Growing Ambition
By widening her footprint beyond the Philadelphia area, Tabitha S. Heit of Fox & Roach Realtors multiplies opportunities for an ever-expanding client base.
by Erica Young

Buying or selling a home can be intimidating for anyone, whether they are a first-time buyer, an experienced seller, or at any other point on the real estate spectrum. That’s especially true amid the challenging market conditions of today, which include intense competition for comparatively little inventory.

Realtor Tabitha S. Heit is an experienced agent devoted to helping buyers and sellers navigate the real estate market in Philadelphia and its surrounding suburbs. In other words, she possesses the knowledge and expertise needed to help each client make informed decisions so they can proceed with confidence.
“I have a strong work ethic, I put customer service at the forefront of my career, and lead as a customer-centric human,” says Heit, who is based in Montgomery County. “I’m not just looking to close a deal; I’m looking to create an investment. With that mindset, the business follows.”
Heit has also evolved to stay ahead of the curve by adding to her team and widening her footprint beyond her traditional territory in Montgomery, Bucks, and Delaware counties—namely, north to New York City. By doing so, she can provide more opportunities for her ever-expanding client base.  
“I represent buyers and sellers who are in a very competitive market,” she says. “Because of that I want to deliver more than ever, including a growing team and a market that reaches into Manhattan.”
The Empire State is familiar terrain for Heit, who spent the first part of her career in New York City before she and her husband settled in the Philadelphia area 20 years ago. With the local market remaining white hot, Heit and her team of fellow Realtors can offer clients more options than ever.
“Building a team helps us get ahead into the market and remain competitive,” she explains. “This is an opportunity to help clients across the Philadelphia and the New York market. There’s a lot of properties available in the Manhattan area, but the market in Philadelphia will stay strong for a long time, because of the cost and location. By growing like this, I’m able to have Realtors available all over the area to act fast and strike when clients are ready to buy. The goal of having a team is to make ourselves available to clients and ensure that they can see homes right away.”
Heit emphasizes that current market conditions do not favor “window shoppers”; rather, the fast-paced market requires lightning-quick decisions.
“When you’re ready to buy it’s important to get into homes immediately,” she adds. “You can’t wait for the weekend or next week. You want it as soon as it hits the market so you’re front and center, so you want to be prepared before you walk in the door.”
For first-time home buyers, Heit commits herself to building a knowledge base that will enable them to make wise real estate investments now and well into the future. The education begins with an introduction program designed to instruct new buyers on the process long before they decide to make their first offer.
“It’s really important to be financially prepared and have the knowledge ready before you get into the market,” she says. “That’s especially true for first-time buyers, because there are plenty of grants out there that help with down payments so you want to work with an experienced lender who can help with those costs.
“In our buyer intro, we go through all of the steps of a sale,” she continues. “We talk about what it takes to make an offer and what types of inspections are available, and we go over vendors that I work with across a sale. I teach them how to shop for vendors and how to go through every detail of the process.”
Whether a client is a buyer or a seller—or often both—Heit does everything in her power to help them achieve their immediate goals, but always with an eye toward the future.   
“Interest rates spiked last year (2023), and we are starting to see a decline in 2024,” she says. “Interest rates shouldn’t be a deterrent, because you can always refinance later.
“I always tell buyers you have to think smart and make sure you still have money aside for when you move in,” she continues. “You don’t want to put every penny into the house; you need to have a cushion and know where your finances are.”
Working with sellers requires a different type of preparation.
“If you put pride in the house, price it appropriately, and show it well, it’s going to sell quickly,” says Heit. “When you’re pricing a home, you’re not basing it just on one house in the area that sold for the highest amount; you have to consider multiple factors. It’s a complex situation, but if you price smartly, you can expect multiple bids.”
The goal for Heit and her growing team: to deliver a client experience that will have a lasting positive effect. Based on her number of repeat clients, Heit seems to have a knack for rising to the occasion on a consistent basis.
“What’s important to my client is what’s important to me,” she adds. “This is a huge financial decision that they’re making. Even though it is a competitive market, we are able to see the full picture and help clients make solid decisions. We understand the market, so we know when to pursue an opportunity and when to walk away from a potential risk.”
For more information about Tabitha S. Heit and her team, visit or call (215) 260-5144.
Photo by Jody Robinson
Published (and copyrighted) in Suburban Life magazine, March 2024.