The Smile Artist
At Exton Dental Health Group and the Pennsylvania Center for Cosmetic Dentistry, Dr. Jonathan Scharf and his team create stunning smiles that speak for themselves
by Glori Gayster


Someone once said that “everyone smiles in the same language.” For his part, Jonathan Scharf, D.M.D., has coined an equally eloquent adage: “A beautiful smile speaks for itself.”


In both, the meaning is clear: Having a beautiful, healthy smile is more than aesthetic. “By creating beautiful smiles, we are able to help people make profound changes in their lives and we take that very seriously,” says Dr. Scharf, who founded the Exton Dental Health Group 40 years ago. “A smile influences virtually every aspect of life, from others’ impressions to one’s own sense of confidence and self-esteem.”


Exton Dental Health Group and the Pennsylvania Center for Cosmetic Dentistry offer care of an uncompromisingly high standard that is focused on the unique needs, total comfort and ultimate satisfaction of each individual patient. The practice provides a comprehensive range of treatments and services, from general dentistry to cosmetic and restorative care—combining technology and technique, aesthetics and science, innovation and experience—with a track record of creating extraordinary results.


“We take a three-pronged approach to patient care,” Dr. Scharf explains. “First is a commitment to the latest and most promising technology. We treat patients with respect and compassion, assuring custom treatment plans that address each individual’s needs and goals.” He goes on to explain that with the combination of these two principles, the third is more readily achieved. “We don’t just look to accomplish good results. We are dedicated to meeting and exceeding patients’ expectations.”


Changing Patients’ Lives

There are many reasons why people choose to improve their smile. According to Dr. Scharf, “Aging teeth is one of the main reasons. Patients look to recapture their youth, as 60 is the new 30. Others seek treatment for restoring broken and decayed teeth.”


The advent of “easy” orthodontic treatment, such as Invisalign, has also made correcting crooked teeth at any age a growing trend. Beyond the physical changes, there are more subjective benefits, according to Dr. Scharf.


“Smiles make people feel better,” he suggests. “They enhance well-being and create a long-lasting, immeasurable improvement in self-confidence and self-esteem. There are also those who enhance their smile for a special occasion or executive preparation.”


For example, Dr. Scharf recalls being visited by a mother whose daughter was to be married in three days. “Fearing the everlasting wedding photos, the change was a ‘must have’ and her begging words were heartfelt,” he explains. “Within one day, we were able to transform her smile with beautiful handcrafted artisanship and change her life.”


Despite all the positive reasons linked to a healthy beautiful smile, many patients still don’t take the necessary steps out of fear, time or cost. Recent advancements in dental care now help reduce anxiety and provide virtually painless options. Others feel there is no way to correct their teeth or that cosmetic dentistry is only for movie stars.


“The good news is that improving a smile is possible for anyone and patients can rest assured that we have most likely treated worse cases,” Dr. Scharf says. “As for cost, financing options are readily available to overcome one of the common hurdles to care.”


Know your Dentist

With the important role a smile plays in one’s business and social encounters, selecting the right professional is critical. Dr. Scharf, well known throughout the dental community, offers some advice. Most importantly are the dentist’s credentials.


A former president of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD), Dr. Scharf is an accredited fellow of that organization and responsible for establishing the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry Educational Endowment Fund. Fellowships in the AACD are not awarded regularly. In fact, there are barely more than 50 dentists worldwide who have achieved such recognition, and Dr. Scharf is one of the only fellows in the tri-state area. The written exam and mandatory presentation of 50 or more cases are reviewed and must be approved by the AACD review board. Fellows are also required to continue publishing and educating on the relevant dental topics of today.


Equally important for patients seeking care is to find a skilled professional who listens carefully to their concerns. The right dentist will look to interpret one’s needs and wants with the goal of exceeding expectations. Dr. Scharf also advises patients to ask questions.


“People need to know how long the dentist has been in practice and the type of services offered,” he says, adding that it is a good idea to see examples of past casework. “Also, learn about the lab and technician who are such a big part of the cosmetic equation. Their artisanship cannot be understated.”


Over the years, recent advancements in technology have been instrumental in improving results in cosmetic dentistry. Computer-assisted tools offer greater accuracy with detailed scans compared to the traditional tools of the past, resulting in better fit and appearance. The difference in results is remarkable. “Another trend is in the realm of minimally invasive dentistry,” says Dr. Scharf. “These new techniques offer maximum change with the least amount of tooth removal.”


The Story Continues

After 30 years and thousands of patients, Dr. Scharf’s passion remains strong. His exuberance is evident from the moment he begins discussing his art and what he refers to as a delicate balance of aesthetics and science that requires exceptional skill and extensive experience to achieve.


“Simply put,” he says, “I love what I do. It is an art, and if I had chosen any other path, I could see myself as a starving artist.”


To him, creating a beautiful smile is not work; it comes naturally. For patients whose lives have been changed as a result of his work performed at the Exton Dental Group and the Pennsylvania Center for Cosmetic Dentistry, their smiles speak volumes.


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Glori Gayster is a freelance writer from South Jersey.

Rob Hall is a photographer from Plumsteadville.