When Time Really Matters
Young’s Y-Turf installed synthetic lawns and putting surfaces make all the difference
by Glori Gayster

Today, our lives are busier than ever—work, school, travel; our daily routine is filled to the hilt and sitting down for a family dinner has become virtually obsolete. Spending time in your yard used to be a pleasure. Now, working to maintain it is a timely and costly chore.

But it doesn’t have to be. Young’s Landscape Management and its Y-Turf division offer revolutionary synthetic lawn surfaces— the ideal answer for any lifestyle.

“Clients often ask why is synthetic turf right for me? For my family? For my home?” says Dan Bailey, division manager of Young’s Y-Turf division. “My initial and honest reply is simply—why not?”

Unlike “fake” synthetic surfaces of the past, the products installed by Y-Turf are lush, vibrant and lifelike. You can barely tell the difference when compared to natural grass. Young’s uniquely blends synthetic lawns within the desired landscape and hardscape design, which often includes lighting accents and water features. The result of this workmanship is a backyard of your dreams.

Taking the Work Out of Yard Work

Keeping your home looking great throughout the year is important. Yet after a hard day’s work or weeklong business trip, yard maintenance and care can be daunting. Cutting-edge synthetic lawns are ideal for those who work long hours or whose lifestyles involve a lot of travel. It is lso ideal for families with children and pets.

With the installation of a synthetic turf, homeowners are able to have a beautiful lawn without the time and cost of maintenance. No more mowing, watering or weeding.

All surfaces offered by Y-Turf are also safe and clean. Children’s clothes will be free of grass stains and there will be no mud prints from dirty sneakers or pets’ paws. Synthetic turf also reduces the potential for bacteria, fungus growth and chemical ingestion.

Sport and Play Enthusiasts

Imagine the luxury of practicing your putt at home. Enjoy the challenge of bocce on your very own court. Create a playground for your children that is the envy of your neighbors. No matter what you are looking for, Y-Turf can install the right synthetic turf to create a fun environment to meet your needs.

“At Y-Turf, we have installed synthetic putting greens and full practice courts,” Bailey explains. “These authentic surfaces offer high-quality performance and have putting speeds of 11 on the stimp meter.”

With Young’s full array of landscaping services, golfers can add sand traps, boulders and any other custom-designed challenges. Improving your putt or mastering that uncontrollable shot can be as easy as walking out the backdoor.

For playground areas, synthetic turf offers unmatched resilience. Kids—and adults—can run, tumble and tackle for hours day after day without signs of wear and tear on your lawn. Y-Turf is also cleaner than some commonly used alternatives such as sand and wood chips.

A Shore-Fire Lawn

If you vacation or have a second home at the Jersey Shore, you probably prefer to spend your time relaxing, not doing lawn work. Y-Turf and its selection of revolutionary synthetic lawn surfaces may be just the answer so your vacation time is put to good use.

“Say good-bye to the traditional gravels and stones, a long-standing standard for shore home yards,” Bailey says. “The synthetic surfaces offered by Y-Turf have a fresh-cut appearance and feel, so your home at the shore can share the same brilliance as a suburban lawn.”

In addition to its time-saving and beautification benefits, synthetic turf is a cost-effective alternative to real grass. Its year-round durability withstands heat, hurricanes and our infamous nor’easters. The virtually maintenance-free lawn requires no water, fertilizers, mowing or weeding.

Y-Turf, Young’s Landscape Management, Inc., 1-877-90-YTURF, Y-Turf.com

Glori Gayster is a freelance writer and marketing professional based in South Jersey.