Striving for Excellence
Dental Solutions fosters lifelong patients by crafting perfect smiles with a compassionate, customized approach to improving patients’ overall well-being
by Jennifer Updike

When it comes to maintaining their oral health, people throughout the Philadelphia region have good reason to turn to the aptly named Dental Solutions.

Be it a cosmetic procedure to enhance the smile, dental implants to improve form and function, endodontics to perform root-canal therapy, or orthodontic treatment to make a good smile even better, Dental Solutions takes a compassionate, customized approach to addressing patients’ dental needs, no matter how complex or uncomplicated they may be.

Testimonials from patients characterize their experiences with Dental Solutions have been “wonderful” and “excellent,” with procedures being performed with “exceptional skill and sensitivity.” They refer to members of the Dental Solutions team as “caring and inspirational” and “compassionate,” and one patient who came from as far away as Virginia said the exceptional service and care she received contributed to a “pleasant experience at the dentist office.”

With more than a dozen offices in southeastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey, Dental Solutions’ veteran management team offers the latest dental procedures, including dental implants, all-porcelain ceramic crowns and veneers, Invisalign, nonsurgical periodontal care (including laser treatment), specialty root canal and full mouth reconstruction. In addition, the practice provides Botox injections and other dermal fillers, such as Radiesse and Juvéderm, to add youthfulness and fullness to a patient’s face.

“Injectables in dentists’ offices are very common on the West Coast, but they are a newer service for many dental offices here,” says Edan Blumenthal, D.M.D., the practice’s lead dentist at its Media office, whose emphasis is on cosmetic dentistry. “We do injections all the time and we have a good understanding of how [these injectables] can enhance the way a person looks.

“With the many services we provide, we can restore a patient’s smile and their confidence, as well as have a good quality of life,” she continues. “At the same time, we can also get rid of deep lines and unwanted wrinkles, and enhance the lips and cheekbones. These are all life-changing possibilities.”

Dr. Blumenthal, who earned her undergrad from University of Albany-SUNY and her doctorate from University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine, has practiced dentistry for more than 23 years. She, along with her colleagues at Dental Solutions, is committed to providing superior quality dentistry and outstanding customer service in an advanced, state-of-the-art setting. 

It should be unsurprising then that Dr. Blumenthal forged a successful career in the field of dentistry—a branch of medicine that combines art and science—given her lifelong fondness for art. Her background as a practicing artist, she believes, has actually helped her be a better dentist.

“I was always interested in the medical field and in the arts, so I fell right into dentistry,” she says. “I used to love doing portraits; I concentrated in oil paintings, and I still do them when I can. With the focus of my practice on the face and the smile, combined with the fact that I also love working with my hands, dentistry was right up my alley.”

Frank Bruno, D.M.D., a University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine graduate, is an endodontic specialist at the practice’s Media location. He knows that root canals get a bad reputation, and he strives to ease patients’ anxiety with his compassionate chairside manner. Patients travel from across the region to see him for this very reason.

A History of Success
The practice’s goal is to address all aspects of its patients’ dental care, beginning with its comprehensive treatment, flexible scheduling and financing options. The practice is committed to providing “the very best” dental care in a comfortable and friendly environment. The practice’s patient-care team is dedicated to patients’ satisfaction and will take the time to listen to all patients’ needs and concerns in the march toward good dental health.

Dental Solutions’ dentists and hygienists focus on preventive care and overall well-being, which begins with a healthy mouth. During a checkup, the dentist examines the patient’s teeth and overall oral health before a healthy cleaning from the hygienist. With regular dental visits, Dental Solutions can prevent common dental-health problems such as tooth decay or periodontal disease by monitoring teeth and gums. Furthermore, the warm and caring environment at each office helps reduce any lingering fears of sitting in the dentist’s chair that patients might have.

“We decide on the best treatment for each patient by first having a good understanding of their overall health; we consider their whole medical history and who they are as a person,” she says. “What it comes down to is that people come to us for customized treatment and because of all the specialists we have on board. We are blessed to highly experienced dentists who strive for excellence through service and continuing education; we’re up to date on the most cutting-edge treatments, and we’re very focused on handling each case in a timely manner, being available at times that are most convenient to the patient.

“We focus on service with same-day appointments, as needed, and a timely visit,” she continues. “We also take into account their finances, because some people can’t always afford the ideal treatment, so we’ll provide a treatment solution that fits within their budget. In short, we strive for excellence and take the necessary time to examine all our patients’ needs and discuss all their options.”

Dr. Mitchel Blumenthal is also part of the Dental Solutions team.  He is a graduate of New York University and received his doctorate from the University of Pennsylvania.  His focus is dental implant surgery and implant restorations. With a wealth of experience, he has been practicing for more than 27 years, and has placed in excess of 4,000 implants. He is an example of the practice’s passion and focus in providing the pinnacle of care for patients, whatever their dental needs might be.

“From an implant standpoint patients can eat and smile extremely well rather than use removable dentures,” he says. “From my experience, people are looking for better function and cosmetics, and the work we are doing here can make a major difference in a patient’s smile and quality of life as a whole.

“Our team at Dental Solutions has a tremendous amount of experience,” he continues, “and we look at the best possible treatment that is customized to the person sitting in the dental chair.” 

Dental Solutions
Suburban Locations: Media, Springfield, Upper Darby, Bala Cynwyd

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