Welcome to Paradise
Transform your home into a luxurious sanctuary with KS Greenday Inc.
by Pete Croatto

In the Northeast, every change of season brings with it a rash of questions and for local homeowners, especially those with underutilized outdoor space and a hectic social calendar. Some might even find themselves uttering phrases such as, “With all the holiday weekend get-togethers and events, we should really put in a pool, cabana and/or fireplace,” “The backyard desperately needs some sprucing up—especially the patio,” “We should figure out a way to maximize the time we spend outside,” and, most important, “Who can I get to help with all this?”


In regard to this last question, few have the time or energy to track down all the contractors and subcontractors needed to handle the landscaping, renovate the patio, install the lighting, put in a fireplace, build a cabana, etc. Then there’s the issue of having to deal with several parties who have different agendas, separate areas of expertise and little idea as to how to work together as a way to make a homeowner’s life worry free.


Fortunately, locals have KS Greenday Inc.


Originally formed as a landscaping company in the late 1990s, Langhorne-based KS Greenday Inc. offers a broad list of expert services designed to transform backyards into peaceful sanctuaries for relaxing, entertaining or whatever else a homeowner might want. This includes in-ground pools—featuring an array of patios, decks, fencing and hardscaping worthy of luxury hotel—as well as cabanas that allow for places to unwind after toweling off or simply to savor the joys of the outdoors. Proof of the company’s talent can be found on its website, KSGreenday.com, and in the growing ranks of satisfied customers.


Personal Touch

Any agreed-upon work is done solely by KS Greenday Inc., which has more than 40 employees, including those working in its construction division. “When you sign with us for a project, we’re in it from beginning to end,” says Eric Konyves, the company’s president. 


Adds vice president Tom Schreiber, “When we go out to appointments, we treat the job as if it’s our own house.”


Such an attitude starts even before the first shovel pierces the earth, when a KS Greenday Inc. employee visits a prospective client’s home for a free consultation. There, the staffer snaps photos while considering the practical and artistic aspects of the project, and the photos and other insights are then illustrated using three-dimensional CAD software that allows each client to see—again, at no charge—exactly what the finished renovation would look like. There are no surprises: KS Greenday Inc. provides exactly what a client sees on the screen.


“We’re not the kind of company that’s going to hard sell the pool and then leave the client three business cards to handle the hardscaping, landscaping, and cabana/grill stations,” Konyves says.


Having one company deal with everything—from pool installation to landscaping and everything in between—also means that the client and contractor can easily consider and make adjustments to the plan. For example, a traditional pool installer might not consider landscaping or other construction issues, which can lead to unexpected costs and unnecessary stress for the homeowner.


“We can get a job done in six weeks that would take four contractors 12 to 14 weeks to complete,” Konyves says. “There’s no aspect that won’t be brought to a client’s attention.”


Never Too Early

KS Greenday Inc.’s reputation is third-party verified. The company belongs to several associations that demand first-rate customer service, including the Better Business Bureau, the Northeast Spa and Pool Association, and the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals. Furthermore, new hardscaping installations such as patios, walls and driveways come with a 10-year warranty from owner-operated KS Greenday Inc.


The company’s dedication to detail extends beyond zoning ordinances and environmental safety measures, according to Konyves: “We’re proactive in taking the whole project into account, even if they can’t afford it right now.”


For example, KS Greenday Inc. can renovate in phases, giving clients the chance to use the same trustworthy, skilled labor whenever they decide to resume. And regardless of the phase, artistry is the company’s calling card. “We’re heavily into the design aspect of the job,” says Konyves, who describes KS Greenday Inc.’s work as upscale. “When you’re going with us, you’re not looking for a cookie-cutter project.”


One of KS Greenday Inc.’s services is the construction of cabanas, which continue to grow in popularity. These additions not only feature such perks as granite-topped bars, accommodations for entertainment systems and outdoor kitchens, but also blend into the surroundings. In addition, even when the weather starts to cool, a cabana holds a distinct advantage over moving the party inside, where spilled beverages and other accidents can tarnish furniture and floors, not to mention a home’s resale value.


It’s never too early or too late to get a yard in shape. (Both Schreiber and Konyves suggest scheduling construction as soon as possible to ensure that permit issues are handled in a timely fashion.) KS Greenday Inc. is available year-round for counsel and inspiration, enabling homeowners to visualize and get excited about the prospect of outdoor entertaining.


Before long, homeowners will find themselves reciting new lines—such as, “I can’t wait to host a weekend party this fall and a Memorial Day event next summer,” “My friends will be amazed when they see my new patio and fireplace,” and, finally, “What would have I done without KS Greenday Inc.?”


KS Greenday Inc.

1060 Big Oak Road, Langhorne


info@ksgreenday.com | KSGreenday.com


Pete Croatto is a freelance writer/editor based in Newtown.

Rob Hall is a photographer based in Plumsteadville.