Strength in Numbers
COMPASS Realtor Deana Corrigan leads a team of seasoned and skilled real estate professionals devoted to providing the best outcomes for buyers and sellers.
by Matt Cosentino

Navigating the sometimes-treacherous path of buying or selling a home is no easy task. Whether someone is new to the process or moving for the fifth time, having a trusted guide on the journey is crucial. But there’s something even better than having an experienced and knowledgeable real estate professional on their side: having a whole team of them, such as the one assembled by Deana Corrigan at COMPASS RE in Doylestown.
A native of Albany, New York, Deana has spent most of her three-decade career as a Realtor in Pennsylvania, focusing on Bucks and Montgomery counties. With her vast expertise, ranging from how to effectively market and stage a home to negotiation skills to a keen understanding of the local market, it’s easy to see why she consistently ranks among the highest-producing agents in the area.
Rather than keep that wisdom to herself, she has always been open to mentoring other Realtors and taking a collaborative approach to better serve her clients.
“I feel great about my team,” she says. “They really work hard for their clients, and I’m so impressed with all that they do. They juggle their busy personal lives—their kids’ sports, their dogs, and all of their other responsibilities—and they still get the job done. They plan everything out and they cover for each other if something comes up unexpectedly. As a team, we take care of each other and our clients.”
The Deana Corrigan Team of COMPASS RE consists of Deana, her husband Tom, and six other compassionate and trustworthy agents and staff members: Tracey Foote, Evelyn Rogers, Morgan Thomas, Dana Hembree, Marielba Barreat-Santana, and Danielle DeLuca. Their diversity of backgrounds—a young single mother, a grandmother, a Spanish-speaking agent, an ardent animal supporter who fosters dogs, and two people with social work degrees, including Deana herself—allow clients to be matched up with someone who best suits their needs and situation.
At the same time, they all share certain qualities that Deana considers absolutely necessary.
“When we’re bringing on someone new, we look for someone who’s really caring and who is going to put the client first before their own needs,” she says. “They’re going to make sure the property is the right property for the client. We take them under our wing and treat them as part of the family, so we want someone who will fit into the culture of the team. We work hard, we play hard, and we spend time together; we even go on retreats together. Team building is important to me, and we all help each other out. It’s just a really nice dynamic that we have.”
Deana holds weekly meetings to update team members about contracts that are currently up for review, houses that are about to hit the market, and buyers who might have specific needs. She makes a point of knowing the ins and outs of the market—the latest trends, pricing dynamics, and news about specific neighborhoods, such as those with a stucco issue, for example—and she expects her team members to be equally prepared.
“That’s really important, because our expertise allows us to price the property correctly, to negotiate the deal, and to advise the clients on how to get the best outcome,” she says. “We know what we’re doing and we’re confident, and that leads to a better result. There are some agents out there who only work part time or they only sell a few houses a year. We’ve sold thousands of houses over the years, and we have so much experience and a successful track record, which makes it easy to stay on top of what’s happening day by day.”
The teamwork doesn’t end there. Deana emphasizes the significance of working well with other Realtors, and her team has a reputation for going above and beyond to get a deal to the closing table in a stress-free manner. In addition, they have forged strong relationships with a network of home-improvement professionals. So, if a client needs a painter, a paver, or a landscaper when listing a house or moving into one, Deana and her team can make those connections in short order.
Strong believers in giving back, Deana and her team actively support a number of philanthropic organizations and other worthwhile causes. She and her husband are both cancer survivors, and have lost both her mother and a close friend to the disease, so assisting cancer patients has long been a passion project of theirs. Supporting veterans is another priority; Tom is the president of The Five Foundation, which raises money for various veterans’ organizations and veterans in need. It was started to honor a close friend’s son, CPT Connor J. Bednarzyk, a graduate of CB East High School and Penn State who went on to become an Army Ranger and was killed in 2018 during a training mission.
Other charities the team devotes its time and fundraising efforts to include the Bucks County Food Bank, a variety of children's charities, a dog rescue called Salfid Rescue, and Soles4Souls, which collects shoes for people in need both in the United States and abroad.
“Everyone on the team is very involved in charity work, so it brings us together to be able to help the community,” Deana says. “That’s who we’re serving, and we want to be part of that.”
As for the current market, Deana is encouraged by the slow but steady increase in inventory and the decline in intense competition for every house that is listed. Buyers and sellers who choose her team will benefit from the combined resources of a group of people who pride themselves on being excellent communicators, keeping clients informed every step of the way, and giving every detail the attention it deserves.
“We are so passionate about what we do for our clients,” Deana says. “We’re big on personalized attention, and we want them to have an exceptional experience. We care so much, and you can see that in how we want to continually learn, always better ourselves in our profession, and always do what’s best for the client.”
Deana Corrigan, Principal/Realtor
54 W. State Street
Doylestown, PA 18901
(215) 850-8792 | (215) 348-4848
Photo by Alison Dunlap
Published (and copyrighted) in Suburban Life magazine, May 2024