Tax Solutions is as successful as it is because of my amazing team,” she shares. “We are growing so fast, and I attribute that to all of their hard work, dedication, and just being good humans. I feel very blessed to call this group of women my team.”
She admits her zeal for property tax may seem odd to some, but she emphasizes her sincerity.
“I have a passion for this, I really do,” she says. “Of all the work I’ve done, this is the most satisfying because everyone pays property tax, so I’m doing something that can benefit everyone. As an attorney, I always wanted to help people; now I truly do.
“In this economy, everyone is looking for ways to save money,” she continues. “Just like you get an annual checkup for your body, your car, or your HVAC, you should do the same for your property taxes.”
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Photo by Jody Robinson
Published (and copyrighted) in Suburban Life magazine, March 2024.