Happy Teeth
Doc Bresler's Cavity Busters makes dental visits fun
by Danielle Wallace

Toys, video games and bicuspids—which one of these things doesn’t belong? At Doc Bresler’s Cavity Busters, they all go hand in hand. Proudly launching a new wave in pediatric dentistry, David Bresler, D.D.S., transforms the often hated and frequently feared task of going to the dentist into a fun experience that children in our area actually look forward to.

As the founder of six convenient locations in Jenkintown, Media, Dresher and Philadelphia, as well as a 5,000-square-foot ambulatory surgical center, Doc Bresler’s main goal is to “raise a whole generation of children who can look forward to going to the dentist.” The promotion of this thoughtful concept also instills the importance of lifelong dental hygiene, a bonus for any dentist worth his teeth. But how exactly does he do it?

“If you can make a child feel comfortable in their surroundings, then they are that much more likely to be open to a new experience,” Bresler explains.

And that is just what he and his team strives for in their various office environments. From the Motor Mouth Museum, which consists of restored vehicles that are now gutted and painted bright colors, to the Quiet Rooms, where shy visitors can relax and unwind, to the video game waiting area and superhero-covered walls, the Cavity Buster offices resemble an amusement park more than a doctor’s office. They even offer limo rides to and from the office for their “patient of the week,” a treat Bresler instituted to help get rid of the fear and anxiety that can occur on the way to a check-up.

Alongside their father, Drs. Joshua and Jason and younger sister Rachel Bresler (who will receive her D.M.D. this May) are part-owners of Cavity Busters and also treat patients on a daily basis.

“We enjoy working together and feed off of one another’s passion and energy for this business,” says Joshua, who, like many of the other Cavity Buster employees, is board certified in pediatric dentistry.

Echoing his brother’s sentiments, Jason says, “My dad is a great example of what a good dentist should be, and we are very proud to follow in his footsteps.” Rachel, the youngest Bresler to join the family business, says she has always “had a love for children and the good sense to become part of something truly special.” All three children strive to make their father proud—a task which, according to dad, is accomplished simply by showing up for work every day.

The “original” Doc Bresler, who founded Cavity Busters in 1982 and sees patients in the Northeast Philly and Dresher offices, also welcomes adult patients at some of his locations.

“Everyone is a kid at heart and we take that saying very literally around here by trying to make all dental experiences fun and positive,” he says. He understands that it may be more convenient to schedule the whole family for dental appointments on the same day and therefore makes it a point to accommodate patients of all ages.

Doc Bresler is also a staff member at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children as well as a clinical associate professor at Temple University’s Kornberg School of Dentistry. “It’s important for me to have my finger on the pulse of pediatric dentistry as well as to give back to future doctors in my field,” he says.

Doc Bresler really has thought of everything. Even his Web site, CavityBusters.com will have kids begging: “Mom, take me to the dentist!” From a detailed account of what to expect during your first visit to fun dental-related activity sheets for kids to print out, children are truly cared for at every level of this experience. So for anyone with teething toddlers, squirmy 6-year-olds, or a teen with a toothache, be sure to call Doc Bresler’s Cavity Busters today and set up an appointment.

Danielle Wallace is a freelance writer in Montgomery County.