Playing to Win
In life and in business, Realtor Amber Noble uses effort, empathy, and specialized expertise to help others emerge victorious.
by Debra Wallace

Amber Noble is a woman of many talents—“superpowers,” one might say: impeccable communication skills, the ability to understand and connect with people from all walks of life, and enormous empathy for those who struggle to overcome life’s many challenges.
A Temple University graduate, Noble is perhaps best known for her work as a top Realtor and one of the managing brokers with Keller Williams Main Line. Yet she wears several other hats: educator, leader, investor, motivational speaker, author, Harvard-certified negotiator, successful serial entrepreneur, and fierce advocate for people with disabilities.
In her Pennsylvania and New Jersey real estate business, Noble uses her intuitive nature to guide people through both simple and complex transitions. She specializes in assisting retirees and those who have lost a spouse or a life companion through death or divorce, as well as people with special needs; she’s the proud mother of Leah, her “bubbly and brilliant” 12-year-old daughter, who is on the autism spectrum.
“I thoroughly enjoy helping people figure out what their next step is,” Noble explains. “I love being able to guide them through what is often a complicated and confusing process. This takes patience and experience, but I love making a difference in their lives.
“Whether I’m negotiating with my real estate clients or the Realtors I help lead, everything I do must come from a place of it being a win-win or no deal,” she continues. “This way everyone walks away feeling rejuvenated and victorious.”
Before her real estate career, Noble spent two decades as a marketing executive in the radio, TV, and music industries, before transitioning into celebrity talent management full-time. She had the opportunity to work alongside some of the biggest names in entertainment. The partial list includes Will Smith, Jay-Z, Patti LaBelle, Idris Elba, Lionel Richie, LL Cool J, Laila Ali, The Isley Brothers, Eve, and The Roots.
Sage Advice
Noble believes everyone should take the time to celebrate their accomplishments; she’s had many reasons to celebrate in the past few years. Most recently, she had the opportunity to collaborate with other successful entrepreneurs and one of her favorite influencers: Chris Voss, a former FBI chief hostage negotiator, well-known podcaster, and New York Times bestselling author of Never Split the Difference.

Their new book project is Empathy and Understanding in Business: A Definitive Guide to Achieving Massive Success Through Helping Others. The chapter Noble authored, “Empathy: A Win-Win in Business—or No Deal,” explains the unique philosophy that has fueled her success. She found inspiration for the chapter in the “BOLD Laws,” a collection of long-held global training principles taught by Keller Williams.
“What I want to convey in the book is how I am intentional and purpose-driven in all aspects of my business,” she adds. “Everything is about utilizing empathy and humanizing the process of doing business. I never want someone to feel that they had to lose on their side in order for something to be gained on my side.”
During a book signing at recent negotiation-intensive multiday training, Voss referred to Noble as a “rockstar.” Beginning April 15, each of Noble’s books can be purchased exclusively at
Going the Extra Mile
Noble also co-authored the 2023 book Never Give Up, another anthology featuring stories of grit, tenacity, and triumph. The book includes the bylines of many notable professionals besides Noble, including hall-of-fame broadcaster and cancer survivor Dick Vitale.

In her story, “Real Estate in An Unreal Year,” Noble chronicles a tale from the COVID-19 lockdown that exemplifies her approach to life and business. A client decided to sell his childhood home in Philadelphia that he had inherited from his mother. Despite his intentions, he could not locate the financial satisfaction letter required by the title company to prove that the home was paid off. With the world largely shut down, the client’s stresses mounted; his prospects of moving on with his life looked dim.
“I interceded to help him overcome what he saw as an insurmountable challenge, and we got it done,” Noble says. “It just goes to show that when you are ready to throw in the towel, you need to keep yourself centered, focused, and never give up.”
Such advice certainly applies to today’s real estate market. While some prospective buyers may be skittish about moving forward with their change-of-address plans, Noble believes that even in a climate of low inventory and high interest rates, buyers face “one of the greatest opportunities for those who got shut out and outbid in the COVID-19 era.”
Noble advises clients “to marry the house and date the rate, as opposed to waiting for the stars and moon to align all at once.” Interest rates are likely to come down significantly in the next three to 12 months, so buyers can always refinance later.
“Also, sellers still have a great opportunity to do well in the real estate market as long as they are reasonable, and understand that the current climate is not what it was at the height of COVID-19,” she says. “My advice is to make sure you are getting your insights, intel, and guidance from true real estate experts and not a Monday-morning quarterback with opinions that are not necessarily based on what is actually pertinent to being victorious in the marketplace.”
The Next Chapter
As a Realtor, Noble helps nearly 30 clients per year in Pennsylvania and New Jersey achieve their real estate goals and build multigenerational wealth. To date, she has guided more than 500 individuals and families through the process of building more than $200 million in wealth through real estate ownership.

Noble, a KW Luxury Pro agent, has earned designations such as a Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist and a Certified Negotiation Expert. Also, as a Keller Williams Real Estate Planner, she is qualified to help seniors safely build and transfer their wealth in retirement through real estate by advising them on a variety of wealth-preservation tools including 1031 exchanges and probate sales.
Since 2020, she has been a broker of record for more than 100 New Jersey licensees within two successful Keller Williams market centers—KW Main Line in Suburban Square and KW Philly in Center City. Collectively, those brokerages produced nearly $3 billion in sales in 2023.
“Buying and selling houses is a small part of what I do as a real estate expert,” she adds. “My goal is to help people build wealth and to create legacy through the acquisition, sale, and familial transfer of real estate. I am here to help them navigate challenging times and guide them while they walk into the next chapter of their lives.
“I truly understand the gravity of the work I do, and I never take any of this lightly,” she continues. “I am there to help set them up for success in their real estate and life goals, and I consider it an honor and privilege to help each client take these bold steps in their lives.”
Amber Noble, CNE, CLHMS
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Published (and copyrighted) in Suburban Life magazine, March 2024.