Winter Rejuvenation
During the winter months, many locals look to Island Sun Tanning in a quest to look and feel better, both inside and out
by Jocelyn Murray

As the winter months wear on, everyone begins to long for the warmth and sunshine of summer. However, the cold is just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak. The short days, long nights and typically dreary and tiresome weather limit our enjoyment of time spent outside.

Because of this, many individuals find themselves suffering from conditions such as seasonal affective disorder and vitamin D deficiency, both of which are associated with a lack of sunlight and extended darkness. However, there is something that can be done to counter the effects and symptoms associated with this: indoor tanning. Island Sun Tanning salons are veritable oases where people in the suburbs can go to remedy such problems.

“What the general public doesn’t realize is that tanning salons are a better place to get vitamin D,” says Debbie, the owner of Island Sun Tanning. “When vitamin D levels are low, you are more prone to sickness because your immune system is being compromised.

“You are more prone to getting colds and viruses because your body is not able to protect you from germs,” she continues. “When optimized, you will be naturally protected and your energy levels will be greater.”

Even though some are skeptics, having heard or read of the possible negative effects of indoor tanning, it has been proven that sunlight exposure (including that from indoor tanning) can improve a variety of conditions and diseases. According to a 2010 Smart Tan survey, around 3 million consumers, some of who were even referred by their doctors, frequent tanning salons for the treatment of conditions that include psoriasis, eczema, acne, vitiligo, seasonal affective disorder and vitamin-D deficiency.

Additionally, a study done by Boston University Medical School in 2004 showed that when comparing 50 participants who were tanning once a week with 106 control participants, those using the tanning bed had a 90 percent higher concentration of vitamin D than the control group.

“More and more people are coming here because of what they’re reading about vitamin D,” Debbie explains. “They are coming to the salon for that reason compared to the assumed reasons of looking better and tanner. They are doing it for their health.”

However, instead of indoor tanning many vitamin-d-deficient individuals look to taking supplements to recuperate their vitamin loss. What many are unaware of though, is the difference between taking a supplement and letting the body naturally restore vitamin d levels through tanning.

“A supplement is just that—a supplement,” explains Debbie. “When vitamin D is made naturally in the body [when skin is exposed to ultraviolet light] it stays at a consistent level as opposed to a supplement where the levels will have highs and lows.” 

At Island Sun Tanning, no matter the reason for visiting, a variety of ultraviolet tanning beds and booths are available for clients with different time and intensity levels. The Sun Angel bed is a unique piece of equipment—a customizable tanning bed that tans clients based on their skin tone so they are guaranteed not to burn.

One of the most appealing benefits of indoor tanning is the consistency it provides the skin, no matter why one chooses to tan. Unlike the natural sunlight found outdoors, which varies in intensity and effectiveness based on factors such as geographic location, time of day and season, the ultraviolet rays in the beds are used at consistent levels and on a consistent schedule. In doing so, skin does not face overexposure on a winter trip to Florida, the first beach day down the shore or even a sunny winter ski trip, for example.

“Not only do we have the same UVA and UVB rays that natural sunshine has, but the environment is consistently controlled,” explains Debbie. “Whether you come on a Monday or a Saturday at 8 a.m. or 10 p.m., whether it is early in the morning or dark out, you will get consistent exposure.”

With the use of Island Sun Tanning’s indoor tanning equipment, clients are able to not just leave looking better but also feeling better about themselves. The salons also offer other revitalizing and refreshing treatments that, when coupled with the tanning or even used alone, help clients improve their attitude. Red-light therapies, infrared body-slimming wraps, sunless spray tans and BleachBright teeth whitening are examples of the other relaxing processes available.

Regardless of what reason one enters the salons looking to accomplish, one thing is for sure: she or he will leave looking and feeling like a new person, ready to take on the remainder of winter.

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