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How Bonner Age Management helps locals over 50 "age youthfully"
by Glori Gayster


For those under 50 and haven’t hit their golden years, turn the page. This article is for men and women who are over 50 and looking to improve their lives with greater energy and enjoyment.


“Between the age of 30 and 50, people lose an average of 30 percent of their muscle mass,” says Dennis J. Bonner, M.D., a fellow of age management and dual board-certified physician. “This accelerates with age and one will lose 30 percent more every 10 years. Clearly, there is a need to address such deficiencies and convert excess fat to muscle in the arms and legs. These are the things that carry one’s body and are critical if one wants to continue enjoying life to its fullest. 


“Who says life can’t be fun well into one’s 80s?” he continues. “Through a professionally monitored and prescribed age-management program, people can age youthfully and enjoy their lives even more.”


They can do so through the use of human-growth-hormone (HGH) therapy. The many benefits of this therapy, which have been documented in various scientific publications, can be divided into three distinct categories: physical, such as fewer wrinkles on the face, firmer muscles and less body fat; emotional/mental, such as increased energy, improved self-esteem and a better overall emotional state; and “other,” such as increased libido, improved memory, deeper sleep and an increase in exercise capacity.


Growth hormone is produced naturally in humans by the pituitary gland, yet growth hormone diminishes rapidly after the age of 30. Once this happens, people begin to suffer the many negative aspects of aging—namely, increased body fat, wrinkles and even cancer. Some studies show that people who are growth-hormone-deficient have close to a 50 percent higher rate of death from heart disease than those with higher levels. Furthermore, the progression of aging can be halted and even reversed by restoring one’s growth hormone to a more optimal level.


In an initial study of HGH therapy in elderly veterans, which was conducted by Dr. Daniel Rudman and published in the New England Journal of Medicine in 1990, the effectiveness of HGH showed dramatic increases in lean muscle mass, decreases in fat tissue and increases in vertebral bone height. Subsequent studies conducted by the National Institute of Aging and others have shown reduced body fat in obese women as well as improved body composition, mental state and sexual health. 


“The results are all encompassing,” says Dr. Bonner, who prescribes HGH that is nondiscriminatory to the sexes, meaning it can be used for men and women alike. “They touch every area of one’s life—energy, memory, emotion and sexual desire. [HGH therapy] improves cardiovascular strength while lowering blood pressure, increases the good cholesterol and lowers the bad, strengthens the immune system and increases bone mass, skin elasticity and skin tightness.”


A Fuller Life

At Bonner Age Management, patients are treated medically for various conditions associated with aging. The holistic approach includes a personal regimen of care to treat patients based upon their specific age, condition and medical history, and is designed to maximize satisfaction with life during one’s last 20 to 40 years. “This program won’t help you live longer,” Dr. Bonner says. “Instead, it is designed to help patients achieve an optimal condition of health and well-being.”


As with any medically based plan, patients must be evaluated, monitored and followed carefully. Dr. Bonner’s Age Management Program begins with a comprehensive evaluation to determine the appropriate regimen through the use of laboratory tests, body-composition analyses and other tests to determine each patient’s hormonal, metabolic, mental and physical baseline. He also inquires about one’s social lifestyle in terms of smoking, drinking and drug use. Similar questions are asked about one’s family history and any details that may affect the patient.


The evaluation continues with a complete medical exam. This includes cardiac and pulmonary tests, body-fat analysis and comprehensive metabolic blood panel. Are there any signs of osteoporosis, liver dysfunction, poor circulation or kidney and prostate disease? Results of such testing can lead to more if Dr. Bonner feels additional reviews are needed, such as a stress test, chest X-rays and sleep study, to name a few.


A similarly thorough consultation follows, where Dr. Bonner outlines which diseases and degenerative processes will most likely affect patients’ independence and happiness as they age. During this review, all medical conditions requiring immediate attention are discussed because Dr. Bonner will not initiate his program until any such issues are addressed and effectively managed.


Once approved, patients are prescribed a program designed specifically for them, though it often includes hormonal and nutritional supplements to treat conditions such as low testosterone and low HGH as a way to halt and reverse the symptoms of aging. These bioidentical hormones are the same chemistry as those that occur naturally in the body and are used only to restore appropriate levels.


It is important to note that Dr. Bonner uses only bioidentical hormones, because much controversy has surrounded the use of synthetic growth hormone such as Premarin, which is the commercial name for a drug consisting primarily of conjugated estrogen and isolated from pregnant mares’ urine. Biodentical hormones—as in HGH—have been shown to be superior to synthetic hormones, according to studies cited by Dr. Bonner. While biodentical hormones are not associated with breast cancer, synthetic versions can significantly increase one’s risk of developing breast cancer.


Dr. Bonner’s Age Management Program includes a commitment to significant but effective lifestyle changes. In addition to supplements, patients are provided with a full diet and exercise regimen. Diets are managed by a nutritional specialist. Exercise is supervised by a certified trainer. Supplements are prescribed only to treat deficiencies. Also, patients are followed on a monthly basis and blood work is requested every third month.


Bonner Age Management has a proven track record with patients showing a significant change in energy levels by the second or third month. But this is just the beginning. Patients will also benefit from sustained weight loss, improved endurance and mobility, better fitness and greater concentration.


As for the skeptics, Dr. Bonner is proof that his program works.


“I’ve lost weight, turned fat into muscle and feel great,” he says. “This program is a must-do for anyone who doesn’t want to settle and prefers to age youthfully. The goal is to live better.”


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