Mastering the Art of Design 
Fueled by innovation, personalization, and world-class craftsmanship, Master Design Cabinetry transforms homes into sanctuaries that blend elegance and functionality.
by Staff

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” 
Those words, spoken by the late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs—someone who knew a great deal about the benefits of compelling design—apply in equal measure to the millieu of Master Design Cabinetry. Headquartered in Lancaster County, in the town of East Earl, Master Design has earned a reputation for creating cabinetry for homeowners who appreciate thoughtful design that combines beauty and craftsmanship.
Master Design can design cabinets for just about any room in the home, though its work is most often associated with the kitchen. Master Design’s level of craftsmanship can elevate this space—the heart of the home where functionality meets warmth and hospitality—into an elegant haven that not only is personalized to each homeowner’s lifestyle, but also enables them to utilize the space in ways they might not have imagined previously.
* Creativity Through Craftsmanship. Master Design does not strive to create storage spaces; rather, it wants to unleash creativity through world-class craftsmanship. Each Master Design cabinet reflects hours of painstaking work, dedication to quality, and an unfaltering attention to detail. The wood speaks, the finishes tell a story, and together they bring to life a vision uniquely tailored to a homeowner’s personal style and functionality needs.
* Personalization. In an era of mass production, Master Design embraces the art of personalization. Imagine cabinets that fit a space as if they were always meant to be there—because they were. Custom cabinetry transcends the conventional, offering solutions that are as unique as each client’s dreams.
* Innovation. With the advent of new materials and technologies, Master Design continuously pushes the boundaries of what cabinetry can be. Soft-close drawers, energy-efficient LED lighting, and advanced organizational systems are just a few examples of how the company incorporates cutting-edge features into its designs while maintaining traditional work ethics.
* A Testament to Timeless Elegance. The true hallmark of Master Design lies in its ability to create pieces that boast an air of timeless elegance. The company’s commitment to excellence ensures that every piece is not only a visual masterpiece but also an enduring legacy of exquisite design.
By partnering with Master Design, homeowners can embark on a journey to transform the mundane into the magnificent. Using a homeowner’s space as a canvas, Master Design becomes an artist who works in collaboration with each client to achieve the ultimate expression of a lifestyle built around beauty and purpose.
Master Design Cabinetry
1564 Main Street, Suite 507
East Earl, PA 17519
(610) 273-2212
Embrace the change. Create with passion. Live the dream crafted by Master Design Cabinetry.
In the featured photo by Meghan Balcom, Susan Forbes was the cabinetry designer, Rachel Stellar was the interior designer, and Jamie Wark at ME - Rumson Development, LLC was the builder/contractor. 
Published (and copyrighted) in Suburban Life magazine, June 2024.