No Stone Unturned
Using their clients’ vision as inspiration, the designers of Master Design Cabinetry go “above and beyond” to create timeless, artisanal cabinetry.
by Matt Cosentino

There is a longstanding tradition at Master Design Cabinetry to hold a virtual meeting with team members every Monday morning and review the company’s core values. Employees take turns reading them aloud from week to week, and will delve into a deeper discussion if relevant to a current project or situation.

For designer Amos Ebersol, the ritual is a reminder of why he chose to work for one of the area’s most in-demand providers of artisanal custom cabinetry. He appreciates not only Master Design’s commitment to the finest craftsmanship, but also the integrity with which every job is approached and the emphasis placed on the wellbeing of those behind each project.
“Our core values influence everything that we do,” Amos says. “Reviewing them every week helps to go back to the foundation and to see what Master Design was built on. The one that stands out for me is that we are stewards and we take good care of what we are given. That stands out because being entrusted with a down payment or a proposal contract, and being entrusted with someone’s style as they are making an investment into custom cabinetry in their home, puts weight on us as a team.
“Another one that our owner really stresses is family,” he continues. “We like to balance working really hard with family time. Being there for our families is big for us.”
Family is what led Amos into this field in the first place; his father was the one who introduced him to woodworking. Amos had his own woodturning shop for 12 years before transitioning into cabinetry a decade ago.
At Master Design, which is headquartered in Lancaster County, in the town of East Earl, Amos helps fulfill clients’ vision for artisanal cabinetry, most often as part of kitchen remodels but also for mudrooms, butler pantries, and built-ins for a living room. Every detail matters. From the initial consultation through the installation, Amos strives to fully understand what the homeowner wants and to have them actively participate and collaborate in the process.
“That’s very important to us,” he says. “Inspirational pictures from potential clients help us get to know what they are looking for, and even if it’s not my personal taste, I allow things to grow on me. I like to see new designs, and I’m not limited to a particular style.”
Issues will sometimes arise in any home remodeling project. When they do, Master Design strives to address them immediately and to ensure the customer’s satisfaction. Amos points to a recent project in which a customer ordered a beverage cooler, but once it was installed, it did not blend seamlessly with the surrounding cabinetry as expected. He and his team made adjustments to assure the client’s satisfaction.
“We keep the communication strong,” he says. “We are transparent in everything we do to make sure when we come out for the job, the client knows what to expect. It’s not only us as designers, but after the contract gets signed and is moving toward production, we have a team of production managers to go through everything.
“You can draw anything up,” he continues, “but sometimes it just doesn’t work with what we’re trying to achieve. So having the production team review everything is big, and if we need to tweak anything at that point, it’s not a big deal.”
The level of care and attention to detail on every project does not go unnoticed. Such “above and beyond” devotion has resulted in a steady stream of repeat business from satisfied clients, as well as many referrals to family and friends.
Even after countless projects, Amos says he never tires of seeing the stunning cabinetry he designed come to life, knowing the client will enjoy it for years to come.
“That’s definitely one of my highs,” he says. “When a customer says something like, ‘This is even better than I expected,’ that’s what I like to hear. Clients are trusting us, and hopefully we can go beyond what they expected. That’s an awesome feeling.”
Master Design Cabinetry
1564 Main Street, Suite 507
East Earl, PA 17519
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Photo courtesy of Master Design Cabinetry
Published (and copyrighted) in Suburban Life, April 2024