Breaking the Cycle
At Yardley Dental Arts, Dr. Alan Smolen takes a thorough, holistic and preventative approach to improving patients’ oral health
by Jocelyn Murray

For more than 25 years Alan M. Smolen, D.D.S., has been bringing his uniquely caring brand of dentistry to the Yardley-Newtown area. After receiving both his bachelor’s degree from Temple University and his doctorate from the university’s Kornberg School of Dentistry, this born-and-raised Philadelphian started his practice in Bucks County.  In addition to Yardley Dental Arts in the Floral Vale Professional Park he is an associate clinical professor at NYU College of Dentistry.

Soon after beginning his practice, Dr. Smolen realized that there was much more to dentistry than filling cavities, fixing patients’ pre-existing issues and making his patients’ mouth’s aesthetically pleasing. The real importance of his career came from preventing patients as early on as possible from dealing with some of the issues that could corrupt their smile and possibly endanger their health. For those patients who were already dealing with significant dental issues, his goal was to find the root of the problem and address it completely.

Instead of getting caught in this cycle of just fixing dental problems as they present themselves, Dr. Smolen and his staff work to discover why problems  happen in the first place and prevent their reoccurrence.

“In any given situation we have the opportunity to do whatever type of dentistry we feel we are most competent with,” he continues. “Sometimes in general practice when repairing dental problems in such a variety of patients, there is not always the opportunity for the light bulb to go on to say, ‘You know what? Maybe there’s more going on with this particular patient and what I’m doing really is not helping them improve their health, function or appearance.’ This produces the cycle-of-repair kind of dentistry.” 

Among the personalized solutions available services at Yardley Dental Arts are tooth-colored fillings, whitening, veneers, bonding, Invisalign orthodontics, crowns, dentures and implants, all of which are geared towards not just treating the underlying problems  in the mouth but also improving the overall appearance of a patient.

Dr. Smolen and his team focus on preventing, diagnosing and treating various issues for their patients in order to achieve and maintain optimal dental health. With its state-of-the-art technology—laser cavity detectors, digital photography and soft-tissue lasers, for example—the practice is able to offer patients a wide variety of procedures designed to improve their overall oral health. 

The part of Dr. Smolen’s practice that patients most appreciate is the staff’s continued dedication toward providing the most comprehensive and individualized services.

“During the process [he] addressed all my concerns and made sure I understood what to expect every step of the way,” says Karen, a patient at Yardley Dental Arts. “All the planning certainly paid off.”

In doing so, Dr. Smolen is able to come up with the most appropriate and successful plan for each particular patient, which can span months to years—whatever it takes to get the most attractive and healthy outcome.

“Since [Dr. Smolen has] helped fix the chip in my front teeth, my bite and filled the ridges in my teeth, I have been less conscious of my smile and have been showing the world my beautiful teeth,” says Arlene, a longtime patient of Dr. Smolen. “For many years I have trusted [his] judgment when it came to [his] recommendations for how to fix this or that in my mouth or a cosmetic improvement.”

As Dr. Smolen says, “We treat people, not just teeth. We listen to a patient’s wants and needs and then develop solutions that are personalized to their particular circumstances.”

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