Surgical Precision
Miracle Dental Center hones the patient experience through targeted investments in service initiatives, technology, and the full scope of general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry.  
by Bill Donahue

Some healthcare practices stand pat, driven by the well-worn mantra of, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Miracle Dental Center in Feasterville-Trevose has taken a vastly different approach. Evolution is woven into this family-owned and operated dental practice’s DNA. 
Credit the practice’s founder, Irina Frolov, D.D.S., for whom continuous improvement has become a way of life. After coming to the United States from her native Ukraine, where she received her degree in general dentistry, she earned her D.D.S. from New York University College of Dentistry. She has since expanded her skill set through additional training and certification. 
“Every year we are getting more word of mouth,” she says of Miracle Dental Center. “The majority of our patients come from the tristate area, but we now have patients from different states and even from different countries, like Mexico and Europe, who seek us out for treatment. To us, that’s a sign that we’re doing something right.”
In 2022, Miracle Dental Center’s clinical team doubled in size by welcoming Alex Tyurin, D.D.S., FICOI—Dr. Frolov’s son—to the practice. Their combined expertise enables the practice to offer the full gamut of general dentistry, including cleanings, extractions, crowns, bonding, veneers, and root canals. In addition, Dr. Frolov has expertise in facial aesthetics, including Botox injections and dermal fillers, while Dr. Tyurin’s surgical specialty opens up the door for cosmetic procedures that are more transformative in nature, including dental implants.   
“Alex’s experience gives patients assurance,” Dr. Frolov adds. “His significant training has prepared him to deal with any possible curveball in almost any situation. Between the two of us, we have become a comprehensive shop for retreatments and revisions, especially root canals, failed implants, and implants in need of restoration.”
In addition to traditional dental implants, Dr. Tyurin specializes in All-on-X, a specialized procedure that enables him to provide patients with a new smile in as little as one day by way of a fixed full-arch prosthesis anchored by four dental implants. Because it is able to offer the full scope of general and cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Tyurin describes Miracle Dental Center as “an all-in-one solution for all patient needs.”
“I enjoy surgery because of the challenge and the outcome, in that it can change someone’s life,” he adds. “I also like the fact that there are multiple ways to find a solution to a problem. Many times surgery is the most complicated option, but also the best option. Every case involves various steps of planning and preparation and keeping the patient engaged and informed. To me, there’s nothing more amazing than seeing a satisfied patient who is pleased with the final result.”
Miracle Dental Center’s evolution includes an embrace of technology. Recent upgrades include cutting-edge CT technology and an advanced intra-oral scanner, as well as digital design software to facilitate more accurate treatment planning. In addition, the company is in the early stages of implementing dental AI software Dr. Tyurin believes will further uplift the standard of care by identifying potential areas of concern with utmost precision. 
“We also upgraded our internal network infrastructure and invested in a new CRM application so patients can communicate with us 24/7,” says Dr. Frolov. “Our staff plays a big role in everything we do. Our front desk is fully trained to use new digital tools for patient communication, and our clinical team has spent a lot of time learning diagnostic technology that makes a big difference for patients. We’re always looking for new ways to improve the patient experience through additional training and certifications [for staff].”
“Digital tools and technology are amazing, but they don’t replace the human touch,” adds Dr. Tyurin, who recently earned fellowship within the International Congress of Oral Implantologists. “Whether it’s on the clinical side or at the front desk, everyone in our office has the same attitude: We don’t treat teeth; we treat people.”
Miracle Dental Center has made an impact in the lives of patients far beyond the walls of its Bucks County office. For example, earlier this year Dr. Tyurin and a contingent of fellow healthcare professionals traveled to Guatemala, volunteering their surgical expertise to help underserved populations in desperate need of proper dental care. Through All-on-X and other delicate procedures, Dr. Tyurin provided life-changing smiles for dozens of individuals. 
“Many of these people were from small villages who have experienced hundreds of years of edentulism,” he says, using the clinical term for missing teeth. “Many of them had severe gum disease, and this was expensive treatment that they would not have been able to afford otherwise. It always feels good to help people, but the feeling is even more meaningful in these kinds of situations where people have so little. A new smile is going to change their lives considerably.”
From the front desk to the hygienists to the doctors at the helm, Miracle Dental Center has consistently shown a commitment to compassion, growth, and continuous improvement. And that’s never going to change, according to Dr. Frolov.
“The past few years have been a very exciting time for the practice,” she says. “We have an amazing team of people who not only care about our patients’ wellbeing, but who are also committed to achieving a standard of excellence. When you have that, anything is possible.”
Miracle Dental Center
4911 E. Street Road, Unit B
Feasterville-Trevose, PA 19053
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Photo by Alison Dunlap
Published (and copyrighted) in Suburban Life magazine, June 2024.