Straight Talk
Second-generation orthodontist Dr. Terry Levitt takes a personal approach to creating bright, confident smiles
by Glori Gayster


For most, the primary benefit of orthodontic treatment is to have a great smile, which builds confidence at any age. Although treatment was once perceived as something generally for children and teens, the truth is that today about one in every five orthodontic patients is an adult. Yet orthodontics can do far more than simply straighten teeth.


“Sculpting a beautiful smile requires an enormous attention to detail that goes far beyond tooth alignment,” says Terry Levitt, D.M.D., M.S.D., of Levitt Orthodontics, which has offices in Southampton and Bensalem. “My passion is to create a smile that increases self-esteem, attractiveness and happiness—one that provides lifelong advantages and opportunities for my patients.”


Levitt Orthodontics is an intimate practice that has been serving residents of Bucks and Montgomery counties since 1970. It is now led by Dr. Terry Levitt, a second-generation orthodontist, who is a board-certified specialist in her field and understands all aspects of one’s care, starting with her patient relationships. “From the initial consult to the last day of treatment,” she says, “patients are assured of my attention at every appointment.”


Using only the highest-quality treatment options with proven results, Dr. Levitt and her staff never conform to a “one size fits all” approach. Customized treatment planning is critical to creating a great smile, and the practice offers alternatives from traditional braces to Invisalign and SureSmile, one of the newest options available today.


“We take pride in making even the most anxious, timid patients feel relaxed,” says Dr. Levitt. “And who says braces can’t be fun? Our younger patients can choose the colored bands of their choice then change them at each visit.”


Because good health starts with proper oral care, the importance of orthodontic treatment extends further than a bright, engaging smile. It should also be healthy and functional. “The connection between oral health and disease has become more and more apparent,” Dr. Levitt explains. “Whether it is a breakdown of teeth that impacts digestion or the links between periodontal disease and diabetes, heart disease, stroke and other serious conditions, it all starts orally.”


A Sure Thing

One of the latest advances in orthodontics takes a proactive approach to traditional treatment. SureSmile is a technology-driven orthodontic process, combining robotic accuracy with a patient’s individualized care plan. As the first to offer this treatment option in Bucks County, Dr. Levitt believes strongly in the benefits of SureSmile.


“No one wants to wear braces for a long time,” she says. “The sooner they can be removed the better. SureSmile is revolutionizing the ‘braces experience’ and reduces the length of treatment. This means less frequent office visits interfering with busy schedules and fewer uncomfortable appointments involving wire adjustments and changes.”


Ideal for those of any age who have all their permanent teeth in place, the patient’s teeth are scanned by a computer and a specially trained SureSmile technician creates a simulation of the full mouth. Dr. Levitt then proceeds to virtually move each individual tooth to its preferred final placement and selects the optimal braces hardware. A simulator then uses this information to create the materials that will ensure the proper movement of the teeth.


According to Dr. Levitt, the resulting position is accurate to one-tenth of a millimeter and one-tenth of a degree. “It removes the human element in manipulating arch wires by hand,” she says. “This precise movement enables great results with a shorter treatment time. Beyond a great smile, patients can return to a normal oral-hygiene routine more quickly.”


Improving the Experience

As with any dental treatment, technology and care options are only part of the process. A good or bad experience often comes down to the doctor/patient relationship and a commitment to success.


“I never mind being a second opinion,” says Dr. Levitt. “From the first visit, our difference is clear.”


At Levitt Orthodontics, the first visit is filled with a thorough yet simple exam of the patient’s teeth and bite, and conversation—questions and answers that aim to reduce potential anxiety and build a strong foundation. In fact, it is uncommon for even a single X-ray to be taken at that appointment. “Patients, especially children, are frequently nervous,” Dr. Levitt says. “They tell me stories of being whisked into another room without being fully informed. Instead, our goal is for prospective patients and parents to leave the first consultation informed and relaxed.”


The practice boasts a small yet highly skilled staff, including two assistants who have more than 40 years of combined experience. Even though the practice is blessed to have an expert support team, Dr. Levitt sees every patient at virtually every visit. This is the kind of personal attention to patients that over the years seems to have diminished at other practices.


Dr. Levitt knew early on that she wanted to be an orthodontist. From the age of 14, she worked with her father at his orthodontic practice, learning from his commitment to caring for patients—a passion that deepened as she progressed through dental school and beyond. The skills and techniques came naturally to her, Dr. Levitt shares, which enabled her to focus even more on the human aspects of treating her patients. This dedication has led to Levitt’s participation with Smiles Change Lives, a national program which helps create beautiful smiles for less fortunate children.


“I relate to patients on a psychological level,” she says. “Just as treatment plans need to be personalized, caring for individuals in a way they need is equally as important.”


However, the commitment to the best possible results also requires patient participation. Proper orthodontic care, as she tells her patients, involves maintaining proper oral hygiene, avoiding certain foods and following the treatment instructions. By taking care of one’s teeth and controlling the areas they can, an orthodontic treatment plan will remain on track and on time.


Patients at Levitt Orthodontics enjoy peace of mind when entrusting their care to a licensed, board-certified orthodontic specialist. Although many general dentists are performing orthodontic procedures, Dr. Levitt’s experience and comprehensive orthodontic training—orthodontists have at least two years of full-time training in an accredited orthodontic program—ensures more favorable results.


Whether it’s in the orthodontic chair or in the office waiting room, Dr. Levitt and her team strive to create a positive experience for every patient. For example, the practice can work to maximize one’s insurance benefits as well as offer flexible payment plans. In the end, Dr. Levitt says, it all comes down to one simple principle: “I want patients to leave happy and smiling.”


Levitt Orthodontics


Two Offices:

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Glori Gayster is a freelance writer based in South Jersey.

Rob Hall is a photographer based in Plumsteadville.