Like a Good Neighbor
Dentist Dr. Greg Wilkocz helps his community through education and quality care
by Daniel Sean Kaye

We should all have a dentist like Dr. Greg Wilkocz at Doylestown-based South Main Dental.

A local boy loyal to his community and a fixture in the area, Dr. Wilkocz simply loves being a dentist. Whether it’s showing people a smile they never thought they could have, fixing problems that have long impacted the way they live their lives or using new products such as Invisalign to help ward off the specter of conventional braces, Dr. Wilkocz is completely dedicated to making his patients happy. 

“We are a family-oriented practice. We treat all ages—kids, teens, young adults, moms and dads, grandparents,” explains Dr. Wilkocz. Most of the practice’s patients, about 60 percent or so, come from Doylestown, with virtually all others hailing from surrounding communities.

On South Main Street for more than 10 years now, the practice has been consistently building its local clientele. Dr. Wilkocz, who has been practicing dentistry for 29 years, is especially happy that many of his patients have followed him and Dee, South Main Dental’s hygienist, from previous practices where they’ve worked. That says a lot about the sort of people they are.

Teaching the Basics
Dr. Wilkocz believes in preventive care, so he shares important information with his patients. “The single most important thing people should do to improve their oral health is floss,” he explains. “Flossing cleans where a toothbrush cannot, in between the teeth, where most adult cavities begin and where gum disease does the most damage.” He adds that there is a great deal of scientific medical evidence reporting that gum inflammation can adversely affect not only your dental health but one’s overall health, especially in the area of one’s cardiac health.

“The second most important thing is regular check-ups and teeth cleaning,” he adds. “Preventing problems and catching them when they are small problems is the best approach.” Dr. Wilkocz says that while there are many new products on the market that help dental health—just look at the toothpaste selection and high-tech brushes, he says—these items should not be expected to replace sound regular professional care.

In addition, he says periodontal (gum) services, as provided by hygienist Dee, are critically important. Healthy gums and bones are the foundation of dental care, so routine cleanings, scaling and root planning for gum disease cases, as well as proper home-care techniques, are essential tools of the trade. “We can even apply specially formulated medications directly to the hard-to-reach areas [called pockets] under the gumline, to eliminate gum infection,” he says.

Dental Advances
Dr. Wilkocz excels in many areas, especially in what is called restorative dentistry. “Restorative dentistry is like home improvement for your teeth—essentially fixing or restoring anything that is damaged,” he says. “Fillings, crowns, inlays and onlays all return the tooth to its natural form and function.”

A more natural look is what people want, and Dr. Wilkocz is happy to be able to provide that. “All the restorations we do are tooth colored. I haven’t done a silver filling in 10 years,” he explains. “Porcelain veneers for the front teeth are a great way to dramatically change your smile. They can make teeth whiter, fill spaces, make crooked teeth straight. Almost any cosmetic change is possible with veneers.”

Continuing his passion for the return of a natural, healthy smile for his patients, Dr. Wilkocz says that tooth whitening is “the single biggest cosmetic advance ever in the history of dental care.” For him, the ability to change the color of teeth without altering them through drilling, needles or discomfort is revolutionary. “Virtually everyone wants whiter teeth and a more attractive smile,” he says. 

Dr. Wilkocz also points to three other pieces of technology which he feels have greatly improved the quality of care his office can give. Digital radiography (X-rays) provides instant imaging on a computer monitor and sharply reduces the amount of radiation exposure. The intra-oral camera, which provides magnified digital photos of the teeth, explains dental problems far better than words. Lastly, Identafi, a new technology for detecting oral cancer lesions, can literally save lives by using different wavelengths of light to illuminate suspect areas which may escape the naked eye.

“Oral cancer is very treatable when found early,” says Dr. Wilkocz. “Without early detection, the consequences can be devastating.”

‘Loving the Results’
One of Dr. Wilkocz’s favorite bits of dental advancement is the introduction of Invisalign, which he describes as “a revolutionary way to make teeth straighter without the use of metal brackets and wires.” By using clear and comfortable aligners, he can correct most bite problems. And because Invisalign aligners are removable, they allow a patient to eat whatever he or she wants.

“Keeping your teeth clean is easier than with traditional braces because you don’t have a mouth full of brackets and wires to catch food,” he explains. “Invisalign is virtually invisible in the mouth. Many of our patients report that friends and co-workers are unaware that they are wearing anything at all on their teeth.”

Due to the product’s many benefits, Dr. Wilkocz says that Invisalign gets high marks from his patients. “Everyone knows that going to the dentist is not high on anyone’s fun list of things to do,” he says. “But our Invisalign patients are genuinely happy to be doing it and they love the results.”

To Dr. Wilkocz and South Main Dental, there are few things as important as quality dental care. And by offering that care through basic preventive education, the latest technology and products like Invisalign, Dr. Wilkocz has provided the community with health that goes far beyond what you’d expect from a trip to the dentist.  

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Kim Billingsley is a freelance photographer based in Doylestown.