All about Style
Christina Vagnozzi and her team at Malvern’s Style Masters Salon and Spa have mastered the art of hair, makeup, nails and more
by Karen Appold


When Janice Decker of Chester Springs met Christina Vagnozzi, owner of Style Masters Salon and Spa, she couldn’t help but admire her hair. “We have similar hair, and her hair looked so nice,” Decker recalls. That was 20 years ago, and since then, Decker has been a loyal customer of Vagnozzi’s salon.


“I’ve followed Christina to different locations as her business grew,” Decker says. “I have used all of the salon’s services—massages, nails, facials and hair. I’ve changed my look many times to keep up with the newest trends.”


Presently, Style Masters Salon is located in an expanded Cape Cod home near the intersection of routes 30 and 352 in Malvern. Passersby may wonder what all of the buzz is about and what awaits them inside. Upon entering, one steps into a serene oasis where you can get primped and pampered from head to toe.


“It’s a friendly, comfortable atmosphere,” Decker says. “Earth-tone colors provide a very relaxing environment.” The open, spacious first floor is dedicated to hair, nails and makeup. In the upstairs retreat, clients can rid themselves of worries and stress while indulging in a facial, skin treatment or massage.


Like Decker, Maureen Kozak of Phoenixville switched to Style Masters Salon after admiring a client’s hair. “I knew someone who went there, and she always had the greatest hair,” she says. “I am so glad I tried it out.” That was three years ago.


“Being in a renovated home makes it feel more like a warm, relaxed atmosphere,” Kozak continues. “It is not showy or pretentious; it’s more about the clients. I really enjoy going there; it’s worth the drive [from Phoenixville].”


Vagnozzi started her business 21 years ago; it has grown to include 24 employees who “work as a team,” Vagnozzi says. “Each client’s information and details of every service they receive are entered into the computer. Therefore, clients feel comfortable going to any stylist.”


Decker can attest to this. “What continues to impress me the most is the ability of the stylists to accommodate each others’ clients,” she says. “Let’s face it, with today’s busy lifestyles, coordinating appointments can be a challenge and it really helps to have options.

At Style Masters, client expectations can be met by any one of the talented stylists. I’ve never seen a client leave unhappy. And the talent doesn’t stop there. … Treat yourself to a facial and a massage or get a manicure and pedicure. You’ll never be sorry that you did.”


Employee turnover is rare. “My girls have been here for years,” Vagnozzi says. “I am very particular about the people I hire, and they stay. They get to know the clients, and [the clients] get to know them.”


“Everyone who comes here has a home,” says Erika Tenenbaum, an aesthetician at Style Masters Salon. “I bond with clients and with others’ clients.”


‘Totally Revived’

Style Masters Salon is proud to use and sell Aveda products since it opened. “Aveda is very particular about which salons they allow to retail its products; we have to maintain certain standards,” Vagnozzi says. “It is an environmentally friendly product. We wanted to be a part of something that is good. And, because it is an aroma therapy product, it smells incredible.”


The salon has a full selection of Aveda products, and the staff is happy to make recommendations, “but they never push product,” Kozak says. “They are there to help you.”


Adds Decker, “The salon carries all top-of-the-line products at affordable prices. There are always fun new things to buy, too, such as jewelry or handbags. It gives busy local entrepreneurs a way to show their products.”


Decker also appreciates the fact that Vagnozzi continues to remodel and refresh the salon, whether it’s new window treatments, paint or decorations.


Employees receive all of their training from Aveda, keeping them on top of current trends. Also, Vagnozzi touts a new manicure—the shellac—which lasts for two weeks without chipping. “This is great for the holidays, when you don’t have much time,” she says. The hybrid polish cures instantly under a lamp. “It’s incredible; I can’t believe it. I’ve seen a lot in 21 years, but this is the ultimate. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the new way of polish.”


Tenenbaum praises a new hair-rejuvenation concept, which includes a conditioning treatment for the scalp and hair, along with a massage and blow dry. “I wasn’t sure if my hair needed it; I overuse hairspray, which was starting to dry my hair and scalp. My hair was getting stiff. After the treatment my hair was extremely manageable and shiny—it was totally revived. I was amazed.”


The salon has been recognized for its excellent service, most notably winning Suburban Life’s “Best Salon” earlier this year. (It also made Fox Philly’s Hot List, for its facials, three years in a row.) In addition, giving back to the community has become a priority. This year, Style Masters Salon will participate in the Chester County Food Bank’s Backpack Food Drive, in which needy students receive a weekly backpack filled with nutritious foods. And, in keeping with tradition, the salon will adopt a family and provide Christmas gifts.


With the holidays approaching, now is the time to plan ahead for holiday parties and events. Style Masters Salon’s “one-stop shop” makes it easy to have a complete makeover and head directly to the festive event on one’s calendar. Visit Style Masters Salon and Spa at 549 Lancaster Ave. in Malvern, call 610-640-0677 or go to for more information.


Karen Appold is a Royersford-based freelance writer.

Kim Billingsley is a freelance photographer based in Doylestown.