Hearing Again
Rather than accepting hearing loss as a part of life, turn to A.P. Mynders & Associates Audiology/Hearing Aid Services
by Bill Donahue


May is Better Hearing Month. What does that mean to the 45 million Americans who have hearing losses? All national awareness months have been created to focus on the subject of that “special” month, and hearing loss is no different. The fact is that most people have very little knowledge about what causes hearing problems and how to find a solution. It’s just not part of most people’s education.


What is the first step when you or your family members or friends can’t hear well?




A.P. Mynders & Associates Audiology/Hearing Aid Services has been in practice in the Philadelphia metro area longer than other locations that test hearing, and has tested thousands of Philadelphia-area residents over two generations. The hearing tests and case history inform the professionals at A.P. Mynders & Associates of what the next steps of treatment, which could include surgery, pharmaceutical interventions and/or amplification (i.e., hearing aids), might be.


A second-generation practice, A.P. Mynders & Associates refers for medical options and specializes in hearing-aid options. Also, it was an early advocate for education and licensing. The present generation has excelled in publications about innovation in hearing and advances, of which there have been many. In addition to publishing, Joel Mynders has lectured and taught for 40 years.


After the hearing tests, patients need guidance on selecting and fitting their hearing aids. In fact, clinical experience is the largest factor in determining good outcomes when it comes to using hearing aids. In other words, hearing aids are not just a commodity to shop for; of greater importance is locating an experienced and patient clinician who will “hear” the patient throughout the fitting process.


A.P. Mynders & Associates offers one-year “umbrella care,” meaning from the date of delivery of one’s instruments, there will be no charge for the company’s professional services. This includes all office visits, follow-ups, six-month maintenance checkouts and complete reevaluation of one’s hearing and aids at the end of the 12-month period. Any reprogramming needed during this period is without charge. At the end of the umbrella-care period, patients are charged on a fee-for-services basis.


To summarize: FIRST, get a hearing test. SECOND, get a recommendation for action to correct the hearing loss. THIRD, go to the best clinician possible, because he or she is the critical element in one’s success with hearing aids. There are many “myths” about hearing aids, most of which are part of past history. In truth, the technological leaps of the past three years cancel out most of the myths and have created a new horizon of success using hearing aids.


A.P. Mynders & Associates Audiology/Hearing Aid Services has a track record of 72 years in continuous practice, driven by its goal of excellence in service and technology. Call for your own personal hearing test with action recommendations. We can correct our hearing loss by providing options and solutions for your hearing concerns.


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