Superior Stone
Homeowners uncover the exotic stone of their dreams at K2 International in Huntingdon Valley
by Jennifer Updike

When discerning homeowners or fabricators goes about searching for the perfect slab of stone to complete a bathroom or kitchen project, they need to look no farther than an expansive warehouse in Huntingdon Valley, home of a company called K2 International LLC. After all, this company quite literally goes to the ends of the earth—from Italy to Brazil—in search of the most beautiful slabs of precious stone imaginable.

K2 International is among the region’s leading importers and wholesale distributors of natural stone such as granite, marble, limestone, travertine, onyx and quartz. In fact, the company offers more than 200 colors of natural stone slabs, all of which are on display in its spacious 17,000-square-foot warehouse.

“Our stone is first class and of very high quality; it’s different and exotic,” says Carmelo LaMarca, owner of K2 International. “You wouldn’t believe the variety we have here—the granite, the marble, all this beautiful natural stone. … We’ve been around only a year, but we’re already getting some good exposure and recognition because of the variety and quality we offer.”

With more than 40 years of combined industry experience, K2 International’s staff is committed to supplying fabricators, designers, architects, and homeowners with the finest-quality slabs of natural stone. In fact, K2 International has been recognized for providing fabricators—meaning persons or companies who specialize in cutting and installing—with the highest-quality stone, each provided with personalized customer service and competitive pricing.

Superior Stone, Superior Service
Homeowners are welcome to visit K2 International’s warehouse at any time.  Here, customers can view this array of beautifully colored stone slabs and have the opportunity to reserve any one and then have a fabricator cut it specifically for them. K2 International strives to offer the best customer service in a friendly environment, and because it is a wholesaler, the company’s goal is not to sell a homeowner on a kitchen or bath project but to make sure that those projects have the exact stone they deserve.

“In addition to a wide selection of colors, we also offer very good service,” LaMarca says. “Customers come in here so they can see what stones they like, and we’ll move slabs around and help them pick out the one or two or five that they like; we can even bring it into better lighting if we have to.

“Even though our primary customer would be the person who puts the edge on the stone, we do have many homeowners who come in here,” he adds. “Most times it’s when a fabricator has a customer who wants to see more variety, in which case they send them to us and we’ll work with them to make sure they get exactly what they desire.”

K2 International imports stone slabs from exotic destinations from around the globe that are renowned for their quality stone—namely countries such as Brazil, India and Italy. Currently, some of the more popular colors include Crema Bordeaux, which is a type of granite containing the rich color of a fine red wine, and Crema Marfil and White Carrara, both of which are types of light-colored marble.

“Most fabricators are smaller operations and concentrate on working on the piece of stone,” LaMarca says. “We concentrate on bringing in pieces from all over the world. The fabricator picks a stone, we tag it for the fabricator, and everything else falls into place.

“When people see that you’re an importer, they sometimes tend to think bigger,” he continues. “It’s important for people to know where the stone is coming from, especially when it’s coming from places like Italy and Brazil. You see all these exotic colors of stone in those parts of the world. And at K2 we take pride in displaying these stones in our facility for all customers to come in and be able to select their particular stone of choice.”

K2 International has the ability to offer cut-to-size materials with an abundant supply of different colors, sizes and finishes. The company’s goal is to make sure that each customer is thrilled about not only the stone that they choose, but the service as well. To guarantee the best quality stone, color and consistency, all of K2 International’s slabs—granite, marble, onyx, etc.—are hand selected by the company’s owner. Customers are welcome to visit the warehouse and select any type of stone, though no cutting is done on premises.

Finally, K2 International takes great pride in each slab of stone it imports. It is of utmost importance to the company and its staff that each stone is flawless, with no imperfections or veins where they should not be—nothing but the finest quality material available. In other words: a precious stone, indeed.

K2 International LLC
2381 Philmont Ave., Suite 101, Huntingdon Valley