Smile for a Lifetime
Fulfill all your dentistry goals at the soothing Newtown-based practice of Robert Lantzy, D.M.D.
by Bill Donahue


Imagine a hospitality-minded dental practice whose staff focuses on the overall health, comfort and safety of each patient in a soothing, almost spa-like environment; another that utilizes the latest technology and techniques to maintain patients’ oral health for a lifetime; and yet another that boasts the education and expertise to help its patients reach any goal as it relates to the form, function and aesthetics of their smile.


Prospective patients need look no further than Robert A. Lantzy, DMD, LLC to find a practice that possesses all these benefits and then some. Described as “caring professionals providing exceptional dentistry,” Dr. Lantzy’s practice offers a full array of restorative and cosmetic dental services—from bonding, root canal therapy and crowns, to “Zoom!” teeth whitening, Invisalign invisible braces, and veneers—to serve many needs.


Yet Dr. Lantzy’s practice is about much more than techniques and services; it’s about forging a lasting bond. “We’re a boutique-minded practice,” says Marg, Dr. Lantzy’s office administrator.

“When someone comes through the door, they are welcomed as a person, not a number—we know you by name. Patients come with anticipation and fears, and our goal is to relieve them. When you come here, it’s almost like coming to our home, where we deliver a level of hospitality as well as the dental care that your smile seeks. We make your visits as comfortable and comforting as possible; doing our best to give you a positive experience, helping you feel more confident as you become more and more healthy overall! This is our goal: ‘To help you achieve dental wellness!’


“We have patients who drive a distance to come for their care … from the Poconos, from New York and Connecticut,” she continues. “We’ve had patients who have moved away to North Carolina who called us and relayed, ‘You’ve spoiled us; we can’t find someone else like you.’”


Such testimonials are flattering. At Dr. Lantzy’s beautifully designed, state-of-the-art facility in Newtown, the focus is on individualized attention in maintaining healthy smiles that lead to greater self-confidence and well-being. Some of the most impressive changes come from patients who have not seen an oral-health professional for some time, according to Marg, perhaps because the practice has taught its patients prevention.


“The greatest thing is to see the changes in someone with complex problems who didn’t smile much, timid and afraid to show their teeth,” Marg says. “After their smile is restored, they start beaming; their posture changes, and they are ready to greet the world with their bright, confident smile.


“A smile is similar to a house; it’s important to build it on a good foundation,” she adds. “If the foundation is not sound, everything can fall apart. Applying spackle can make things look good temporarily, but over time, problems resurface. We aim to correct the source of problems. Doing it right the first time can save you a lot of frustration and expense.”


Malocclusion (improper alignment of the teeth) is a fine example. Here Dr. Lantzy will work to understand how your teeth should come together. Correction can often relieve a multitude of problems that hard-to-clean areas create, including decay, periodontal (gum related) problems, as well as aesthetic problems. In some cases, Dr. Lantzy might prescribe Invisalign, thereby achieving an ideal smile in as little as six months. In cases where a patient’s teeth have no fillings but are crooked, it is better to straighten the actual teeth than to cover the malocclusion with veneers or crowns.


The results that patients experience here have the potential to not only change one’s smile but also save one’s life. As part of his overall dental-health examinations, Dr. Lantzy offers oral-cancer screenings to monitor for anything suspicious that could signal a life-threatening problem.


Technology has always been a building block of the practice since its founding nearly 25 years ago. CEREC and laser technology is a newer addition within the past three years, for example. It is a CAD/CAM-enabled technology that uses a variety of high-quality ceramic materials and glazes to match the color of one’s other teeth. This enables Dr. Lantzy to restore damaged teeth—and make them look as natural and seamless as possible—within a single appointment. Technology has extended to other parts of the practice over the years with regards to patient safety and convenience in mind, from digital radiographs implemented over 14 years ago and enhanced sterilization features to ease of communications by e-mail and cell phones.


“When we see a need,” Marg says, “we fill it to the best degree that we can—from the hospitality we provide to the technology we utilize to the early-morning and late-evening appointments we offer. We believe patients want to be in competent hands, with caring professionals focusing on their individual concerns—teaching them prevention, monitoring their progress, restoring their smiles to health and beauty. It takes quality time to do quality dentistry. It takes commitment to keep current with dental technology; to be able to offer a wide array of solutions and create a unique and comfortable experience as well.”


Take time today to make an appointment with Dr. Lantzy and plan ahead for a lifetime of healthy smiles. Visit for more information or reach the office by calling 215-860-5901.  —Bill Donahue


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