Don’t Fight the Law
Think you might be in need of legal help? Hesitation in finding it can only hurt
by Jennifer Updike


Whereas many people predictably have a fear of heights or snakes or even dogs, others suffer from a more acute fear that could ultimately come back to haunt them—liticaphobia, which is a fear of lawyers or lawsuits or, simply, the law.


For most, this fear arises out of lack of understanding, which is not difficult to fathom considering the U.S. legal system is a complex animal indeed. But people who need legal assistance will be doing themselves more harm than good by going without simply because of their inability to confront a fear of the unknown.


As many locals can attest, there’s nothing quite like having a skilled attorney by one’s side in times of duress—whether it’s to help recover losses in the aftermath of a personal injury, to get through an emotion-siphoning divorce, to formulate an estate plan or to handle a pressing business matter. Competent legal representation is especially critical because, like snowflakes, every client’s case is different.


Ask any attorney his or her best piece of free legal advice, and he or she will likely have a terse, yet cleverly powerful answer: “If you think you might need an attorney, you probably do. Don’t hesitate to call someone you can trust.”


In other words, moving ahead without the consultation of a qualified, reputable and prepared attorney—simply to save a few dollars—might ultimately cost much more in the long run because the person didn’t understand the legal system’s complexities.


When hiring an attorney, trust is the key … and this goes both ways, local attorneys suggest. Clients should feel comfortable with the attorney they choose and, at the same time, clients should be completely honest with their attorneys; after all, confidentiality rules exist for very good reason—to enable an attorney to represent his or her client in the best possible fashion while still working within the confines of the law.

—Jennifer Updike


Note: The November issue of Suburban Life featured the 2011 Awesome Attorneys report, which included comprehensive listings of top attorneys in their particular area of practice, as nominated by partner Avvo Inc. The report also contained an equally thorough list of area attorneys nominated by readers—through our website,—as tops in their field. The list contained dozens of nominated attorneys from the suburbs and surrounding areas, though several of those nominated were erroneously omitted. Suburban Life regrets the omissions, which are listed below.


Business Law

Bob Angst

Angst & Angst P.C., Doylestown/Harleysville



Joseph B. Silverstein

Green, Silverstein & Groff LLC, Philadelphia



Francis J. Sullivan

Hill Wallack LLP, Yardley



Civil Litigation/Corporate Law

Lance Rogers

Rogers & Associates LLC, Wynnewood



Family Law

Jerry Berschler

Solomon, Berschler, Schatz & Monaghan P.C., Norristown



Susan Vandergrift

Law Offices of Gregory P. LaMonaca P.C., Media



Franchise Law

Lane Fisher

Fisher Zucker LLC, Philadelphia



Personal Injury

Joel Feldman

Anapol Schwartz Attorneys at Law, Philadelphia



Kenneth R. Schuster

Kenneth R. Schuster & Associates P.C., Media



Cynthia J. Silver

Silver & Silver Attorneys at Law, Ardmore



Real Estate Law

H. Kenneth Butera

Butera, Beausang, Cohen & Brennan Attorneys at Law, King of Prussia